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This is a sequence to Part 1 posted by my sexy wife Shalini.

I am Arun, who by accident, had an affair with my neighbour Latha when Shalini had gone for delivery. That evening I was little bored and feeling lonely when latha, whose husband was in the gulf came to hand over some eats she had prepared. She was dressed in a saree and looked sexy. She noticed it too and asked me if I missed my wife. I said yes I do just like she misses her hubby. She smiled sexily and got up to leave when I asked her if she can stay for a while more. She understood and came and sat by my side. I offered her wine which I was having. Soon she relaxed and told me it has been six months since she had sex. I noticed her pallu had moved revealing her small but firm boobs and the nipples poking her thin blouse. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra inside. When she saw me admiring them, she tried to adjust her pallu I told her to leave it as it is and complimented on her trim figure. Suddenly she hugged me and kissed me on my lips and whispered ” Arun take me”. I sensed her desperation and held her in my arms as we smooched hungrily. Soon we moved to my bed and had a fast but great sex. She thanked me for fulfilling her desire and left. I felt little guilty but satisfied too. A week later she came to inform that she was leaving for Dubai to join her hubby. I wished her all the best and asked her if I could kiss her one more time before she left. She blushed and came into my arms. The kiss led to other things and soon we had another round of hot sex on the sofa.

I had decided then that I would confess this to shalini whatever maybe her reaction. I was really surprised to see her reaction when she said she understood and more so when she said may be one day I will also try someone else. These words kept haunting me for days as I realized the true meaning. I started fantasizing my wife in the arms of another man and surprisingly instead of feeling jealous, it excited me. So I started pestering her if she had decided on the man with whom she wanted to make love. When Ravi came, I noticed him checking out shalini ( esp her big boobs which were ull of milk )and that she did not try to feel offended. So I knew there could be a chance of Ravi being the “man”. So when she told me that night that she had decided I knew it was Ravi. But I never thought she would take the step forward to make my fantasy a reality.

So I decided to set them up one evening after telling shalini that this was her best chance and I spent the time in the local park feeling restless but excited. When I reached home late that night I could see my wife’s face flustered and I thought probably she had let Ravi kiss her and may be feel her up. I never imagined she would have dared to go through with what I wanted her to.

When she came to bed that night and told me she had experienced it I thought she was kidding me and trying to impress me until I felt her wet pussy with some traces of cum. I got so excited that I insisted on her telling me the whole episode without missing out any detail. She asked me if I was sure and I said YES.

She narrated the entire happening as contained in her story posted on this web site. I was so excited that I stripped her naked and licked her all over including her pussy even after realizing I was tasting remnants of Ravi’s cum in my wife’s pussy. I could see some bite marks on her big boobs left behind by Ravi. When she started giving our baby the bottle, I asked her why the bottle, she blushed and told me “Ravi left nothing for the baby”. I put my lips to her boobs to check it out. Yes she was right -there was hardly any milk in her two breasts. We had a real passionate sex that night as I pictured what went through between Ravi and my wife that evening. Shalini was equally hot. I asked her if she had tasted Ravi’s cock ( she loves oral sex) she said no. I asked if she felt like doing it, she said YES but she had thought Ravi would ask her to do it which he did not. I asked her if she had enjoyed the sex with ravi to which she said YES darling thank you for making it happen. I then asked her if Ravi’s cock was any different from mine to which she said YES he has a thicker one.

