My wife and her coworker

Around six months before xmas one of my wife’s coworkers began trying to get into her panties she told me often that he put the hard word on to her when ever they were alone together her response was that both he and she were married and it would not be right,however as time passed I noticed that she began talking about him quite often this caused me to ask her what did she think he would be like in bed she replied that he would be gental and really good I continued asking her questions about him I realised that she was obviously becoming sexually attracted to him this caused me to become excited and I began fantasizing that she was letting him fuck her the more I fantasized the more I enjoyed the thought of it happening, until I now wanted her to let him fuck her.Then on xmas eve she arrived home from the office party ,we went to bed I rolled over on top of her to have our nightly fuck ,I was surprised how easily my cock slipped into her really tiny pussy and then to realise that she was very wet and her pussy juice felt much thicker that usual a few seconds later I knew that her pussy was full of cum and I knew that it was not mine .the excitement grew in me as it was obvious that she had just been fucked not long ago.When I asked her did the guy she works with fuck her she answered oh stop it you know that I sometimes have wet days I continued fucking her without pressing her for the truth thinking I’ll give her time to volinteer the fact thashe has enjoyed another guy up her

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