Getting caught the full version

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Getting Caught

My husband and I have a great sex life. We are very open with each other in bed and he knows just exactly how to please me. We both have a very high sex drive and are willing to try just about anything with each other at least once. We play with toys together and do all sorts of kinky things but as kinky as we are I have been discreet about masterbation when alone. I dont know why but I somehow feel like it counts as cheating. I love my husband and he satisfies me completely but sometimes I feel a strong urge to cum and he just isn’t around.

Having explained all of that, here is the story of how I got caught.

I was home all alone, surfing on line and checking e mails. I stumbled across one of those free porn sites, you know the ones I mean, with the free videos and pics and stories. I started out watching some videos. I could feel my body temperature rise as I got a little excited watching and then I went over to the stories. I read a couple of them and found myself very turned on as I imagined the contents of the stories happening to me.

My nipples were now fully erect and I could feel the heat build up in between my legs. I slid my hand into the elastic waistband of my panties and began to circle my clit gently with my index finger, slowly at first and every once in a while pressing in on it. It felt so fucking good! My other hand brushed over my tits and went from my right nipple over to the left one and back again. The warmth of my soft finger tips sending undescribable sensations. As the build up was increasing I knew there was no way I was going to be able to stop and hold off until later that night. I had to release myself.

I popped a porno movie from our collection into the dvd player and moved my party of one over to the bed. I made myself comfortable propped up on my pillows and watched the fuck show that I pretended was being put on live for me. As I watched two girls suck and touch a rock hard dick together I once again started to rub my nipples gently. The more I rubbed the harder they got. They were now fully errect, sticking out perfectly for me to pinch in between my fingers and pull at. The combination of my fingers and the fuck show in front of me had me so aroused that I could feel waves of excitment pulse through my body.

I slid my hand down, dragging it over my ribs and stomach and down under my panties once again, pressing my clit and rubbing it. As the momento increased I grabbed the waistband of my soaking wet panties and ripped them off, throwing them down on the floor somewhere. I was now free to play with myself and I did just that. I slid my finger up and down my slit. Rubbing and pinching my clit hard and then sliding down and poking my finger tip into my tight little hole. As I did this I imagined that it was a tongue instead of my finger, which only served to arouse me even more.

My pussy was pulsing and needed something in it. I jammed my finger in and began to poke and pull it in and out. As I pulled my finger out pussy juice was pulled out with it and ran down to my ass. I could feel my hole dialate and need more, so I inserted two fingers in and fucked myself at a pretty good pace. The harder I gave it to myself the more I wanted.

As I looked up at the screen I saw that the threesome had now been taken to the point of one girl getting her pussy slammed by a nice looking fully hard 9 inch cock from behind and the other girl lying unerneath in a 69 postion getting her pussy lapped up by the slut getting fucked.

Naturally this sent my hormones ragging and instantly I reached over to my drawer and pulled out my toys. I dumped them all over my bed and grabbed a vibrating device. I turned it on and held it to my clit. the vibrations were incredible and my whole body felt like as if it were levetating from the tingling sensation being sent to it.

I let go of the vibrating thing and reached down and grabbed a dildo from the pile. I gripped it tighly in my hand and placed the tip at the entrance of my swollen pussy. Slowly i pushed in as my lips parted around it and I inched it in until it filled me. My legs were spread wide , knees bent up in the air and feet planted firmly into the bed. As my hand pumped the dildo in and out of my slippery hole I rocked my hips to back and forth, fucking my dildo with all I had. My eyes were glued to the screen now as I watched the threesome come to an end and I began to cum. Pussy juice gushing out of me, over the dildo and onto my hand. It was exilirating! The feeling of cumming took over my entire body and I could feel the rush for a while after as I lie in my bed.

I didnt realize that I had fallen asleep, but I did. So here I am asleep with a porno left playing and a pool of sex toys around my naked body on my bed.

