Sharing my sexy young stepmother with my pals

First let me describe myself I at the time this happened I was on the day I turned 18 I am 6ft and weigh 200#s. My dad was 55 and Kay my stepmother was 20 and is firm and fit 5ft 6, 130 #s and is 38C – 25 – 36 Natural Blonde and well tanned, they had been married 2 years and had a very active sex life which I heard almost every night through the walls of our bedrooms until about 2 weeks ago so I asked dad what had happened and he said he was just wore out because he had a new 18 year old secretary that he was fucking everyday at the office and I asked him why because my stepmother was so sexy I couldn’t think the secretary could have been any better looking or nicer and he said she wasn’t but was a virgin with 40DD tits and he just couldn’t help himself but she was getting married next week and he figured she would quit and things would be back to normal. I told him he better fire her and take care of the special lady at home but he said he was afraid to and to just wait. A couple days later when I got home from class Kay was crying and packing her things and I asked her what was wrong and she said dad didn’t love her anymore and she had caught him screwing his new secretary and she needed loving on a regular basis. I told her she should just have an affair of her own till he came to his senses, but she said she didn’t want that she really needed sex if she was going to wait him out but knew if he caught her he would throw her out and she would end up with nothing. Then she said that she had noticed the way my friend Mike looked at her and wondered if he would like to help her out, I told her that Mike, John, Lee and Fred all talked all the time about how they would love to see her naked so I was sure she could take her pick or have them all and she asked which one was best endowed and I said of those Fred was and she asked how I knew and I told her when we were all going to do the same woman we always started with the smallest dick and went in order. She asked if we fucked the same woman often and I told her it was often but only with 4 different ones so far and she smiled and said those were 4 lucky girls and I laughed and told her they weren’t exactly girls they were women and she asked how old and I told her I wasn’t sure, then she asked if they were whore’s and I told her no and that she knew them all and she asked if I was sure and I told her I was and then she asked how she knew them and I told her they were Mike, John, Lee and Fred’s mothers, she was speechless for a minute then got a tear in her eye and asked why she was left out and I told her their husbands weren’t taking care of them for very a long time and some of us fucked them all at least once a week. Then she said those boys don’t fuck their own mothers do they and I told they didn’t at first but when they turned 18 their mothers all fucked them for their birthday. And then she said and you say Fred always goes last and I smiled and said I didn’t say that I am last by a few inches, Mike is 5in John is 6 Lee is 6 ½ and Fred is 7. Her smile got real wide and she said you said you have them by a few inches and I said yes and she said I was taught in school that a few was at least 3 now how were you taught and I told her the same way and she looked down at the bulge in my pants and said and there is at least 10 inches in there and I said at least. She came over to where I was setting and without hesitating she said its time for your birthday present and said I’m yours to do with what you want and I told her to go to her room and get into one of her sexy teddies and I would be there in a few minutes and when she went upstairs I called my best buddy and told them it was time for step mom’s turn to get everyone and get there quick and that the door would be unlocked and we would be in step mom’s room because it was my birthday and for once I was first. I got to her room and there she was in a sheer light blue teddy with a garter belt and stockings, I know my tongue must have been hanging out because this picture was better than anything I had even seen in Playboy, I asked her if I could take a picture of her because she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and she smiled and said sure and I started out of the room she said get the video camera too if you want so I did and took a couple quick shots and set the camera up focused on the bed and told her to set on the edge of the bed and I removed her garter and stockings then her thong and she said her bra snapped in the front but I told her to wait and I told her to lay back and I spread her legs to reveal her perfect trimmed pussy so I spread her lips and went for the G spot which I found right away she was squirming and breathing very heavy and soon tensed and had her first orgasm I quit and removed my clothes except my boxers so she still didn’t know my size for sure while she caught her breath then I set her back up and removed her bra and turned those puppy’s loose so I could get at them I licked and kissed and sucked till she was cooing and squirming I kept this up