Me, My Wife and a Truck Driver

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It was a hot Sunday afternoon when my wife suggested that we go for a drive. It get’s pretty steamy here in the south and I was more than willing to get out of the house for awhile.
As we drove I mentioned that there weren’t too many cars on the road. “I know”, she said.
“That’s what I was hoping for”. Right about then she smiled at me and leaned over. I tried to keep my eyes on the road as she moved her hand down my shorts but it wasn’t easy. She was wearing a tiny pair of cut off jean shorts and a tight white t-shirt with straps. My wife doesn’t like to wear bras if she doesn’t have to and this was one of those days. Her perky brown nipples were visible through the thin material and I loved it. She reached over, grinning at me while she slid her hand slowly down my shorts. In no time I could feel my cock start to harden in her hand. She leaned back, with one leg on the dash and with her other hand, started to slide her fingers up her soft brown thigh towards her pussy. She smiled a devlish smile at me and I could feel myself completely harden. I took my shorts down with one hand and kept the other one on the wheel. Slowly, she started to stroke on my rod. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. Her long black hair was blowing in the wind as I watched her finger make tiny circles on her clit. By now her shorts were completely off and her panties on the floor board. Her pussy was completely shaven and glistening wet in the sunlight. I reached over and started to tug at her puffy brown nipples. She started to moan as she stroked my meat faster and harder. Just when I thought that I was going to cum, I noticed a semi truck just ahead of us. “Watch out”, I told her. “There’s a truck coming up”. She fingered herself faster and told me to pull up next to him. I knew that this had always been one of her fantasies and I was horny enough to give it to her. As I pulled next to him, I could see him lean over staring at my wife as he tried to keep it on the road. She hiked her leg up and with one hand working her pussy, she took the other and started licking on her nipple.
He smiled and motioned for us to pull over. She smiled at me and said,”what do you think?”
“Are you sure?”, I asked her. “Yeah, it’ll be fun.” “Alright”, I said. I motioned for him to pull ahead and we started to follow him. She loves mens attention and loves sex too. We had done this type of thing before and I knew that we were over due for some “fun”.
By now he was blinkering to turn into a rest area. We were so far in the middle of nowhere that there wasn’t a soul in sight. We parked near a shelter type area with pic-nic tables and I got out of the car. My wife put her little shorts back on and stepped out as we waited for him. He climbed out of his truck and walked across the parking lot to us. He was young and tall with dark hair and a pair of tight blue jeans. I could see my wife getting excited. “Hey you”, she said. “Did you like what you saw back there?” “I like what I see right now”, he said as he smiled at her. “Do you?”, she said as she smiled at us and grabbed each of our hands. She led us both over to one of the tables and hopped up on top of it. Both of us stood in front of her and I could tell that she was loving it. She reached up and grabbed me by the shirt as she started to cram her tongue into my mouth hard. With the other she un-buttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down. Soon she had his huge cock in her hand and started stroking it. I leaned her back, all the while with my tongue in her mouth. I pulled her t-shirt up and started to suck on one of her swollen brown nipples. They stood straight in the air as I licked and sucked. Soon he was sucking on the other one as she began to moan. He slid down. Kissing her stomach as he made his way towards her little wet pussy. She laid completely back with her legs in the air as he pulled her shorts off. I held one leg up in the air as I sucked on her tits. He kneeled on the seat of the table and held the other leg up as he started to lick on her little bald pussy. Her breathing got heavier and she started to moan louder. I got on the table in the sixty nine position with my cock hovering over her mouth. We began to take turns licking on her smooth little cunt. Now she was practically screaming with delight. I leaned back as he started to position his massive dick at her little wet box. She started to suck harder and moan while I stuffed her mouth full with my meat. Slowly, he took the head of his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit. She let out a long cry and I knew that she wanted to get fucked bad. I watched as he slid his giant pole into her tiny hole. Slowly he glided into her until he had it completely buried. She moaned loud, “Oh Yea! Fuck my pussy!” Slowly , he pulled it out and began to slide in and out of her in a steady rythem. I squeezed both of her ass cheeks in my hands as he began to pump harder. Soon he was pounding into her and she loved it.
She put her little feet up on his chest and squeezed her pussy tight around his shaft. He let out a moan and I could tell he was about to blow his load. I guess that she could tell too because it was right about then then she eased him out of her and changed up. “I need you both inside of me”, she said, gasping for air. “Oh yeah?’, I asked as she cleaned the pussy juices off his dick with her tongue. “Yeah”, she said. “I need my ass fucked!”
Soon she was laying him back on the table and crawling up on top of him. Her started to suck on her tits while she lowered herself onto him. I got behind her and began to lube up her tight little asshole with her pussy juices. Slowly I slid my finger into her as she squeeled in delight. She rocked harder back and forth on his cock as my finger went deeper and deeper. I could see the veins bulging in his swollen meat as she slammed her pussy down on him. I started to cram my finger into her harder and harder. I grabbed her by the hips and pushed the head of my shaft up against her tight little hole. She rocked back a little further until I was in. She shrieked in pain and then let out a long sigh as I pushed further into her. I pulled her hips into me until my cock was all the way in. She let out a loud yell and told us to fuck her hard. She didn’t have to tell us twice as we both grabbed her around her waist and hips and thrust our meat sticks into her hard. “Oh Yeah!”, she screamed. “Fuck me hard! Slam those big cocks into me!” We both kept a steady pace as she bucked and wiggled all over us. I could feel him deep inside her as I buried my meat in and out. Harder and harder. Before you knew, he began to moan and was about to explode. He let out a loud moan and exploded deep inside of her. Her thighs were covered in his hot creamy jizz as she left him deep inside of her. Now it was my turn. I pumped hard into her and could feel myself about ready to blow. I thrust deep and shot my hot load into her. Cum started to slide out of her ass and down her thighs. She could hardly breath as she eased me out of her and crawled off of him. We were all covered in sweat and cum as we laid exhausted. “Did you have fun?”, I asked her. “The best”, she replied as she kissed us both. “Maybe we’ll run into you again”, she said as he pulled his jeans on. “You never know?”, he grinned as he walked towards his truck.

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