Her First Video Shoot

First video shoot

Paul and Karen walked arm in arm down the street. They were returning from another photo shoot for Karen’s web site. The site had come about after one of their weekend hotel breaks, during a particularly erotic session Paul had suggested taking some pictures. Later when looking at the results Paul had asked if he could post the pictures on an amateur web site. She had reluctantly agreed and the results had been amazing!
The site had contacted Paul to report that the response had been overwhelming, they had never had such a great response to a first time photo set and to request a second set of pictures. Karen and Paul had talked about the request and sent in a second set of photos. The response from the site was equally enthusiastic, so much so that a meeting with a web site designer and professional photographer was arranged by the site. Soon after a site especially for Karen was launched with a percentage of the proceeds going direct to her. The site was an overnight success, with hits from all over the world; Karen was amazed even though Paul had told her often that men would pay a fortune to see her dressed for sex.
The shoot they just completed was another solo set, with Karen stripping for the photographer and using a variety of dildos and vibrators on herself as Paul watched from his usual vantage point from the corner of the studio. Karen loved the costumes and lingerie provided by the studio, and dressing up just made here more aroused. It did wonders for their sex life as well! Paul was insatiable on returning from a shoot!
Paul was in deep thought as they walked down the street, ‘what do you think?’ Karen asked, ‘well it really is up to you’ he replied, ‘It is a big step, but I’m game if you are’ The web site manager had been at the latest shoot and had had a chat after the finish. She had asked if Karen would consider shooting a video for the site. The response to her photo sets had been amazing with more hits than ever, and with requests coming in from the surfers most asking for videos featuring Karen and some male company. Karen as ever would be in total control.
Karen made the call when they got home, she would agree to a video shoot, but Paul would be present and direct the shoot with some professional assistance, and she would choose her partner for the shoot. The site manager readily agreed and arranged to send over the male model files for her to choose, a script would be sent to Paul for approval.
A few days later a pack containing photos of about ten men arrived at the house, Karen settled on the couch to check out what was on offer, she quickly settled on a short list of three, ‘ which do you think?’ she asked Paul. He quickly pointed at the one on the far left. ‘Why him?’ Karen asked. ‘Oh the script is of a teacher and pupil doing some extracurricular activity!’ The guy Paul had picked was about twenty two years old with sandy coloured short hair, he was well built with a tanned complexion. He would complement Karen’s forty five year old size 12 figure fantastically, Karen looked at the photo and script and readily agreed. Paul phoned the site and arranged the studio for the following week. Karen began to ready herself for her first video with another man; she began to feel more and more aroused, almost as much as Paul!
They arrived at the studio where all the previous shoots had taken place in Karen’s new Audi TT, purchased from the proceeds of her web work. They were greeted by Dave their usual photographer, he would be shooting the video today, Karen felt relieved, she had always felt comfortable with Dave and knew he always made her look good. ‘I’ve set up the studio Paul so if you want to check it out and make sure it’s ok, Karen, the makeup room is ready for you.’ Paul walked into the studio, it was set up like a suburban front room with a sofa made of cream leather in the middle of the room. ‘Great, just what I had in mind’ Paul replied. Paul made his way to the makeup room to check on Karen, She had picked a white blouse and dark knee length skirt. Underneath she wore her favourite black Basque and black seamed silk stockings and black patent killer heels. She wore her glasses at Paul’s insistence and her blonde shoulder length hair pulled back.
Karen sat in a leather easy chair as her makeup was adjusted to perfection by the make-up girl. They chatted as Paul entered the room, ‘Oh you’ll love Greg, he’s such a hunk….and huge!’ the make-up girl giggled.
