Helping the boss's wife

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I had worked for the same company for 15 years driving truck locally and was in and out of the office several times a day on most days and the boss’s wife worked part time in the office, she was a beautiful full figured lady about 50 years old and I was 35 at the time she was always very sweet and devoted to her husband, the only trouble he wasn’t very devoted to her he would screw anything in a dress and everyone seemed to know it except Mary, one evening I got back to the plant late and unlocked the gate and put my truck and trailer away and unlocked the office and when I walked in Mary was in there crying and I asked her what was wrong and she said she was cleaning his office and found a used condom under the couch, I told her it might have belonged to someone else but she said he hadn’t touched her for months and she had been sure he was fooling around and now she was sure then she asked me what was wrong with her and I told her nothing and that she was very beautiful and sexy. She walked over to me and ask if I would fuck her if I had the chance and I told her I sure would, the next thing I knew she was unbuckling my pants and dropping them to the floor and up sprung my manhood which I knew was much larger than her husbands because I had seen his dick when we were both fucking the secretary one night. She pulled my boxers down and when she saw my dick she took a deep breath and smiled and got on her knees and swallowed my whole length which not many could do and gave me the blow job of a lifetime after she was done working on me I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and removed her bra and there were a prefect pair of at least 36 DD boobs which I had no idea she had since she always dressed very conservative then I removed her slacks and panties to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy which surprised me, there before me was a perfect body I laid her on the couch and began to lick her pussy and she went wild and was squirming and breathing very heavy after just a minute she exploded and then started begging me to fuck her but I first moved up and started to work on those perfect boobs after licking fondling and sucking them for a few minutes she began begging me to fuck her hard so I told her to get on the floor on her hands and knees and I mounted her doggy style and within seconds she exploded again and two more times before I filled her with my load. I had no idea a 50 year old lady would be the best fuck I had ever had. She must have thought so too because the next payday I got a 50 cents and hour raise. I am looking forward to cleaning night next week !

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