When shalini asked me if I was satisfied now that she had sex with Ravi I said NO I want to watch you and Ravi having sex next time around. She was so excited that she said may be next time I will let you watch. I kissed her and told her next time I want you to suck his thick cock and show him your oral talent. I had to wait for two months before we lived out this fantasy in Singapore. I took shalini along for my business tour leaving our son with her parents.We were staying in the hotel. One night I made Shalini ring up Ravi on his mobile and tell him to meet her the next day at the hotel room. When Ravi asked if I would be there, she said I would be busy with a meetings the whole day. She put the phone on speaker ( for my sake ) and told him that she really missed him and looked forward to experience him once more. Ravi was excited and told her he too longed for her and he would come in the afternoon after lunch. I hid myself in the walk in closet in the bedroom when Ravi came to the room. Ravi assumed I was out in office. Ravi said he wanted to take a shower ( it was a hot day) and went into the bathroom. Shalini came to me and we smooched and when I felt her inside her saree I could make out she was wet already !!!!!!!! Ravi came out wearing just a turkish towel and they hugged and kissed. Ravi dropped her saree pallu and said he cant wait to feel her naked boobs. He literally tore open her blouse and lifted her bra and took her big boobs in both hands. He fondled, licked and sucked them. He told her he missed her milk which he had last time. Shalini took him in her lap and cupping her boobs fed him. As he was feasting on my wife’s boobs, her hand went into his towel and I could sense her surprise when she found he was naked under the towel. I could make out her hand movement as he played with his cock covered by the towel. I was dying to see his cock and soon she pulled his towel off and I saw his thick cock in FULL glory. Shalini pushed him to the bed and stripped naked. As if reading my mind, Ravi asked her to ride him from top. Shalini hoisted herself up on to him and just as she was abou to lower herself on his stiffy, she turned toards my hiding place. She smiled and turned her back to him and facing me she eased her wet pussy on to hic hard cock. She wanted me to have a good view of his cock entering the pussy of my sweet wife !!!!!!!!! They had passionate sex in bed a few feet from where I was hiding as she rode his cock. Her big boobs jiggled as she went up and down on him. I could clearly see his cock going in and out of my wife’s tight pussy.

After the first round of hot sex, Shalini went to the nathroom for a wash and when she cam back, Rabvi went in. She quickly came to me and kissed and asked if I had enjoyed the show. I said YES darling it was great. I told her I wanted to see her suck his cock now. Knowing how much she enjoys oral sex. We heard ravi coming out, I quickly closed the door and shalini laid down naked on the bed. They whispered and kissed and cuddled as they shared their feelings. Ravi started kissing, licking and suckling her boobs again and I saw shalini press his head down. When he looked into her eyes, she pleaded for him to give her oral sex. He obliged and put her legs on his shoulders and began licking and suckng her pussy. He licked her excited clit and in less than 5 minutes, she was writhing and rolling as she experienced an orgasm. Now she got on top of him and it was really exciting when she went down kissing his body and licked and sucked his soft cock and in no time got it hard and stiff. She knelt on the carpet facing me ( to make sure I got a good view ) and really went after his thick cock slurping noisily for my benefit!!!!!!!! I pulled out my stiff cock ( it was real stiffffff) and masturbated as I watched my wife enjoying sex and giving Ravi the suck of his life. He commented that she was a good COCK SUCKER. These “vulgar” talk seemed to excite her more and she increased the speed of her sucking. I could see her cheeks puffing with his cock. Each time she let his cock out of her lips, I could see it glistening with her saliva. She licked his heavy balls too. When he warned her to stop sucking his cock as he was approaching his climax, she pulled out long enough ( and LOUD enough to ensure I heard it ) to say “CUM IN MY MOUTH” and went back to deep throat his cock. ( She somehow managed to take almost the entire length of his thick cock ) Those words really set him off and he began to literally fuck her mouth and the next moment he was filling my wife’s mouth with his cum. I could sense it was a BIG load. As always, she swallowed most of the cum and some of it dribbled down her chin to her excited nipples. Ravi thanked her for the great BLOWJOB and confessed that this was the FIRST time he had ever CUM in a woman’s mouth as his wife never likes it. He asked her if she liked his taste and she told him his cum tasted real good. Before he realized, she pressed her hot lips to his and made him taste his cum in her mouth !!!!!!!!She pulled Ravi to her breast and put her nipple covered with his cum and he eagerly lapped it up from her nipple. I realized that I had shot my load too seeing my wife and Ravi.

Soon Ravi said he has to go before I came back and shalini unwillingly let him go not before she cleaned and wiped his soft cock with her sexy lips. As soon as Ravi left the room I jumped out from my hiding place and hugged and kissed my wife. I told her it was a great show that they had put on for my benefit. As I kissed her, I realized that I was tasting Ravi’s pungent cum in my wife’s mouth !!!!!!!!!. I asked her if she liked the taste of Ravi’s cum. She said YES it tasted different from mine but nice. She whispered that next time she wanted both me and Ravi at the same time in bed. I said Ravi may not agree to it to which she replied leave it to me I will get him around and make him agree. I know she will as Ravi was surely bitten by her sexual energy.

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