The Sweet Summer in Copenhagen

The Sweet Summer in Copenhagen
Chapter 1
Rasa was walking along the Strøget street in Copenhagen when she bumped into her old flat mate (whom she used to have a relationship with). They catch up with the good old times. Stefano raised his hands to touch her face. Rasa could feel her heart beating fast.
Just then her phone rang, Alessandro, her husband was calling her. “Hi baby, where are you? Are you on your way home? I just arrived and find you not home”.
“Yes darling I went out to get some food stuff. I’m on my way home. Would you like me to get you anything?” Rasa replied.
Alessandro answered cheekily, “Yes baby, a man for us to make love with tonight.”
Rasa smiled and just replied, “I won’t be long.” She said good bye and hung up the phone.
Rasa turned to Stefano, “would you like to come over to my house for dinner? I would really love for you to meet my husband, Alessandro, he’s a wonderful man.”
Stefano couldn’t resist so he agreed to go with her seeing that he has nothing to do that Friday night.
Chapter 2
Stefano drove and followed Rasa’s car to her house. Just as she got out of her car, Alessandro opened the front door. He turned and looked at his wife, Rasa just gave Alessandro a cheeky smile. He read her mind.
Rasa introduced Stefano to her husband and Stefano to her husband. She told Alessandro briefly who Stefano was and she excused herself and went into the kitchen. She left the two men talking in the hall.
She prepares some drink and took the drinks to the guys. They were discussing about the recent football match in the European League. She sat down the glasses and headed back to the kitchen.
While Rasa was in the kitchen, Alessandro asked Stefano further about his life. He found out that Stefano used to live with Rasa and things didn’t work out between them but they remain as friends. Alessandro probe further and found out that Stefano is currently married an Armenian-Russian model who is away in France.
They were also talking about their hobbies and discovered that they both like horseback riding.
One thing lead to another, and along the conversation, Stefano recalled how he and Rasa encountered a couple at a swinger’s club. He started asking Alessandro if he ever took Rasa to a swinger’s club before.
To Stefano’s surprise, Alessandro told Stefano that he took her to one about half a year ago.
Alessandro told Stefano that he was introduced to the club by a close friend.
Alessandro also told Stefano that Rasa would not allow a stranger to take her and also kiss her. Alessandro confided that he doesn’t mind as he would like to see another man having her, together with him. Alessandro could see that Stefano’s face lit up.
Alessandro then asked Stefano if he would be interested in such an arrangement. Stefano without hesitation, “I don’t mind if you don’t and also if Rasa doesn’t mind. When are you planning on doing this? I think I will take on your offer anytime even if my wife is around. She doesn’t like sex and I had to masturbate by myself while thinking about Rasa, She’s the only girl I ever had who is sexually active. Sorry, didn’t mean for you to find out that another man fantasies your wife. ” Stefano winked at Alessandro who nodded his head and smiled cheekily.
Chapter 3
After talking for several minutes, Alessandro suddenly remembered that he and Rasa will be going to their vineyards the next day to spend a week of their summer together. Alessandro invited Stefano to join them if he has nothing to do for that week.
Stefano agreed to join them seeing his wife is out of town and he didn’t plan anything for the summer.
Alessandro asked Stefano to come by the house tomorrow and they can go in one car.
Both men continued to talk about their other hobbies.
Suddenly Alessandro had an idea, “Stefano why don’t you go back now and pack your bags. You can sleep over tonight since you have nothing else planned. Dinner will not be served in another hour or so. How about it?”
Stefano agreed and excused himself and told Alessandro that he will be right back. He went to tell Rasa that he’s going out and will be back for dinner.
Alessandro came into the kitchen to look for his wife. “Baby, Stefano agreed to come along to the vineyards with us tomorrow. This is the best give you had ever given me.”
“I’m glad you like it. What have you guys been talking about out there?” Rasa replied cheekily.
Alessandro told her that they found out that they have quite a bit in common and Stefano has agreed to have threesome with them.
Alessandro walked closer to Rasa and kissed her neck. He reached for her breasts and she turned around. She kissed him back. She turned back to grabbed the chicken and put it in the oven.
After turning the knob of the oven, Rasa turned and looked lovingly at Alessandro. She tiptoed and started kissing her husband hungrily.
She could feel herself burning inside as Alessandro undid her blouse as she removed his trousers.
Alessandro continued undressing Rasa. He carried her to the kitchen island and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He penetrates her in this position. He was looking at Rasa caressing her own breasts.
As Alessandro was so hard from thinking about what he planned on doing afterwards he came in under 10 minutes. He was inside her and she was smiling at him. He leaned down to kiss her wet pussy.
