Helping the Boss's wife part 2

A couple month’s after I helped Mary with her problem I got back in late on cleaning day and even though I didn’t like to work overtime I was looking forward to giving Mary a good fucking, but my good mood didn’t last long because when I unlocked the office and went in to leave my paper work it wasn’t Mary it was her youngest daughter Tina, I thought why couldn’t it have been Gina or Trina since Tina isn’t near as attractive as the other two and not as friendly either plus Gina always seemed to have a crush on me so I just spoke, washed up and started to leave when Tina asked me to give her a hand to see if I could get the vacuum cleaner to work and I told her I would try, right off I noticed two things, one was that Tina had no bra on and was sporting a pretty nice rack under her shirt and also why the vacuum wouldn’t work I kidded her that she was distracting me bending over like that, she just smiled and said she thought she would be alone and she hated wearing a bra and asked if I liked the view, I assured her she was fine and I asked her what it was worth to get the vacuum fixed, she said I could name my price. I walked over and flipped a switch on the wall which controlled the outlet she had plugged into, told her to try it and it came on, she smiled and asked what the price was, I told her it was ok I would have her mother pay me later, she said that doesn’t seem fair and I assured her I thought it would be ok with her mom, she said she wanted to take care of it herself and she could do anything her mother could, maybe just not as well but she was a fast learner, I told her I didn’t understand what she meant, she then asked if I found her attractive and of coarse I said she was, then she said why would you rather screw mom than me, well for once in my life I was speechless. I told her it was up to her how she repaid me, with that she said she needed to call and tell her hubby she would be later than she had told him, she walked out of the office to make her call and when she came back she reached down and unzipped my jeans, got on her knees I told her I needed to take my clothes off first so I wouldn’t be in trouble when I got home, she laughed and said sure and as I took my clothes off she did too and to my surprise she was as well built as her mother, then I laid on the floor and she got down and started to crawl between my legs to give me a blow job, but I had her to turn so I could have access to her pussy all she said was oh lord my hubby never eats my pussy and as she went down on me as I did the same for her, she was squirming and squealing and within 3 or 4 minutes flooded my face and when she did I filled her mouth, after a couple minutes break she started licking my balls and got me back to attention pretty fast then I mounted up doggy style and gave her a real good fucking, I was give out and went and got cleaned up and on the way out she gave me a deep passionate kiss and then winked at me and said, next Friday night is Gina’s turn to clean the office.

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