Real Life Story of Husband Watching His Loyal Indian Wife Getting Hot Massage

I have come across many stories of husbands… fantasizing or in real sharing their wives. I always thought how would it feel to experience this bliss. Now this is my true story and I have tried to write it in the simplest possible way.

We are a couple in early thirties… and are married for 5 years now. This all started a year back when I read all the wife sharing stories, saw pics and watched videos… I kept on thinking how will it be to see my wife acting like a slut and enjoying with other men while I Watch… will she react in the same way as she does when I fuck her or is she going to enjoy other men cock more than mine… I had no idea how to bring this thought in front of my wife… So like many other men I started by showing threesome porn movies to my wife..Initially she was not  interested but slowly with time I saw that she started liking threesome movies… then my obvious next step was to being the idea of a third person when we are having sex…


So I picked a day… brought some nice lingerie for my wife.. along with scented candles to get her in mood.. and then when we both were nude I slowly came close to her and whispered in her ear..” baby… do you need a cock”., she said “yesssss” and then I asked.. “how many”…. and she looked into my eyes and with a naughty smile and asked..” how many do u have”… I smiled and said..” I have one but if u want I can get you more”.. She looked surprised but then played along by saying “then get me”. That night we had incredible sex by imagining her being fucked by 2 cocks. This fantasy became a regular part of our sex life… and both me and my wife started enjoying it more n more…


Of course she always use to tell me at the end.. to only enjoy it as fantasy and it’s not gonna happen in real.. and I use to nod with a smile. I knew she was loving this fantasy as I could feel her getting very wet and having strong orgasm… So at the back of my mind I knew “MY WIFE WAS LOVING IT”


After many unsuccessful attempts to convince her, I finally thought of doing something in real and see how does she react. I wanted to let a guy touch her and see her reactions… and the most simplest way was to convince her was for a massage as she usually goes for massage at the city spa. But my biggest challenge was ” How to find a descent good looking guy who will respect my wife’s privacy ad not force him on her?”


I started to chat with many couples online and one such NRI couple from UK became a very good friend of mine. They suggested a guy whom they met when they visited India.. They were praising him highly and gave me his email to contact if I want to. Initially I was hesitant to mail him but since I was out of choice I thought of giving it a try. So finally I send a short mail to this guy explaining him that I want a massage for my wife… and the massage can be little naughty but not sexual.


I waited for 3 days and did not get a return.. I started thinking probably the guy was not interested and lost hope when one day suddenly I got his reply..He gave his introduction and told me he was based out of Bangalore and Travels to Mumbai So he can meet us in his next trip. His name was Karan and he was working with an MNC in Bangalore and has done certified courses in Massage therapy.


I was little hesitant in trying anything in Mumbai so I planned a trip to Goa with my wife and asked Karan to join us in Goa… He agreed for it and told me he will confirm the dates checking his work schedule. Finally he confirmed a day which was 2 weeks away. That was good enough time for me to convince my wife for a short Goa trip. In these 2 weeks I and Karan started chatting and became really good friends.


Finally the day came… I and my wife both flew down to Goa and as pre-decided with Karan we checked in a 5 star resort. We took individual villa near the beach with privacy.  Karan was also suppose to check-in the same resort next day. So the first day I and my wife.. moved around Goa.. checked out the beaches and the shacks. Finally we came to room… my wife was very romantic and horny.. We both got into the bath tub… played around with each other.. I had planned not to have sex with her.. coz I wanted her to remain excited for next day.. So we went to the bed kissed each other… and holding each other in arms we slept watching TV.


The next day morning.. was something I was waiting for last 2 weeks… I was so excited whole night.. that I hardly could sleep with the thoughts of my wife getting touched and felt by another men… In my mind I was hoping to see a lot more than just massage,,, but then everything depends on my wife (fingers crossed).