He helped her down and they went upstairs to have a quick shower.
Chapter 4
Stefano drove back to his house not far from Scandic Hotel thinking about Rasa. He regretted letting her go.
Just thinking about her made him hot and hard. He remembered how she would walk in front of him while he was busy watching TV, she would only be wearing nothing but robe. She would just sit next to him with her legs crossed under her.
He can’t help looking at her exposed thighs and pubic area. When he looked up, he could see her breasts (slightly exposed) heaving up and down as she breathes.
Usually after a couple of minutes he would not be able to contained himself and peeled off her robe to revealed her delicious succulent nipples. They will make love on the sofa and ended up in front of the TV.
He smiled at those thoughts as reached his house. He ran inside quickly and grabbed some clothes for the weekend and dashed into the bathroom for a shower.
He thought about how Rasa and he used to shower together. He was masturbating as his thoughts went back to Rasa gliding her soapy wet body against his naked body. They would turned off the shower the massaged each other’s body. They would be on the floor making out or he would be carrying her with him inside her.
Sometimes he will take her from behind while he grabbed her breast. She would be moaning and begging him to give her hard.
Some weekends they will just lay in each other’s arms in the long bath.
He was now hard and calling out her name. He continued to masturbate until he came in his own hands. He looked down and wished that Rasa was in front of him now so that he could spread his semen all over her. She has always liked to have his semen all over her body and after massaging it into her body, they will lather soap on each other and continue to shower.
He came out of the shower and got dressed.
He drove back to their house with anticipation. He could feel it in his groin that it will be a great night of sex.
He secretly thanked his lucky star that Alessandro was such a cool guy to let someone else touches his wife. Alessandro was cool with him even though Stefano and Rasa had a past.
He knew that he will always be invited over for this sexual rendezvous. He doesn’t mind now that his wife doesn’t want to make out with him, he can always have it with Alessandro and Rasa as Alessandro had told him that he’s most welcome to join them anytime.
Chapter 5
Alessandro came out of their room and went downstairs when the doorbell rang. He opened the door and Stefano was standing there.
Alessandro showed Stefano to his room. It was near the pool.
After dashing upstairs for a quick shower, she slipped on a white wrap around dress which was revealing, over her body when she walked out of her room. She checked herself out on the mirror and caught a glimpse of herself. She was all flushed with anticipation.
Rasa came into the kitchen and brought out the chicken from the oven and set the table.
She called out to the guys to join her for dinner.
As the 2 men came to join her, Alessandro let out a whistle, “baby, you look sexy!” Stefano too agreed.
Stefano kept glancing at her as his mind ran through his thoughts of them together. It was like his thoughts of her in front of the TV just about an hour ago. He knew what’s coming up next. He was almost bursting. He could feel the hardness in his groin.
Half an hour later, and some light chit chat among the three of them, Rasa excused her self and headed to the kitchen to get some wine.
The guys took their wine goblets to the poolside. Rasa washed all the dirty dishes and cleaned the table.
Chapter 6
After doing the chores, Rasa took her wine and joined the men.
She sat down next to Alessandro and walked past Stefano. As she walked past, Stefano realised that Rasa wasn’t wearing any panty or bra. Alessandro looked over at Stefano and knew that Stefano was eyeing Rasa. He could see that he has a hard on just like himself.
Alessandro laid his hand on her lap and purposely slipped his hand off her lap and exposed her fair thighs. Stefano was watching Alessandro’s every move.
Rasa just sat there and looked out over the pool.
The cool breeze hardens her nipples and they were visible through her thin and revealing dress.
Alessandro told Rasa to sit on his lap. She obeyed; she sat the glass down and walked over to her husband. She sat on his lap just as he puts the wine glass down. He laid his hands on her thighs and moved up towards her clitoris. She leaned down and kisses him.
He gently pushed her legs apart so that he could finger her hot and slightly wet pussy. Just as Alessandro reached up to her clitoris she stopped kissing him and turned to look at Stefano staring at her.
Stefano sat and watched the couple. He couldn’t take his eyes off her now fully exposed naked thighs. He caught a glimpse of her pubic just as Alessandro’s hand spread her thighs apart. Alessandro was looking at Stefano eyeing his wife’s thighs.
Just looking at her thighs makes him harder. He used to had her day and night when they were a couple. They were doing it every where in their small apartment.
They broke up because he wasn’t ready to settle down and he was posted to another country for 5 years. She couldn’t wait for him and both decided to remain as friends.