‘How’s it going?’ Paul asked, ‘Great’ Karen replied ‘can’t wait to get started!’ ‘Good’ Paul said ‘because there’s somebody you should meet’ with that Greg walked through the door. He was tall, about 6ft 2in and broad across the shoulders. His young face cleanly shaved and nicely tanned. ‘Hi Karen, been looking forward to meeting you’ he said. Karen felt the butterflies start in her stomach; he was even better looking in real life! ‘You too’ she smiled back. ‘I’ll see you on set’ Greg smiled as he left the room. ‘Blimey’ Paul says ‘you are in for a treat!’ ‘Oh well when you’re ready’
Karen sat on the sofa as Dave started the camera rolling, ‘Just relax and enjoy it all’ he said as he smiled at her ‘you ready?’ he asked. Karen nodded and the cameras started.
She sat on the sofa, a pile of papers in front of her. The door bell chimed in the back ground; ‘its open’ she called out, the door swung open and in walked Greg. ‘come in Greg’ Karen purred, ‘we need to discuss your exam results’ Greg sat down on the sofa to Karen’s left hand side, his hand brushing against Karen’s leg. A shiver ran up her spine. She stuck to the script. ‘Now about these exam results’ she murmured. ‘Yes about that’ Greg replied. ‘I tried really hard but something just keeps distracting me’ ‘Sorry miss but I just can’t stop thinking about you!’ Karen gasped as Greg’s hand came to rest on her knee. ‘Ooh really’ Karen smiled as she opened her legs slightly. Greg takes the sign as all the encouragement he needed. His left hand gently stroked between her knees as his head dipped and began to nuzzle her neck. Karen allowed her head to roll back and she glanced towards the camera and Dave. He stood motionless with the camera trained on her; behind she spotted Paul’s smiling face.
Greg’s hand moved up her leg and over her skirt and began to caress her breast through her blouse. Expertly he unbuttoned the blouse and slipped his hand inside. He pulled her Basque down to reveal her breast, his finger and thumb gently pulled on her stiffening nipple. ‘Harder’ she moaned in his ear. His head dipped and he sucked the hard nipple into his mouth. Karen groaned out loud as she felt the heat of Greg’s breath on her now erect nipple. Karen moaned out loud, sucking hard his now free hand began to push further between her open legs. His fingers pushed her knickers to one side as he began to caress her damp pussy. Karen rested her right hand into Greg’s crotch; she felt the hard rod beneath the material of his jeans. She flicked open the buttons and released his now hard cock. As it reared up Karen wrapped her slender fingers around the now huge cock and began to gently to pull the soft skin back and forth. Greg gasped aloud as he pulled his head back and stared into Karen’s eyes. Their mouths met in a passionate kiss, his tongue pushing into her eager mouth, Karen responded and their tongues entwined in a long, lingering kiss.
As Karen pulled away, her scarlet lip stick slightly smudged, she heard Pauls voice, ‘make her suck your cock Greg’ He instantly responded, his hand moved from her bare stocking top to behind her head. He pulled her head down onto his throbbing manhood. Karen opened her mouth as her head dipped down; Greg pushed her head onto his bulbous member. Karen greedily began to suck hard on the cock in her mouth, her free hand cupped his shaved balls. Greg groaned out loud, ‘ooh fuck your good!’ His hand pushing her head further onto his prick. The cock was bigger than any cock she had ever had and she was amazed how much she could fit into her greedy mouth. She felt the head of his huge dick pushing down her throat, further than any cock had been before. Karen began to taste his pre cum, she began to use the tip of her tongue to tease the head of his cock. After a few minutes noisily sucking she lifted her head free. ‘Lick my pussy!’ she ordered.
