It came true part 1

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Ellen stood at the full length mirror in our bedroom fastening the clips of her suspender belts onto the lace tops of her stockings. She was wearing the black underwear set i had bought her for her birthday only two months earlier and she looked fantastic in it.
I came into the room and sat down on the bed. I gazed upon her gorgeous slender body and she saw me looking. “You sure you want me to do this Johnny?” She was worried, i could tell by the look in her bright blue eyes. “Yeah, im sure. I want you too Ellen.” She smiled “OK Johnny i will do it but just for you”
We kissed and then i left the room to allow her to get dressed.
For a long time i had harboured a fantasy about Ellen getting fucked by another guy and telling me the details after. I clumbsily confessed it to her one night after too much to drink and she was shocked to say the least. But after a few discussions about it she softened to the idea,eventually agreeing to it.

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