Alessandro moved his fingers up to her breast and massages them. Rasa was moaning with every touch. They both stood up and Alessandro scoop Rasa into his arms and walked towards the pool. He whispered into her ears that he is dropping her into the pool with her clothes.
Splashed! Alessandro dropped Rasa into the pool. She stood up and her thin white dress stuck to her body and revealed her naked body.
She walked up the steps to meet her husband who was waiting with a towel. She came up to him and he reached over to untie the knots that held the dress over her body.
She was licking her lips and looking directly at Stefano. Her breasts now fully exposed. Alessandro motioned to Stefano to come over.
Stefano set down his glass at the side and walked towards the couple.
Chapter 7
Alessandro pulls Rasa closer to him. They started walking towards the pavilion. Stefano followed them from behind. Rasa was still holding Alessandro’s hand and she was completely naked.
Stefano moved nearer to her and took her other hand.
Stefano squeezed her hand and she squeezed his hand and brought it to her breast. Stefano could feel her cool soft breast at the back of his palm.
The three of them reached the pavilion. Stefano noticed that a table cloth was placed on the table and Alessandro quickly grabbed some throw pillows from the bench and place them on the table.
Alessandro helped Rasa onto the table. Rasa sat facing Alessandro. She spread her legs apart and Alessandro started kissing her. She was taking off Alessandro’s shirt. She reached down and helped him out of his pants.
Stefano was getting harder and couldn’t wait anymore. Stefano got up and moved closer to Rasa. He took her right breast and squeezing it gently. Rasa moaned. Alessandro stepped aside so Stefano could feel more of Rasa. Rasa helped Stefano with his clothes and pants.
Soon both men were naked and breathing heavily. Alessandro said, “Baby, why don’t you let us both pamper you?” Stefano urged Rasa to lie on her back and enjoy the attention.
Rasa lay down and Alessandro went straight to her breasts, while Stefano got down to her clitoris. She moaned as Alessandro sucked her nipples. Stefano was thrusting his tongue in and out of her wet pussy. She smelled good and he just wants to have a taste of what he had been missing.
Stefano recalls how she liked to be pampered. She can come several times with just his tongue in her pussy. So he did what he knew would made her come over and over again.
Alessandro was busy sucking and biting her hard nipples. Alessandro looked up and saw that his wife loved every minute of it. She begged them to take her but they refused. They wanted to make her begged for more.
She came and Stefano could feel her orgasm in his mouth.
As the pavilion was a bit too tight to move around, Stefano suggested that they proceed to the open grass. Alessandro helped Rasa down from the table. Stefano grabbed the pillow while Rasa and Alessandro spread the table cloth on the grass.
Rasa lay down and Alessandro took over her clitoris. He started stimulating her dry vagina while Stefano massaged her breast. All she could do was moaned and begged.
Several minutes later her vagina was wet again. Without hesitation, Alessandro climbed on top of her and started to penetrate her. Stefano moved closer and Rasa took Stefano’s penis into her mouth and started sucking on it. Stefano was moaning too.
Rasa knew just how much Stefano loves his dick such from that position. Stefano was dipping his penis into her mouth as if he was penetrating her vagina.
Alessandro and Stefano switched position. Stefano moved to her clitoris and started penetrating her. He thrust her deeply. He secretly missed penetrating her forcefully. And now making out with her and her husband, makes him wants her even more.
He was about to come and Alessandro indicated too that he’s about to come. They both switched and Alessandro came inside her, while Stefano came on her breasts.
She took Stefano’s penis and sucks the last bit of cum. Alessandro finished his last bit of his cum over her breasts. Rasa sucks hard on Alessandro’s penis. Stefano lies next to her and turn to look at her, one hand massaging their semen into her skin. Alessandro too lies on his side and massage their semen into her skin.
They were quite exhausted after this session. The 3 of them lie on their back and looked up at the sky. A couple of minutes later, Alessandro were sound asleep.
Chapter 8
Rasa got up to wash off the dried semen from her body. Stefano followed her into the house.
She didn’t realise that Stefano was right behind her.
Stefano walked up behind her and hugged her. Rasa could feel Stefano’s breathe on her neck. She could also feel his hardness on her lower back. Stefano turned her around to face him and took her hands. He walked towards his room.
Rasa hesitated and she stood for several seconds. Stefano tugged at her hand to follow him, and finally she followed Stefano to his room.
He went to the bed and patted the space next to him and invited her over.
She stood at the doorway and looked at Stefano.
She walked slowly to him and got on the bed. They started kissing and she got on top of him.
She lean down and bit and suck on his nipple as he lie on his back. He moaned. He got up and took her from behind. He thrust her deeply. She was begging him to thrust her deeper.
