nice hair cut

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dumbo was finishing all jillianne,s house work, when the door opened, dumbo get here now, dumbo ran and fell at jillianne,s feet kissing her boot, you were late little dick i never pulled your ears, on your knees wimp, with that she started pulling and twisting harder and harder, she had her leather gloves on, after about ten mins she said right time to inspect your work, then lynsay came in, and spat in dumbo,s face, then started pullong his ears, got his ears are so red they are on fire, jillianne said that down to me lynsay, they both laughed, jillianne said i am going to look at the shrimp dick work, keep pullong lynsay, after ten mins jillianne was back, not bad dumbo i,m glad your good for something, lynsay let go, dumbo fell and started kissing and licking there boots, to coffees small cock, and make it snappy big ears, , dumbo came in with the drinks, lynsay said get on your knees now, then she took out a head shaver, i think dumbo needs his hair cut, they both laughed, good idear lynsay, his big ears will stick out even moore,then lynsay started shaving dumbo,s head, jillianne was laughing, o m g his ears look massive, ha ha ha, when lynsay was finished dumbo was bald,jillianne started pulling his ears again, they took turn, then said come on dumbo we are going back to work, you can walk infront of us so we can laugh at you, wimp ha ha ha

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