By afternoon I got the confirmation that Karan has arrived and I met him for a quick drink by the beach. He was a real handsome looking and very sweet guy. I told him all about my plans.. and he assured me that he will make my wife is comfortable with him. I finished the drink and went back to meet my wife.. I took her to the swimming pool and we spend lot of time there and then in the evening we went for a beach walk.. By the time we came back it was 7 PM. We both were tired and  fell on the bed. I gently started massaging my wife… she was loving it…and then I suggested her to get a massage.. She said she would love to get a massage. I told her I will go and check with the front desk if they would have a room service for massage. I went down and came back in 10 mins.. I told her that they have agreed to send a masseur as they only have guys this time. She suddenly got up from the bed and said that she does not want a guy to massage her.. I told her not to worry as I am here with her in the room and it will be fine.. After my assurance she finally agreed.


So as planned, after 15 mins Karan knocked at the door. He was wearing white shirt and pajamas to give an authentic feeling of a masseur. I welcomed him in and introduced him as the masseur from the resort spa. The best part was that apart from the white dress Karan has also got two bottle of spa oil and a moisturizing cream with him. This made my plans look so damn real. He told my wife to change into a towel. She looked at me and I told her to go and change in the bathroom. She went inside the washroom and after 5 mins came out wearing a towel with bra and panty inside. She came and stood next to me. Karan asked her to lie on the bed. She went and did the same.


Karan told her that he is gonna unwrap the towel for massage… as my wife was holding the towel tight with both her hands. I knew my wife was feeling shy so I switched off all the lights and kept only the foyer light open to create a dim ambiance. I could then see my wife letting off the towel as Karan took it away.. Now I could see my wife lying on her stomach on bed with her red bra and panty. I could see Karan staring at her and then smiling at me. I gave him he go ahead to start the massage.


Karan started the massage by rubbing her shoulders from behind and gently massaging her back by pouring oil on it. I could actually see my wife enjoying the massage as she was feeling very relaxed by now. Karan worked on her back and then went on to the bums. He gently folded her panty back to reveal half of her ass. It was an amazing site for me to see my wife half butt naked and touched by another guy. Karan definitely was good with massage as I could see my wife lying with closed eyes and enjoying the massage. After sometime Karan went to her legs.. Gently massaging her milky thighs. By now my wife looked very relaxed and comfortable. So now was the time for me to get her excited. I took one of my phone and call on the other… then I pretended that I got a call from my boss. I told my wife that I don’t want to bother her in between so I will take the call outside and come back quickly. She did not wanted me to go.. but before she could object I went out and closed the door. This was my plan to somehow come out for some reason and then go back to the balcony side and peep through the balcony glass door ( I had purposely kept the balcony curtain in such a way that I could get a small view of the bed in the room from outside)


So I went out… my heart was really pounding with anticipation as to what might happen now. I myself was not sure as to what do I want to see my wife doing… Do I just want her to have little fun or do I really want her to become a slut and get fucked by Karan… I quietly walked through the side of the villa towards the balcony. The balcony was actually facing the beach and I had to be very careful that nobody should see me peeping inside. As I was approaching I saw a couple walking around. I got scared and hid behind the wall of the villa. I was waiting for the couple to  move away from the villa and also in the meantime I had all sort of thoughts coming in my mind as to what will be my wife doing inside with this hot guy… I just could not control my excitement and as soon as the couple were gone I jumped on the balcony and slowly ducked behind the balcony chair to the point where I could peep inside.


When I peeped inside I saw my wife lying on the bed and Karan still massaging her thighs. I was watching with lot of anticipation and excitement… and after sometime I could see Karan moving his hands on my wife’s legs from bottom to top till her panty. I knew something exciting is gonna come. He kept on doing it and whenever he reaches the upper part of the leg I could see his fingers going inside my wife’s panties. Karan kept on massaging her legs and then burying his fingers deeper inside the panty. My wife was just lying on the bed with her eyes closed. I had told Karan only to do things which my wife approves and stop anything that she does not like. But here I can clearly see that she was loving the feel of his fingers near her wetzone. After sometime Karan took the oil bottle, pulled her panty fully below her ass and started pouring oil inside her butt crack. She was shaking in excitement as the oil was dripping inside and reaching her wet pussy. Karan asked her if she is comfortable and she just nodded “yes”. The Karan slowly started massaging her butt and putting his fingers deep inside her crack. I could clearly see the moment he puts his fingers inside… my wife raised her buttocks to make it easy for him.. Wow what a site it was, I loved this view of my wife raising her buttocks and letting the fingers of a stranger go inside and feel her wetness. Karan did the work with his fingers and then raised her panty back to cover her ass and asked her to turn around.


