Swinging with the wife and dwarf

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My wife and I had been married for 12 years, living in Oklahoma City. My wife even after 2 children was a nice looking woman, however very sexually reserved.

As for me, I have always said I would fuck a snake if someone would help me hold it. After several months of talking, and yes some begging about swinging she agreed finally agreed to go to a private pre interview with a local swinging group.

We did not know what to expect when we arrive at the office building for our interview, but were met by a nice looking man who told us that all prospective members go through a screening before they are allowed to attend any swinging parties. We filled out a questionnaire and were asked a lot of personal questions in order to find out how serious were we about swinging. The meeting lasted over an hour and we were invited to what he called a pre swinging mixer.

He told us that we would each wear a color coded name tag indicating we were nubees and then went on to explain the color coding system. He also told us that there would be no swinging there, just a meet and greet with other couples with similar interests.

As we drove through the seemingly lower income neighborhood my wife began to have reservations about going through with the mixer. We parked and almost in tears as I almost dragged her to the front door. The house was small and had sheets covering the front windows and now the wife was pulling at my hand wanting to go back to the car as my finger pushed the doorbell.

The door was quickly opened, and much to our surprise and shock we were greeted by an honest to goodness dwarf, and yes he had a small hump on his shoulder. Before my wife could make a break for it I pulled her into the house. On the TV in the living room was hard core porno playing.

Then we saw other couples laughing and drinking all dressed nicely and there was nothing sexual going on except the porno on the TV. We went into the kitchen where drinks and introduced around. There were at least 6 other couples all about our age and for the most part average to good looking. The wife was now settling down since everyone seemed so n ice and friendly. We got split up and we moved separately among the group. If was a fun group and a fun party so far.

After about an hour I realized my wife was nowhere to be seen so I searched the small house and found her in the bedroom being fucked by one man while another waited in line. She was having a blast so I went looking myself.

However I found that most of the other women were with women while the men were either watching her or waiting to fuck my wife.

In the mean time, the dwarf host was walking all around caring around a silver tray with all sorts of sex aids, asking the guests if they would like to try one.

In the darkened bed room I finally latched onto this cute really small blond who took me to the floor between the twin beds (where other women were having sex) and as I started to put my cock in her she moaned “MMMMMMMMMMMMMM” and of course being rather new and thinking I was hurting her since she was so small, I said what, and she said “MMMMMMMMMMM” again. I then realized she was a mute and the dwarf’s wife. I did not know how to communicate with her and I thought I was hurting her and lost my erection, just like that.

No matter what I did, I could not get hard. Now feeling like a complete failure in the fantasy that I was trying hard to live, I went to the living room and watched porno with some other looser that could not get it hard either.

I guess I sat there for over an hour while the other men kept drifting into the bedroom where my wife was happily fucking them all. Now I have to admit that by this time I was extremely mad at my (who knew) slut wife. Here this was my fantasy and she was getting her brains fucked out.

She finally came out of the bed room and found me sitting there waiting, thinking that I had also been fucking everything in sight. As we were leaving and thanking our host, the dwarf and his mute wife, my wife looked at me and said this was fun, can we do it again. And I thought to myself “you fucking whore, we are never going to pre swinging mixer again”.

Now you may think this is just a fun story, but every word of it is true and actually happened. Tho we never did attend another mixer, we did find several couples from that first mixer to swing with and no, we never saw the dwarf or his wife again.

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