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I am Shalini, South Indian, aged 30 married to Arun who is 32. We live in Bangalore. We have a son, who is 2 years old now. We got married when I was 25 and we enjoy a good relationship including sex as we experimented with erotic literature, blue films, etc. We enjoyed all aspects including oral sex. Though I had flirted ( kissing, touching )with my boyfriend before marriage, I had not had sex with anyone till my first night with Arun.

This incident happened a year back. I came home from my mom’s place after delivery after 5 months’ stay. After we settled down we were having sex when I asked Arun if he was a good boy for 5 months. He said yes except on two days !!!!!. I asked him what he meant by that. He then confessed that he had sex with our neighbour Latha, whose husband lived in Dubai. ( she moved to Dubai soon after that incident )

Arun expected me to flare up on hearing this but I asked him to tell the details of what happened. He gave full details. It was so hot that we had a terrific sex that night. Later he asked if I was not angry with him. I said no. I appreciate your sincereness in confessing. He hugged and said I am so happy Shalini. I jokingly told him may be one day I will also try someone else !!!!!!!! He said sure darling.

As the days passed by, Arun kept asking if I had decided about the person with whom I wanted to make love. I played along and said not yet. Soon I realized that he took it seriously and one day confessed that he would not mind if I did it and even encouraged me. He said the thought of me having sex with some one else excited him !!!!!!!1

This began working on my mind. I began considering several men but couldn’t decide until I met his cousin ravi in a family function. Though I had met him earlier this time he had come alone and stayed with us for a week almost. He is elder to Arun by 2 years and lives in Singapore. I found him to be extremely jovial and lively. He used to crack a lot of sex jokes in front of everyone. I somehow found an attraction in him. He is tall, fair and good looking. I noticed him “checking” me out especially my boobs ( I have 36″ size boobs ). I know his wife is small built.

After he left and on a Sunday, we were having sex when Arun asked again if I found my ” lover boy”. I looked into his eyes, blushed and said yes !!!!!. He really got excited and asked who is the lucky guy. I asked him to take a guess. He said is it Ravi !!!!!!!. I was surprised and said yessssssssssss how did u know? He said he noticed us eyeing each other. He said he was happy about my selection. We made real passionate love as Arun kept saying ” ravi will go crazy if he sees these boobs” .

From that day onwards, Ravi became a fantasy lover in our bed as arun started asking me how I will seduce him. I too got excited telling him what all I would do when the chance came.

Finally the chance came after three months when ravi landed in Bangalore to purchase a flat. Naturally he stayed with us. Arun had encouraged me to make my move. I was scared but wanted to. Initially I began dressing up nicely in chiffon sarees when Ravi was around. Next I let my fingers caress his when handing over tea cup. He too noticed it and began responding, Ravi was to leave the next day. Arun said it is now or never before he left for office. I understood him and planned my moves. Ravi came back around 4 I had just then come back from shopping with my friend and was wearing a light pink chiffon saree which Ravi had gifted me. I noticed him scanning my body as he went up to take a shower. My 6 month old baby was sleeping. I prepared tea and went up to his room. He had just then come out of his shower and was wrapped in a Turkish towel. The sight of his hairy wet chest really excited me. As I gave the tea cup he caressed my hands. I blushed. I stood there as he sipped tea. I asked him ” Do you recognize this saree?” He said yes I selected it specially for you. Oh really I said. As I turned to leave, he came behind me and put his arms around my waist and whispered “shalini you look sexy”. I got an electric shock feeling his fingers on my bare waist. I could smell his after shave. I tried to say a weak no and tried to free myself from his grip. His grip tightened and he pulled me to him. Slowly I surrendered to him and began responding. He turned my face to him and kissed my lips. It felt great feeling his warm lips. I too began kissing back

I turned to face him and we hugged and kissed. He dropped my pallu and admired my big boobs and the deep cleavage. The nipples were poking my thin blouse / bra. He got crazy and began profusely smooching my exposed cleavage. It got me so hot I hugged his face to my bosom. He turned me and hugged me from behind. His hands began rubbing my thin bare waist. I put my hands around his neck and offered my pouting lips. We kissed passionately. Soon his hands moved up to my boobs. He cupped both boobs each one in his warm hands. He kept whispering “so sexy you are shalu”. Soon his hand entered my tight blouse and touched my bare nipples inside my bra. Oh my it was so hot and exciting My nipples responded by getting stiffer as he moved them between his thumb and forefinger.