I woke up to the bedroom door opening and my husband looking around in shock.

‘What the fuck went on in here?” he asked me in a confused but angry sort of tone.

“Nothing, what do you mean?” I answered

“Dont fucking lie to me you little slut, take a look around you and then answer me again!” he stammered back at me.

At that moment I realized that I had been busted, all the evidence was right there in front of us and there was no sensible way to cover it up.

“Uhh, Umm, well I was ahh…”

“What? were u fucking another guy in here?” he demanded.

“Oh God no, no way, I was just..”


I could tell he was getting very anxious for an answer and on the wrong track.

“I was horny and I couldnt take it so I got myself off.” I answered sheepishly.

“Really!!” He answered. “What did you do to yourself?”

“Well I started out by just touching but then it felt so good I could’nt stop and before I knew it I was fucking myself completely until I made myself cum.”

I could tell by the look on his face that he was completely suprised by my confession and by the look from the buldge in his pants he was also turned on by my confession. He asked me a bunch of questions about it and the more I told him the harder the strain on the material of his pants got.

He reached over and pulled the blankets off of me, exposing my nakedness.

“Spread you legs and show me. Show me how you pleased yourself you naughty girl.”

I complied to his orders and spread my legs wide. I slowly crept my hand down my body and placed it on the mound of my pussy. With one finger I began to tap on my clit. Then press on it and rub it, bringing it to full attention. My head was back and my eyes were closed as I slid my fingers around my moist pussy.

“You can do better than that!” he said to me. “I know you can, now show me!”

I moved my fingers down to my eager pussy hole and began to finger fuck myself as he stood there and watched. I looked up at him and saw that he had found my panties and was sniffing them as he watched me pleasure myself.

“Ohhh Fuck, your pussy smells so fucking good. I want to taste it.”

I spread my legs fully open and inched my body closer to him. Placing both my hands in between my pussy lips and invitingly spread my pussy open for him to eat. I looked up at him and whispered,

“Eat me, taste my sweet pussy juice. I want to feel your tongue all over me.”

He leaned forward and placed my panties over my face, making me smell the aroma of my own pussy. His head moved in and his tongue was slithering in and out of my soaking wet fuck hole. He was tongue fucking me for a bit and then making his way up to my clit. His lips wrapped around my entire pussy and he began to suck it into his mouth. Just as I started to feel my body shake, he took my clit in between his teeth and nibbled on it, his fingers now vigorously pumping in and out of me…

“Ohhh wow, Oh my God Fuckkk yes!! Ughh babe, keep going, dont stop!!!” I scream out as I feel myself near orgasm.

“Oh no, not yet.” he said.

Slowly he moved up my body and pulled my hand back down to my sopping wet cunt. He began to torture my nipples and he told me to touch myself as he did, but not to cum. My body was quivering and my mind was in another dimension. I was ready to explode and he would’nt let me. The anticipation was grueling. I felt that if I didnt cum I was going to die. He was nt going to let me cum and my body was furiously fighting it.

In a raging fit I managed to flip him over and crawl on top of him. Isat straight up and grinded my pussy over his pants on top of his rock hard cock. Slowly I moved my body down until I was positioned on my knees in between his legs. I pulled his zipper down and his cock sprung out into my hand. I gripped it tighly and stroked it hard before I pulled his pants completely off. With his glorious cock now fully erect and exposed I leaned forward and wrapped my hand around the base of it. Holding it in place as I lick the tip and down the shaft. My tongue slid down to his balls and back up his shaft slowly. As I began to take him into my mouth, I started to pump my hand up and down his shaft. He was lying back and enjoying it, moaning and letting me know just how good my warm mouth and hand was making him feel.