Stefano thought to himself “Gosh, how I missed making love to her”. She is now so much better and more passionate in making love.
He turned her slowly while he was still inside her. He took her on missionary position. He thrust her slowly and deeply, of which she moaned even louder.
She was so wet and hot and several minutes later he pulled out just as he climaxed.
He collapsed next to her after coming on her body. He hand her some tissue papers to clean off the semen.
Rasa wanted more as she hasn’t climaxed yet. She lie on her back and started caressing herself.
Stefano sat up and watched her. He had always liked watching her masturbating herself. She did it so well that when she came, it gave her a glow.
They cuddled each other and several minutes later, she got up to wash herself.
Stefano joined her in the bathroom. Just like previous times they had a wet and soapy quickie in the shower.
After showering, wrapped in bath towel, she walked out to get her husband. She picked her dress by the pool and picked the guy’s clothes from the pavilion. She walked towards where her husband was sleeping.
Chapter 9
Alessandro was still asleep on the grass and it was getting dark and chilly. She dropped all the clothes on ground and took off her towel to cover herself and her husband. She climbed on top of him. Her hard nipples touched his skin while she kisses him.
He looked up at her and reached down to her buttocks. He pulled her up to position her on his hard penis.
Stefano was looking at them from his room’s window. He could feel his groin hot and longing for Rasa. He was glad he had her to himself a moment ago. He knew that he will be having more of her in the vineyard tomorrow. He slightly wished that they sent their staff off just like in this house.
Rasa whispered, “Darling, lets go up to bed.” He got up without another thought. They walked into the house.
She turned on the water in the tub while he threw his bathrobe over himself and went out to lock all the doors.
When he got into the room, Rasa walked over to Alessandro. “Darling, I just made out with Stefano. I was walking into the house when he came behind me and took my hands. He took me to his room and invited me to get into the bed with him. I’m sorry I just don’t know what came over me and I had sex with him.”
Alessandro leaned over and took her chin. “Baby, I wanted you to have sex with him. In fact having him here makes me want to have you even more.”
He leaned over and kissed her passionately. They proceed to the long bath together.
Alessandro turned off the tap and asked if Rasa would like to join him in the tub. Instead of lying in the bath together, Rasa whispered into Alessandro’s ear, “Take me as if you would take a horse.” Alessandro understood what she meant. He couldn’t wait to tear into her. She turned on all four and started pounding her in the tub.
They finally came together in the tub. As the water is getting cooler, they got up and rinse off. After drying each other, they walked to their bed hand in hand.
After taking off the bathrobe, they lie naked next to each other and fell asleep.
Chapter 10
Around 3am, Alessandro work up feeling hungry and decided to go down into the kitchen to look for food.
When he got there, Stefano was already at the counter eating some leftovers pork. Stefano offered to share the pork with Alessandro. Alessandro pulled a chair next to him and took the pork from him.
Alessandro was in his bathrobe and Stefano too was in his robe. They talked a bit and Stefano apologised for taking Rasa as he couldn’t control his desire for her.
Alessandro reassured Stefano that he wanted them both to had fun.
Stefano asked Alessandro, “Have you ever had a guy before?”
Alessandro replied him, “I did try it out once but that was my first time. Rasa and I were at the swinger’s club this one time. It was her first time in a swinger’s club; there were another couple with us. Since it was my first time having sex with another couple it was exciting and one thing led to another, the guy and I had sex. It was weird to have a guy touching my penis but he sure knows how to touch me. Soon he was inside my anus and I tried it inside him. Rasa was swooned with passion. We ended up doing it right next to the couple. That was the most exciting session of my life.”
“What about you then, Stefano?” Alessandro asked.
Stefano started relating his experience to Alessandro. “I wanted sex but as you know my wife just laid there and I had to do the work myself. So after doing it with her, I got up and went home. On my way home, I bumped into a gay friend of mine. He was with his lover. They asked me where I was heading to, told them I was going back. Jimmy asked if I would like to join them for some drinks. So I followed them into a bar. I didn’t realise that it was a gay bar. After several bottles of drinks and I were sort of drunk, I followed them home. Not realising what I got myself into, the moment they stepped into the doorway, they started kissing and undressing each other. I think I joined them and I next thing I knew, I woke up next to them the next day. They told me that I was begging for more. I couldn’t remember a thing. Since then I was thinking to myself maybe I should give it a try with a friend whom I know would also like to try it out.”
Alessandro, looked at Stefano asked him, “Are you sure you want to go that path?”
Stefano quickly answered, “Oh, no no no, I’m not thinking of being a gay. God! I love women and I just want to try it out with a guy while I am still conscious.”