I got excited and turned to him and kissed him. I let him unbutton my blouse, exposing my black lace bra holding my swelling boobs. Half of my boobs were spilling out ( I had worn a smaller size bra !!!! ) He began kissing the exposed part of my boobs. He made no attempt to unhook my bra which made me restless. I put my hand back and unhooked my bra. I wanted him to see my big boobs. As the bra straps slid from my shoulders, my boobs sprang free from the confines of my bra. He stepped back to admire their size and firmness. I pulled him to me and cupped my left boob and offered it to his warm lips. He licked my nipples. I whispered “suck it baby” to which he responded by taking it in his warm mouth and began sucking it with force. Oh it felt so good feeding him. When he realized that milk was oozing from my nipples, he pulled back and asked is it ok. I said don’t worry it is all yours today. Then he went at it with more vigour. I alternated him from my left to right boob. He had a good feed that day. ( I had to give my son bottle milk that night!!!!!!)

We continued to smooch passionately. He whispered ” do you like it ?” only then I realized that my hand was holding his hard cock. I don’t remember who pulled off his towel and how I had my hand on his cock. I blushed and said ” hmm it is nice and hard” as I kept stroking it up and down. It felt nice and different and I realized he was better endowed than arun. I played with his bloated balls. I hugged him and rubbed my naked boobs on his wet hairy chest, which had been my long time fantasy. As I did that milk oozed from my nipples on to his chest which I licked it off his nipples. He hugged from behind and his hand rubbed my flat tummy and slowly entered my saree fold. He realized how wet my panties were and whispered “wow you are so wet baby”. His hand entered my wet panties to feel my bush and the wetness. My thighs spread voluntarily giving him better access to my hairy pussy. His finger entered my opening and he stroked my excited clit and the wet slit. I was getting too hot and impatient and started moaning loudly. So I whispered ” we don’t have much time before arun comes back “.

He understood the inner meaning of my words, blushed and carried me to the bed and put him on the double bed. That is when I saw his erect hard cock. It looked so magnificent. It was more or less the same length as Arun’s but much thicker. I put my hand to it as he raised my saree and skirt above my waist. He bent and kissed my fleshy thighs and playfully bit them. I flinched in pain and pleasure. Arun had never done that. I raised my bums signaling him that he can pull off my wet panties. He gladly obliged. I pulled him on top of me and felt his cock nudging my pussy. I held his cock and rubbed his cock head on my pussy lips to lubricate it ( though not really required ) and placed it at the opening of my waiting pussy lips. I lifted my bums and he pushed hard and in one motion his whole cock disappeared into my pussy. I felt the “fullness” and we just did not move. It seemed as though his cock and my pussy were made for each other. We kissed passionately and he asked “how does it feel” I replied “wow I is so nice hard and thick” Slowly he began to move in and out of my pussy. He teased by pulling out almost fully before thrusting it back. I raised my bums to meet his thrusts and told hi, “faster ravi take meeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!”. He again teased me by asking “say properly” I responded by saying “make love to me”. He said “no say properly” and started pulling out. I said don’t and whispered “fuck me harddddddddd raviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”. He said “Yes baby I want to fuck your pussy with my big cock” I am never vocal with arun when making love and this really excited me. He kept pumping and saying “your pussy is so tight shalu” I had a big orgasm. Since both of us were excited we were about to climax simultaneously and he tried to pull out. I put my legs around his waist and pulled him to me and screamed ” cum in my pussy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. That set him off really and he filled my pussy with his hot semen. Cum was overflowing from my pussy as he slowly moved in and out. He really flooded my pussy. We hugged and kissed. He asked me “how was it”. I bit his ear lobe and whispered “it was fuckingggggg good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. I tried to get up but he pulled me back and said “let us do it once more”. I told him no ravi not today. He reluctantly let go of me not before we kissed and he sucked my boobs. I wrapped myself in his towel and went into the bathroom to clean up. I realized how much he had shot into my pussy. I had to pinch myself to believe that I had sex with another man.

_ Await Arun’s reaction to my experience with Ravi in Part 2

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  1. Very well written! I felt as if I was there! Look forward to part :)

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