My wife turned and kept her eyes closed. I guess she was too shy to look at Karan. Now Karan sat near her head and started to massage her shoulders and neck… and after sometime his hands were near my wife’s boobs… I was super excited to see his hands near her perky boobs.. She was also excited coz I could see her tits absolutely hard and visible inside the bra. Karan kept on massaging around and then slowly poured some oil on her chest and allowed it to roll down till her bra.. and then before the oil could touch her bra he put his hands inside and started massaging, I had thought that my wife will say no at this point… but to my surprise she did not say anything and was just lying down with her eyes closed. Karan was confidently massaging her boobs by pressing them inside the bra. I could see my wife’s head going front and back with ecstasy. The interesting thing to see was that while doing the massage Karan had a huge bulge in his pajamas but since my wife’s eyes was closed she could not see it. I was super excited to see this scene.. of a stranger playing with my wife’s boobs and my wife loving it.


Karan played his oily hands nicely on her boobs and then removed it.. My wife took a pause and I think felt relaxed. Now Karan took some more oil and started massaging her stomach and navel.. But he could not reach her stomach from where he was sitting ( above my wife’s head). So he stretched himself over my wife to reach her stomach and massage. And while he stretched I could clearly see his bulge right above my wife’s face. I cannot tell  how exciting and heart pounding it was to see another cock so close to my wife’s mouth. Then I Suddenly saw my wife opening her eyes and staring the bulge. I think it was hardly an inch away from my wife’s face. She was staring at the cock like a hungry slut. I am sure she was tempted to take it in her mouth. Then I suddenly saw her lips coming up and trying to touch his bulge.. This was shocking for me to see… I saw my wife raising her head and trying to touch the bulge with her lips. She barely touched it once and then went back to her position. By now Karan had finished massaging her stomach and was digging his fingers inside her panty. He then changed his position.. got up from there and sat on the right side on my wife’s bed. He asked my wife if she was comfortable and enjoying the massage. She said “yes”. The Karan pull her panty halfway and then poured some oil below the navel and started massaging and going down.. I could see his fingers going inside the panty and my wife just closing her eyes and enjoying it… After sometime Karan started to dig his finger deeper and  know for sure his fingers reached the place where no other men accept me has ever been. He was stroking her nice inside the panty and my wife with her eyes closed was just loving it.


Karan’s bulge was not tearing his pajama’s and was growing. He gently took my wife’s hand and placed it over his cock while he was fingering her. My hot wife did not do anything.. her hand was just frozen over his cock.. she was not moving it… but to my shock after a min.. she started stroking his cock. Wow what a  scene it was.. I have framed it in my mind… Karan kept on fingering her inside the panty and she was stroking him… After sometime.. Karan asked her if she wanted him to take his cock out.. but my wife immediately said “No”. Karan continued her fingering.. and she kept on stroking his cock. After sometime they stopped and I have no idea who came first ;)


My wife got up and wrapped the towel across her.. She thanked Karan for giving her amazing massage.. I knew this is the time that I have to be back.. So I rushed back to the room door from outside.. knocked it… Karan opened it and I saw my wife standing there wrapped in towel. I asked how did it go.. and she said it was great. She said she was going for shower and asked me to pay a tip to Karan.


I said thanks to Karan and he left…. Later when my came out of shower, she jumped on me and make the hottest and craziest sex that I ever had with her. I was amazed and asked her what happened to her… She told me the whole story (exactly whatever happens) and thanked me as she knew by now that it was all planned by me.


Since then we are having hot and awesome sex with each other.. We haven’t tried with anyone else.. because we got back our lost mojo. And all thanks to Karan who was so professional and understanding to make this dream possible.


I am sure many husbands would have experienced the same excitement and tease that I did and I wish all the best for the ones who dream to achieve this one day.




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