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Missy and I were married when we were both 16 and had been married 5 years and I had always dreamed of watching Missy with another woman but if I mentioned it she would start crying and say I must not love her if I felt that way, but I love her very much but just the thought of her with someone else really excites me. Missy is 5 foot two with 34 D boobs and coal black hair. I was telling a friend at work about my fantasy and he said his wife could seduce any woman so we planned an evening out on the town to get these two together and soon the girls hit it off and planned a shopping trip a few days later and before I knew it they were best buddy’s so the next time we were planning a camping outing she ask if she could invite them along and I agreed since our camper was plenty large enough for two couples. The first night we just sat around a camp fire talking till bed time with nothing special happening then after we went to bed Missy asked me if I thought Deb was pretty and I said sure she was and I asked why she would ask and she said well she is blonde and her boobs are bigger than mine, but I assured her she was perfect in every way then I asked her if she thought Mike was good looking and she said yes but not any better than I was. About that time the camper began to shake and there was no question as to why and I told Missy I was going to go sneak a peek so I got up and with Missy on my heels quietly eased to the back bedroom to peek, the door was open and the night light was on and Deb was on all fours and Mike was pounding away, her boobs were really huge must have been 38 DD s and swinging with every stroke. We watched till Mike unloaded and they collapsed on the floor we hurried back to our bed where we fucked like we had never fucked before, I was hammering away when I saw Mike and Deb standing at the door watching which was even more of a turn on and I whispered to Missy that we were being watched and she said was is was ok then Deb eased in and leaned over and kissed Missy and then started sucking her left boob and to my surprise Missy offered no resistance then Mike went to the other side and started sucking her right boob which caused Missy and me both to explode at the same time which we rarely did and I rolled off and was catching my breath and when I looked back up Missy was giving Mike one of her super blow jobs which for a few seconds made me jealous till Deb took my dick in hand and guided it into her mouth and took my whole length in one gulp which Missy could never do, needless to say I was in heaven then I saw Mike unload in my Missy’s mouth which she loved and swallowed every drop then the next thing I knew Mike was eating Missy’s pussy and she was loving it and very shortly she erupted in his face then he moved up and began to fuck her like a wild man which was more than I could take and I filled Deb’s lovely mouth with a full load. Once I caught my breath Deb started playing with my balls and I was hard and ready for Deb’s wonderful pussy so I mounted up and pounded away till we both exploded first Deb then a minute later I was done. Needless to say the four of us go camping every time we get a chance sometimes we don’t even move the camper out of the storage yard. Deb and I have been camping several time by ourselves I just can’t seem to get enough of those as I found out after the first trip are 40 DD s and the fact that she can deep throat me helps too, once Deb asked if she could take another friend camping and I told her it was ok if I could watch so when they showed up he was a much older man so I figured she must be fucking him for money or a promotion at work so I asked and she said no and I knew why when he propped his pants because then Deb got undressed and when she got him sucked to full staff he must have been at least 14 inches long and 2 ½ across, I had never seen anything like that even in a porno movie now I thought how small my 9 ½ inches would seem to Deb from now on and poor Mike with his 8 inches was really in trouble, and when Deb got almost the whole thing down her lovely throat I was so jealous and when he fucked her for fifteen minutes and through I have no clue how many orgasm’s before unloading I was even more jealous and after he left I told her I hoped Missy never finds out about the old man and Deb started laughing and said Missy is the one that introduced her to him, now I was really depressed but Deb unzipped me and gave me one of her super blow jobs then asked me to fuck her and I asked why she would want me after what she just had and she said the same reason Missy only wanted him once because he didn’t enjoy them the way Mike and I did, she was probably lying but I felt better so I got undressed and told her I wanted to do doggy style and as she got in position I grabbed the Vaseline and coated my dick and put some on her asshole and she said no no but it was too late I took a deep breath and forced my dick in her very tight ass and she let out a scream that even scared me but I started very slow and kept working in a little deeper and deeper till I was buried all the way and began to increase my pace till she yelled fuck me harder so I fucked her with all I had to give till I exploded in her beautiful ass, after we were done and getting cleaned up she said she was so mad when I started to fuck her ass because her ass was virgin territory because she thought it would hurt too bad because every time Mike tried it hurt so he stopped but now she was so glad I went ahead then she kissed me deep and we went home to our loving spouses.

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