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One morning after a great night sleep we woke up in good cheery mood, looked up at one another and kissed each other good morning. After a little morning smooching we got ready and went off to school on a ruff bus ride so ruff that it was making her excited as the bumps were making her clit rub up against the seat witch she enjoyed, I can tell because she was kind of rubbing up against me with her shoulder. Arriving at school we did the usual, get coffee and then go socialize for a bit before class started. After the little social gathering we decide to go the long way and take the stairs.

In the journey back to class Jasta ended up bumping into this really huge guy, as they hit each others shoulders Jasta fell right onto her ass. She was wearing a tiny little skirt that lifted in the fall, wearing a sexy red thong the guy couldn’t keep his eyes off of her pirky tight ass. He lifted her up, dazed and staring up deep into his piercing blue eyes, looked at her and said I am so sorry are you ok? She replied yes, yes I am ok I am sorry as well. Don’t worry about it the man says slidding his hand across her back in a flirty way. Its all good but I must go now have a nice day! You as well she replied. We then stayed there for a few minutes so she can catch her breath. Moving along slowly towards our class she tells me that she found him really cute and that it was exciting that he slid his hand down her back like that and then she asked me who was that? I had no idea who it was but we’ll soon find out. Getting towards our class I let Jasta in first and noticed she was stunned and in a dazzling state of mind. Looks back at me and says hey he’s our new teacher, I could see it in her eyes that this was exciting her very much. She stared at him a lot starring into his piercing blue’s. 30 minutes or so into our class Jasta gets up for help from her teacher surprising me because usually she always asked me for the help as I was a few chapters ahead of her but not this time. The first chance she had to go up to see him she did, she must of when up at least 6 or 7 times before I started noticing that she was up there flirting with him and that they had there elbows touching each others bodies while talking and giggling about the work. The noon hour was fast approaching and the teacher was packing up for the day, pausing for a minute he asked us both to see him outside in the hall, so we go talk with him and he says to us that he felt bad about earlier, bumping into Jasta and that he wanted to have us as his guest for lunch at the fountain blue. We look at one another and said sure but it isn’t necessary, he insisted and we agreed to meet him there.

Jasta, just before getting to the restaurant says she wanted to go freshen up, so I stood there for about 10 minutes wondering when she would be finished, then all of a sudden she steps out looking different I said wow! You look so hot. Tits pirked out, sexy red lips and she put on her sexy knee highs that I loved. We then walked in an met up with him for lunch. It was great we all ate like kings and had lots of wine and Champaign and got a little drunk but not to bad so that people would notice, he then asks us if we would join him in his office for a few more drinks and we agreed not thinking that it’s because he was into her, on the way up Jasta was walking closer to him then I and she had her hand up around his waist flirting with him telling him that she was always attracted to really tall men and this guy was at least 6 foot 5 inches tall. He was flirting back telling her that she looked great and how he admired her long beautiful hair and firm ass. So we get too his office on the 5th floor and it was beautiful it had a huge desk and even a bar with those chairs you could even lie on facing the fountains outside. He gets us a drink and sits in front of her. She had her legs in a crossed position showing the side of her leg and part of her ass witch he could not get his eyes off of. He looks at me and says ” don’t you mind that I am flirting with your wife” I told him no, that we are in an open relationship and that its ok for her to do that. Exhilarated he puts his hand on the top of her leg and asks her if she should like to kiss him, yes she says with a soft and subtle voice I would love to.

So they begin kissing and soon after I see his hand raising up her skirt grappling her sexy ass with his huge hands lifting up the skirt I can start to see that her nipples are erecting more and more as there tongues curl around each others mouths making smacking sounds. This went on for a while and then he stops to look at me to asked if we could have a threesome and before he could even finish his words Jasta replies yes so fast that I had no choice but to agree. So I got closer and Jasta drops to her knees and begins rubbing our manhoods when all of a sudden her jaw drops as she felt his cock growing inside of his pants she just couldn’t wait to see it so she un buttons him and pulls his pants down, paused for a second with this wow surprised look like he is bigger than me so I had to look too and it was massive. It must have been at least 12 inches long and 4 times as thick as mine. I even said wow thinking how will that fit into her pussy. She then grabs his cock, making her hand look like a tiny little hand she begins to jerk him off to get him fully erect. She takes a deep breath and tries to suck it. She opened her mouth hearing a little cracking sound as if it dislocated her jaw to fit his enormous cock into her mouth.
She got it as far as she can (almost the whole thing) she is the best at deepthroating, she begins moving her head up and down sucking as hard as she could to impress us men watching her beautiful body in motion. While doing his cock she was rubbing and squizing mine pulling me towards her back so I can get her pussy ready to fuck so I got on my knees and began eating her dripping excited pussy, she was squirming around with excitement gagging on him, she stops to look at me and says your turn buddy. So I got in front of her as she lied on her back legs wide open for the teacher with her head upside down waiting for me to fuck her throat and for him to put his big cock inside of her. She lifted her head to watch him penetrate her tight pussy and as he tries to enter her he was just way to big. So she lies her head back. she puts a few of her fingers inside of herself to moisten up for him so it wouldn’t hurt and then he tried again and again and just no luck. So getting frustrated she licks her entire hand and begins to fist herself hoping that it would help to allow him to penetrate her pussy with his enormous cock.

After almost cumming in the process she looks up at him with a smile and says now fuck me, just ram me, so all excited and hard as a rock he gets in front of her puts his hand on her hips witch made her look petite because of the size of his hand and begins to slowly penetrate Jasta’s pussy. She Screams “holy fuck your huge”, he then lets go of her hips and grabs onto her feet and begins licking and sucking her toes as he’s fucking her as hard as she would let him, he then lets one of her feet go to get his hand on her big tits that were bouncing vigorously up and down. He then leans over to begin sucking her big erect nipples, as she loves to have her tits kissed and sucked a lot, I slowly pull away from her to start kissing her mouth but he was fucking her so hard that our mouths couldn’t connect so I just put my hands one her tits moving and squizzing them around until it was my turn to get her, after about 10 minutes or so he started showing signs of cumming so she tells him to get in the position that I was to start fucking her throat and for me to get over there to fuck her. Noticing how Intensely aroused she was I knew that she would have wanted my cock inside of her ass so I put my fingers inside of her dripping wet pussy to moisten them and to make her juices wet her tight ass. After this I start fucking her ass and instantly her right hand starts rubbing her clit as he is fucking her throat and rubbing her tits not long after were all about to burst out and cum, so like a chain Jasta just squirts her cum all over me, I am drenched and so excited by it that I blew my load of hot cum inside of her ass and simultaneously with his big cock deep in her throat he cums inside of her mouth and the load was so big that it began to leak on the side of her face as she couldn’t swallow it fast enough she then got up and said to him I want to fuck you again…

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