In Howard's Bed

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Howard’s Bed and Wife

After Jim fucked me over the couch with both of us coming he slapped my ass and said “Strip for me right here and go up and wait for me in your husband’s bed!”

As I began to take my outfit off, Jim said “No! I said STRIP for me, bitch. And be careful with the clothes because you’ve got to put them back on for tonight’s festivities, Crystal!”

So I began to dance for him, rubbing my tits against chest, then bending over in front of him, pulling first my stained G string down over my ass and then working the shirt down also until my bar ass was high in the air and my hands on the floor. “Smack” sounded as he slapped my other ass cheek.

Jim said “Now carefully put those on the back of the couch. You are not to change the underwear. I want it and you stained with my cum!”

“Now dance for me and play with those tits!”

So I danced there in the kitchen slowly working the top off a little at a time until my torso was bear and I was standing with only my stiletto heels on.

“Put the top by the rest of your clothes with your left hand and play with your tits with your right!”

I did as he said, smiling lasciviously as I rubbed and pinched my already erect nipples. Then, lifting both breasts, I slowly licked and sucked each of my own nipples. All this time his big cock was just hanging out of his pants, dripping on the kitchen floor, wet with my cum and his own.

“Alright, keep the heels on and make me a drink with your husband’s best Scotch while I watch you.”

Clicking across the kitchen floor, still caressing my own nipples I got out the 100 year old bottle of MacAllen that Howard so treasured.

“Before you open that I want to see you fuck yourself with it, wify! Even it’s neck is bigger than Howard’s dick, isn’t it?”

“Ha! Almost twice the size of Teeny Peeny!” I said facing Jim and pushing the top of the bottle up between my legs and into my gushing cunt.” “Oh, yes, this is SO much bigger than him but so much smaller than you, Jimmie!”

“Don’t get greedy, cunt. We have another hour of fun and games. Keep fucking your self! I want you to get that bottle nice and seasoned with our cum and you’re NEVER to allow it to be cleaned, got it?”

That made me even wetter and our mingled juices began to run down the neck and over the main body of the bottle.

“Okay, take it out and pour my drink. I’ll take it with ice and water but you have to stir it properly!”

“How do you want me to stir it?”

“With your fucking nipples, bitch! First the right one and then bring it to me to lick off. Then the left one.”

I brought the drink to the counter and holding my right breast with my right hand and his drink with my left I stirred the drink three or four times.

Now give it to me. He sucked hungrily at my Scotch-wet breast, pulling the nipple deeply into his mouth, “There you go baby, enjoy that flavor and that big tit!”

“Now the other!” I did the same with my left breast and he licked it clean then sucked that nipple.”

“Okay, up into Howard’s bed for some more fun.” His cock was harder now, not fully at attention but moving in that direction. He said this while rubbing my tits and them giving me another spank on the bottom.

I went upstairs and pulled the covers from the bed and laid myself out as enticingly as possible, on my right side, boobs together showing fantastic cleavage, and one knee up to show my availability to Jim. A few minutes went by and he finally came into the room.

“Okay, Crystal, here’s how its going to go. You’re going to stand up and undress me, rubbing your tits all over me as you do it. And while you’re doing that we’re going to talk about our future plans for Howard. Would you like that, baby?”

“Of COURSE I’ll love it!” I said, enthusiastically. “I’ve already started to work on his self esteem AND telling him how excited it makes me to dominate him!”

“That’s what we agreed to. Now get over here and strip me, whore! Make my cock hard so I can please that hungry, married pussy!”

I unbuttoned his shirt as he opened the cuffs and rubbed my breasts over his hairy chest. “Daddy likes?” I asked.

“Daddy OWNS, bitch! Now, on your kness!”

I immediately complied, taking his hardening cock into my mouth I began to suck it while unhooking the waistband, and pulling the trousers down. He had taken off his shoes and now stepped out of his pants, careful to keep his cock in my mouth. Pulling up off of it, I slid his boxers down enough to get it back into my mouth, while I slowly and teasingly pushed his shorts to his ankles, rubbing my nipples over his strong, hairy legs as I sucked and licked his now fully erect cock.

“That’s right, Show Piece, suck that cock until it’s like a 9 inch ROCK and think about how we’re going to torture old Howard tonight and more and more in the future! You know what, you’re my ‘fluffer’ right now, married bitch! That’s right, get that cock hard for the next scene!”

“I can’t wait for the day we can do this right here but in front of my husband! Can you imagine how hot that will be?”

“We’ll get there you hungry little cunt!” he said as my lips went over his cock again. Grabbing the back of my head he pushed it into my throat as he went on: “One slow, delicious step at a time, Sweet Cunt! I want to take our time with this, ‘do him’ one step at a time. You’re going to start him on wearing stockings and garters soon, for instance”

Pulling his cock abruptly from my mouth, he grabbed my hair pulling me to my feet.

“Time is getting short, bitch.” He said, taking a gulp of Howard’s Scotch. “Ah, Howard, I love drinking your most expensive Scotch WHILE Punish Fucking your beautiful, sexy, hot, slutty wife!”

“That’s right Show Piece, you heard me, I said punish fuck you. Get on your left side in the bed, facing your wedding pictures!”

Gasping with excitement because I knew what he was going to do to me and how it made me come, I got on the bed on my left side while he knelt in the bed with one leg going between mine and under my left leg. He immediately began to rub his massive cock back and forth on my pussy lips, then centering it on my hole, he suddenly jammed it fully into my cunt, bottoming me out.

“Oh, YES!” I screamed, “Fuck me, baby!”

As he pumped into and out of me his right hand alternately played with my tits while his left hand pushed the side of my face into the bed.

“See, Howard, there you and your Bride are in all those pictures while I fuck the dog shit out of her where you sleep and leave my cum stains on your pillow!”

Slapping my ass, he bottomed me out time after time, pinching my nipples, until I was screaming with orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

“God, Yes! God YES! God YES!” I screamed loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

“You know what, Crystal”, he said still Punish Fucking me and driving me crazy pinching my nipples and slapping my ass. “I’m not going to give you my cum this time. I’m going to leave you just like this. Freshly Fucked.”

With that he pulled his cock out. Grabbing my husband’s pillow he cleaned his cock with it with his left hand as he continued to ravage my tits with the other.

Throwing the pillow back into its spot he stepped out of the bed with his back to my face. Picking up the best wedding picture from the night stand he turned side ways so I could see. He slowly ran his big, still hard dick over it and pushed my husband’s face into it, then mine.

“You just wait, boy. Some day not too, too long from now, I’ll be doing this for real, boy!”

Slipping his clothes back on he came back to the bed, pulled me up and kissed me deeply, squeezing each breast several times.

“One last little game, baby,” he said reaching over and tugging off my wedding rings. Pulling me to a kneeling position on the bed he placed my engagement ring around one of my erect nipples and then sucked the nipple into his mouth then to my other breast, repeating the process, with my wedding band.

“That is how I want to be visualizing you when you get to the bar tonight, bitch,” he said, “Arch your back like your at attention for me! Perfect.

And as I put myself on flagrant display as he’d ordered, my 4 carat wedding ring dangling on my left nipple and diamond studded wedding band from my right, he said “Freshly Fucked!”

Winking at me, he left the room and let himself out of the house.

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