Greg knelt in front of her; he removed his shirt to reveal his broad muscular shoulders. Greg pushed Karen’s skirt up above her waist to reveal her shear black stockings and black silk thong. As Greg pushed his head towards her wet pussy he peeled her knickers off revealing her neatly trimmed pussy. Karen once again felt his hot breath as his tongue began to lap against her swollen clit. As the waves of pleasure began to ripple through her body she opened her eyes to see Paul smiling at her from his chair in the corner of the studio. Dave still pointing the camera directly at her ‘looking good’ he mouthed at her. Karen was jolted back into reality as she felt Greg pushing two fingers into her now dripping pussy, ‘Ooh fuck!’ Karen moaned, She pulled one leg up higher to give him better access and he responded eagerly with his tongue and fingers. She rested her long high heeled shoe on Greg’s shoulder as his fingers, now a blur plunged further into her wet hole. ‘Oh fuck I’m going to cum!’ Karen gasped! She felt the first orgasm rip through her body like an unstoppable wave, her body jerked as her fingers pulled on Greg’s hair. ‘ooh fuck yes!’ she cried, ‘don’t stop!’ Greg slurped noisily at her quivering pussy. Karen squealed with pleasure as the intense orgasm made her visibly shake.
Greg pulled his head back as Karen gasped for air, he reared back and quickly dropped his jeans on the floor, His monster cock bobbed in front of her, the purple head bouncing. He quickly pushed Karen’s legs up and apart, gripping her ankle with one hand, firmly he held his stiff cock in his free hand and began to rub the head against Karen’s dripping, engorged pussy lips. She jerked her hips forward and Greg plunged his massive cock deep into her pussy. ‘Uuhh!’ he groaned as his cock impaled itself into her, his balls bouncing off her arse. Greg pulled back as Karen wrapped her stocking’d legs around his sweating torso; pulling him into her again he began to pump his cock deep into her. Karen moaned so loud that it even made her jump. As each thrust pushed her further up the sofa she felt his heavy balls slapping against her .Greg thrust his long cock deep into Karen’s pussy, each thrust pushing her closer to a second orgasm, her pussy rippling along his solid shaft. Greg pulled his cock from her dripping pussy, He put his large hands around her waist, gripping her firmly, her blouse was now on the floor and her breasts were free revealing her stiff nipples. He spun her onto her belly, her arse in the air, and her head over the edge of the arm of the sofa. Greg positioned himself behind her and his hand slapped Karen’s arse making a loud noise, Karen gasped out loud as the hand print reddened on her back side. The sharp pain was soon forgotten as she felt Greg’s stiff cock straining against her pussy. With one swift thrust she felt Greg’s huge cock filling her. She gasped again as Greg began to pump his stiff dick into her, He gripped her waist to hold her firmly as his balls slapped against her. Karen felt the orgasm building within her again; as each trust smashed into her she felt the orgasm get closer until she could no longer hold it back. It exploded in side her as she moaned loudly her breasts swinging with each long thrust, she felt her nipples rub along the arm of the sofa. ‘Fuck yeeesss! You’re so fucking big!’
As the shuddering climax began to subside, Karen felt the huge cock slip from her raw, swollen pussy; she looked over her shoulder and saw Greg, his face red and sweating, franticly pulling on his dick. Karen turned round and grabbed the throbbing, red cock. She greedily took the head of Greg’s manhood in her mouth as she held him around his hips. Greg began to thrust his solid cock into Karen’s slurping mouth. She pulled him closer with each thrust by grabbing his butt cheek with her left hand. With her right she cupped his swinging, heavy balls and began to squeeze gently. ‘Fuck me!’ Greg groaned ‘your fucking good miss!’ ‘suck my cock, oh that’s good’ Karen felt Greg’s cock begin to quiver in her mouth as the first jet of thick cum filled her mouth. She swallowed hard as Greg groaned loudly and pulled his cock clear of her lips, a second thick jet of spunk erupted from his cock and hit Karen on the cheek, splashing against her glasses, thick drops ran down her chin and dripped onto her breasts. Yet more cum flew from Greg’s cock, Karen opened her mouth and caught a full load on her waiting tongue, she swallowed the thick liquid while looking directly at Dave’s camera, winking she smiled.
‘Cut!’Dave cried out, ‘Your a fucking natural’ he added as he turned off the camera. Paul walked over with a clean towel for her and smiled broadly, ‘I agree, I always knew you were a porn star!’

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