Sharing the Preachers wife with friends

I had been having sex with Becky for quite a while and fathered a baby which lead to us getting caught since her husband had a vasectomy, one day I was screwing Becky and her best friend Tonya when both their husbands walked in on us, I had also fathered a baby of Tonya’s I figured I was dead but they both had been watching us for a while and were enjoying the view and said they had known for a while and to come back anytime. A couple weeks later I got a visit from Becky’s hubby and he said that he didn’t like having sex but he got so turned on by watching me having sex with her that he wanted to watch again and was thinking it would be even better with two men doing her at the same time and asked if I was interested and of coarse I told him yes because Becky has one of the hottest bodies I had ever had and enjoyed sex as much as I do but I didn’t think she would go for it but he asked if I knew someone that would be willing and would I try, I told him with her 5ft 6 frame and 38DD boobs and being beautiful I didn’t know anyone that wouldn’t be interested in having sex with her including most women and he said he had also dreamed of a black man fucking her. I told him to give me a couple days so set something up and I worked everything out and called and invited them to a pool party the next Saturday and told them to come about an hour before I had told the other couple and when they arrived Becky had on a one piece suit that showed off her beautiful body very well it was low cut open sided with a bottom like a thong, I was already having trouble hiding my excitement even though I had screwed her many times, I gave them both a beer I gave him a non alcoholic beer and by the time the others arrived Becky had downed two and about half of her third and was starting to loosen up and asked where everyone else was and I told her everyone backed out except one other couple and she said that would leave more for her which was so true of coarse she meant beer but I knew better. After the others came I said lets take a dip so we all went in and took a swim and when we came out Larry told Becky she sure had a hot body, she thanked him and I said Mary did too and she thanked me then said she wished her boobs were as huge as Becky’s were but Becky said as near as she could see there wasn’t much difference and quickly Mary took her bikini top off since she was in on the plan and they were nearly as large probably 36D and Becky said she wished hers didn’t sag as much as they did but Mary said she bet they didn’t sag very much and could she see them and with that Becky pulled her straps down over her shoulders and turned those beautiful mounds loose. Mary asked Becky if she could play with them and Becky looked at Jim and he said it was ok if she wanted so Becky said ok and as she moved toward Becky she peeled her bottoms off and started to work on those 38DDs and in a few seconds she peeled Becky’s suit to the floor and there before us was two beautiful ladies and then Mary turned her attention to Becky’s pussy, so then I got a beach towel and laid down and Becky laid down while Mary continued to work on Becky but Mary’s great ass was pointed up right at me so I asked Larry if I could play and he smiled and said to help myself so I dropped my trunks and got on my knees behind Mary and eased in and as I did she said oh god that’s huge, I figured she was kidding since I figured Larry was bigger than I was but just then Larry dropped his trunks to reveal he was only packing about 7 inches compared to my 10 then he eased over and got down and eased his manhood toward Becky’s beautiful mouth and she quickly said no she couldn’t but Jim spoke up and said go ahead babe if you want and in a heartbeat she was giving one of her super blow jobs, I knew then we were in but that sight was enough to cause me to explode in Mary so I got up and told Jim it was his turn if he wanted and he said no and Mary turned and asked him why he didn’t like her and he said she was wonderful but he couldn’t and Becky told him to not be a party pooper and to fuck the girl and he just stood there watching so Mary pulled his trunks down and started giving him a blow job and about that time Larry filled Becky’s lovely mouth with his cum and I told Becky to roll over and get her beautiful ass in the air and she did and I mounted her and pounded away she was cooing and her DD s were swinging away as I pounded away I looked and Jim was finally fucking Mary missionary style which was the only way he even fucked Becky and after Becky had her third orgasm I filled her lovely pussy and before I hardly moved out of the way Larry was mounted and pounding away and about that time my doorbell rang and it was my neighbor and he asked why they weren’t invited since they always were so I took him to the side away from his wife and told him what was going on and he smiled and asked why weren’t included and I told him as straight as Jill his wife was I figured she would spoil the party so he asked her if she could mind her business if they went out back to the party and had a beer and a swim and she said of coarse she could so away we went to the pool with Jill leading the way and when she went out the door to the pool she said my god its an orgy and I asked her if she wanted to leave and she ask where the beer was so I got her one and watched as she was fixed on Larry pounding away at Becky and she pulled Terry down to her and said I think that’s the preachers wife, Terry said I think so because over there is the preacher fucking that black girl. Terry said in a low voice that he thought Jill wouldn’t hear boy would I give anything to fuck Becky because he had lusted after her since the first time the church had a pool party for the kids and he saw her in a bikini but Jill heard him and said if that’s what you want go fuck the slut and just then Larry pulled out and shot his load all over her back and before Becky moved Terry dropped his trunks and mounted Becky and was pounding like a wild man but Becky was in heaven I looked at Jill and her hand was poked thru the leg hole in her swim suit and she was rubbing herself faster and faster so I eased over and slowed Terry down and asked him if it was ok if I fucked Jill and he said she won’t let you but I don’t care as long as you don’t hurt her so I went over behind Jill and kissed her neck and she jumped but settled back then I reached and started fondling her perky probably 34B tit’s she shoved my hands away and said no stop it so I reached down and slid my hand in the other leg hole of her suit and started rubbing her with her own hand and she pulled her hand out and I continued with my hand and then put two fingers in her and was finger fucking her and she looked up at me with tears running down her cheeks and said fuck me John I need fucked and it seems Terry is busy so she removed her suit and got on her hands and knees and slowly started to ease in and she was squirming and saying your to big your to big so I made one hard thrust and was in, I had to hold her up so I asked her if she wanted me to stop and ahe said no it felt good nowthat I was in so I started slow at first and she was moaning and said harder do me harder so I started pounding away, man she was tight but she was moving back to meet my every thrust I looked and everyone else was done and watching me fuck little miss straight lace which was all I could stand and just as I was ready to empty my load she started to shake and had a wild orgasm and so did I but before I hardly got up Larry was pounding away at Jill and Terry was getting one of Becky’s super blow jobs after I regained myself I sat down to watch the show then after Larry finished Jill she came wobbling over and set down beside me and I asked her if she was ok and she said never better this was the best time of her life so I asked her if she would give me a blow job, she smiled and said I’m wore out could you wait till tomorrow and I said I could but I thought Terry had to work and she winked and said he does but I don’t. Boy oh boy I think I have a new play thing next door. As they were lea
ng when Larry went to start the car Mary whispered and ask if she could come over tomorrow for a visit, I asked her if Larry was off and she said no he had to work so I told her it was ok then as Becky was leaving she smiled and said to me get plenty of rest because Jill, Mary and I and maybe Tonya are going to gang bang you tomorrow. Now how can I sleep thinking of my day tomorrow two at a time has always been my limit.

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