Jack's Party

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Jack’s Party
Lisa my girlfriend and I had driven up to Jack’s party. It was about 100 mils North so we were staying the night. There were about 20 people there. The usual drinking eating, charades and stuff, nothing like what was to come. Around midnight everyone had left apart from the eight of us who were staying over. There was Jack, Wendy his girlfriend, Lisa and myself, Debbie a young blonde on her own, Leroy a tall black single guy, Dan and his wife Janine.
Wendy, Janine and Lisa all said goodnight and left for bed. Jack’s house was huge and we were staying in the attic room. Debbie played cards with us guys for a while then Jack suggested strip poker sort of tongue in cheek. Debbie immediately answered yes. To which I was amazed as she seemed so quiet and reserved. Debbie was soon down to her underwear. White crotchless pantyhose and tiny white panties which no doubt got everyone’s cocks hard. Then Debbie lost the next hand, stood up and to everyone’s surprise tore of her panties. “I’d better get naked before you guys all come in your shorts” She was right too. She then lay back on the card table and said “OK guys let’s see some cocks.
Leroy said “unfortunately I have to sleep as I am in work tomorrow” and went upstairs. So the three guys with wives and girlfriends dropped their shorts and released their hard cocks. I put my cock into Debbie’s mouth as her red lipstick looked so inviting. Jack was sucking Debbie’s nipples as Dan fucked her as his wife lay upstairs asleep. Dan came into Debbie fairly quickly and he and I swapped over leaving Jack to Jerk off over her tits. I put my cock to Debbie’s cunt and started to fuck her, I also came quickly into such a tight hole.
I said “I’ve got to get a new packet of cigarettes from upstairs” as Jack took over fucking Debbie with his huge cock. I crept upstairs to the attic room and to my surprise a light could be seen from the reading lamp. I then heard a feint moaning “Lisa is masturbating” I thought. I then quietly opened the door ajar planning to surprise her. I could not believe what I saw through the crack opening in the door though. Lisa was lying flat on the bed straddled by Leroy pushing his huge hard black cock into her. ‘What is good for the goose” as the saying goes came to mind as I watched my girlfriend getting ploughed by Leroy. Leroy started to cum into Lisa and pulled out his unprotected black dick spraying cum all over Lisa. Lisa then licked his cock clean. I then crept back downstairs, had another drink and chatted for a while. All the time thinking about Leroy fucking my girlfriend. An hor or so later I went to bed. Lisa was asleep or pretending to be.
This was never mentioned by Lisa or myself.

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