So thats what DP stands for

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Had at least two messages here,recommendations concerning “DP”, had no idea what that meant till about an hour ago. I’ll skip the intro for regular followers, all others can catch up by reading past posts.

So my ex son in law stops by as scheduled, thank god, as I was getting so worked up I was going to die. Funny how I was able to do without for over 15 years but once I actually experienced good sex for the first time in my life I can now barely go without for a week.

Anyway, a little while ago he had given me a dildo as a gift to get me through those 6 days and I did try it but it does nothing for me. I need the real thing! Anyway, he comes in and we pretty much get right to it as we never seem to have enough time. I dress for the event, tee shirt and skirt with nothing else, saves time. Quick kiss then he lays me right on the floor in front of the door and raises my skirt. He starts licking my pussy while fingering my ass. Then he just stops and looks at me and says go get that dildo.

I said ok even though I didn’t see the need. I returned and he takes me by the hand this time to my husbands room. Says it’s about time this bed gets used properly and that he wonders if he’ll recognize the scent of his wife in it. He then undressed and sat on the bed, my que to start blowing him. He then got on the bed and instructed me to continue. Quickly he spun around and we began doing 69. Then he lubed up and started sliding the vibrator in my pussy. It’s huge so he went slowly at first but it didn’t take long before he had it in all the way. It felt amazing. Did nothing when I did to myself so I guess it’s just him! Anyway, he pulled out of my mouth and approached me from behind. Propped me up and just kept working me with the dildo, slowly, felt amazing. Then he grabbed my right hand and brought it to the dildo for me to do myself. Instantly I knew what was about to happen. Sure enough he reached over me and grabbed the lube. Next thing I now the head of his cocks teasing my butthole. Then he starts in, slowly at first but then faster. I was sliding the dildo in my pussy fast as I could and his cock was ripping my ass apart, I came harder than I ever thought possible. He continued pounding me up the ass. I felt myself leaking shit down my leg, all over my husbands bed! Finally he exploded in my ass. He continued in my ass till he went limp.

I was a bit embarassed by shitting myself but he said it wasn’t much and actually was a turn on, that he literally “fucked the shit out of me”. Guess that’s what that expression means! DP is amazing. I can only imagine what it would be with two real cocks! When did I become such a complete WHORE? Which I love by the way! Anyway, I have some sheets to wash!

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  1. scar023

    Another amazing story!!!!!

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