Grabbing the back of my head he pressed my mouth directly over his thobbing cock, parting my lips forcefully as he thrust his hips and I allowed him complete access to my mouth. He was so rough, rougher than usual, thrusting his hips forward so that his cock hit the back of my throat causing me to gag. after a few thrust I was able to open up my throat and take in the full length of his shaft. Sucking his cock was making me want him desperately. The need to cum was starting to increase again. I grabbed his balls and squeezed them as i continued to deep throat all 7 inches of his throbbing cock.

Just as i felt his cock about to explode in my mouth, I crawled up his body and straddled him. Grinding my pelvis over his was teasing us both, but I continued to do it until he reached down and grabbed his cock. he steered it to my pussy hole and then placed his hands on my hips and pressed my body down until his shaft was burried deep into my hot horny hole.

I sat straight up and placed my hands on his abs. He looked up and watched my big round breast bounce up and down as i rode his cock. My long blonde hair was flowing down my back behind me. He reached up and cupped my tits firmly in his big hands and began to kneed them until my nipples were rock hard again. Then he wrapped an arm around me and pulled my body forward, my tits now hanging over his face as I continue to fuck him mercilessley. He grabbed them and put them in his mouth, sucking them as I slammed my pussy down hard taking him in deep as his balls slapped off of my ass.

“Ohh yess, omg, omg, omg,,fuck ya!!” I screamed out
“Don’t!!” he said as he bit my nipples hard
“Don’t cum yet, I dont want you to ”

I was getting very frustrated at the fact that he wouldnt let me cum. Normally I would have cum at least 3 times by now, but I accepted this as my punishment for having my private fuck session earlier. i guess I deserved this.

We fliped around on the bed and I was on my back again. He kneeled on the bed between my legs and grabbed me by my thighs and pulled me close to him. My ankles were wrapped over his shoulders and he leaned in and began to fuck me again. His cock pounded in to me with such force that i gripped his arms and gasped with each thrust. Trying to pace himself so I didnt cum yet he began to pump hard and slow. I could feel every vein in his cock pertrude as he thrust into me. His cock was stretching my pussy to its full capacity. he leaned forward and the force of his lean pressed my legs back. My knees were now pushed back and in line with my ears. Using my legs to hold himself up he gripped into them tightly with his finger tips. The room was filled with the smell of sex and the sound of panting and heavy breathing. My pussy was swelling with the desire to cum and I could feel his cock swelling inside me also.

“Oh yes,, Ughh ughh ughh” I could hear him moan out between breaths.
“I’m gonna fill your dirty little cunt with my cum and I want you to take it”
“Don’t you dare cum yet, I want to cum in you and all over you first”

With that being said I felt his cock pump into me really hard and a hot stream of cum jet into my pussy. I could hear the wetness as he pump a couple of more times. Then he pulled it out and grabbed it firmly in his hand as he pumped some more. within seconds I felt his hot sticky cum land on my pussy first, then another stream on my stomach and the final blow to my tits. Just as he said I was filled and covered in his cum.

“Now he said, choose a toy and make yourself cum again.”
“I want to watch as you bring yourself to orgasm, show me what a horny little slut you are!”

Without hesitation I reached over and grabbed a dildo from the pile that was still on the bed. Eager to cum I wasted no time. I gripped it into my hand and began to fuck myself wildly with it.My body was lifting off of the bed as I thrust up into my hand, burrying the dildo deep and feeling it bounce back out. with my other hand I began to furiously tug at my clit.

“Aghhhh OOO Omg, Fuck yes,,,I’m cumming baby!!! Wow fuck It feels so good!!”

I screamed out as I gushed my pussy juice all over the bed. My husband leaned forward and took my nipples into his mouth. The sensation of him sucking my tits on top of my hands working away sent me into an earth shattering orgasm. I had never felt anything like it.

When I was done he licked the pussy juice from me and then looked at me and said,

“If I ever catch you getting off without me again you will get way more than this, I might even call a friend to help set you straight you little slut!”

“Hmm, I thought, A friend huh, maybe I shoud do it again and video tape it for evidence!!”

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