till I saw a shadow in the hall and knew my buddies were there and I wasn’t sure how she would take that so I motioned for them to wait a minute so I could get her ready and I asked her to get on her Knees and elbows with her perfect ass in the air and facing the camera and she did and I licked her ass a couple times and eased in behind her and dropped my boxers and asked if she was ready and she said she was but to go easy at first because my dad was the only one that had ever been in there and I knew he was only about 5 inches which was ½ my size so I eased in a little at first and then about ½ way and asked if she was ok and she said that was a lot tighter than dad but was easier than she thought and I told her I was only half way home and she squealed OH MY GOD ! I noticed my friends were in the room now and I couldn’t believe that they had brought their mothers too when I saw that I drove my full 10 inches home she squealed again and said god that hurt and I asked her if she want to quit and she said no fuck me with all you got and I started to give it to her pretty good and she said harder do it harder so I began to hammer her real hard and she said oh god that’s good how long can you last and I told her maybe 5 minutes and she said oh my god your dad would be done and asleep by now I had last about 5 minutes when I felt a tongue on my balls and I said I’m about to cum and she said you better pull out I’m not on birth control but I held her tight as I unloaded a full load into that perfect pussy then pulled out and rolled over beside her and pulled her to me and gave her a passionate kiss and told her I loved her so said I’ll give you a blow job now but I can’t get that all down and Mikes mother spoke up and said if you can’t I will do it for you and Kay about jumped through the ceiling since she had no idea they were there. Then she turned to see the room was full and started laughing and ask if the enjoyed the show and they all applauded then Mike ask Kay if he could fuck her and she said if it was his turn he could but John’s mother said to let her clean Kay up first and dove into that perfect pussy head first and licked her clean while Mike’s mom gave me a blow job and then licked me clean I realized that we had never had all 4 of the mothers together at one time since it was usually one of the at a time man this was a dream come true my first orgy instead of our weekly mother gang bang by the time we were done everyone had fucked Kay and all the others too and Mike’s mother had taught Kay how to deep throat me. We had barely finished and cleaned up when Dad came home and asked how my birthday and a I told him it was by far the best day I had ever had and he said it was about to get better and I thought that isn’t possible unless he brought his secretary home for me to play with and he reached in his pocket and threw me a set of keys to a new 4X4 4 door Pickup so I could haul my friends around, I gave him a hug and he said go take it for a ride and I asked Kay if she wanted to go but dad said go take your frie
s for a ride and Kay said we will go for a long ride tomorrow. I ran out and jumped in and pulled out and a woman’s voice said where are we going, I almost ran into a light pole, I said who are you and she said I am the other part of your birthday present and said pull into the Holiday Inn up there and the last door on the left so I did and when we got in the room in a second she was naked and tearing at my clothes I asked her how big her boobs were and she said 40DD and I asked her why the hurry and she said her boyfriend would be mad if she was very late because they were getting married next week, My asshole dad had brought me his whore secretary but I soon figured out why he couldn’t leave her alone she could take my full length easily then I fucked her and she sucked me up again and asked if I would like to fuck her ass and I did and then she sucked me dry again and dressed and left. I knew one thing she wasn’t a virgin a few weeks ago like she told him, I showered and went home and dad said Kay wants to give you a gift too if you want it and I said I couldn’t think of anything she would want to give me that I wouldn’t want and dad said let her tell you what it is first then decide, I said ok and she said I love you very much and if you want I would spend the night in your bed, I know I must have turned pale because she looked at dad and said this was a bad idea and I looked at dad and asked if it was ok with him and he said it was if I wanted and I said I would love too because she is incredible and Kay got up and said she would go put something sexy on and be waiting for me. I again asked dad if it was ok and he said yes and feel free to fuck her any time you want and I said that might be every day and he said that would be fine with him and she could sleep in my room all the time if she wanted because he didn’t love her anymore but didn’t want to give her half of all he had, and to just keep it in the house and I said ok, and I was off to play with my new plaything!

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