Alessandro smiled and nodded. He found a friend who is everything like him.
After several minutes of talking the guys went back to bed.
Chapter 11
It was 7am when Rasa got up to make some sandwiches for the trip up to their vineyard.
Stefano got up to go for a swim and found Rasa busy making breakfast and preparing sandwiches.
She looked up and saw Stefano and asked him if he had a good sleep last night. He replied that he had a great sleep. He asked her if she needed help. She told him she’s almost done and will be going upstairs to wake her husband.
Stefano nodded and walked to the pool. He took off his robe and jumped into the pool. He swam several laps across the pool. The water was cool and refreshing. The water was rippling through his muscular body.
Rasa climbed into bed to wake her husband who was sound asleep. She kissed his ear and whispered how much she loved him. He opened his eyes and met her lips. He sat up and walked to the window. Rasa had already gone to the bathroom.
He looked down at the pool and saw that Stefano was swimming in the pool. He was looking at Stefano’s well sculptured body.
He called Rasa to come out of the bathroom.
Alessandro grabbed his robe and pulled Rasa along with him. They joined Stefano in the pool.
Both reached the pool as Stefano was at the far end of the pool. Rasa was looking at Stefano swimming across the pool.
Alessandro took off his robe and Rasa followed suit. Both jumped into the pool and swam towards Stefano.
Stefano had a pleasant surprise when the couple swam up to him. He turned and looked at Rasa. Without hesitation, he heaved her to his waist and he started kissing her hard. She returned his kisses. Alessandro moved in closer so that he can watch them making out in the pool.
While the two was kissing and caressing each other in the pool, Alessandro was caressing his hard penis.
Stefano turned Rasa to face up and motioned Alessandro to take her while he supported her. He scooped under her arm from behind and started massaging her breasts. Rasa grabbed Stefano’s neck and pulled him down so that she could kiss him.
Alessandro was looking at his wife while penetrating her. He was glad that she loved this spontaneity.
Chapter 12
Several minutes in the pool, the trio got up. They proceed into the guess room (which was on the ground floor) to take a shower together.
Instead of showering, the trio ended up in bed together. Rasa was on her back while Stefano’s penis was in her mouth. Alessandro was licking Rasa’s hot and wet pussy. Both men switched positioned and continued to tease Rasa.
Stefano turned on his back and asked Rasa to sleep on top. He positioned his penis in to her anus just as Alessandro penetrates her clitoris. She was screaming with pleasure from the double penetration. Rasa came several times and both men could feel her orgasm.
Several minutes later both men came inside her. They lay on this position for a whole two minutes and went to the bathroom to take shower together.
After showering, Rasa and Alessandro went up to their room to get changed.
They joined Stefano for breakfast.
After breakfast, Alessandro helped Rasa to wash the plates while Stefano helped to take the bags to the car. Rasa went to the pool to collect everyone’s robes.
After locking up the doors, they got into the car and drove out to the vineyards.
Chapter 13
By the time they reached the vineyards, it was around 2pm. They stopped over at a grocery store to grab some vegetables and fish for their weekend meals.
Rasa went to the kitchen and got started with lunch.
Alessandro took Stefano out into their stable. Alessandro told his staff to get 3 horses ready as they would want to ride to the vineyards.
Alessandro told his staff that they can take the weekend off.
Stefano secretly smiled and knew that it would be the longest weekend of sex with his friends.
Stefano spoke softly, “Good idea”. Alessandro smiled back.
Both men went into the house and joined Rasa for lunch. They chatted for a bit and after helping Rasa clear the dishes, the three of them walked into their room to freshen up.
Alessandro told Stefano while walking back to the house that Stefano should share the bed with him and Rasa while at the vineyard.
Stefano went into his guess room and grabbed his bags. He joined Rasa and Alessandro in their room just when he saw Alessandro’s staff drove off for the weekend.
Stefano saw the bed and it was a four poster bed, big enough for the three of them to move around in.
Their room were so big; they could even do it on the floor of every corner. His mind was playing several scenes of the three of them naked and fooling around the entire room.
Alessandro called out to Stefano from the bathroom. “Stefano? Is that you?”
Stefano replied, “Yes Alessandro, it’s me, I’m admiring your room!”
Alessandro said, “Stefano why don’t you join us in the tub before we take off for the vineyards?”
Stefano could hardly believe his luck. He took off his clothes and walked into the bathroom.
Chapter 14
There was a Jacuzzi in the middle of the bathroom. Stefano saw Rasa on her knees with her face buried in front of Alessandro’s penis. She was already getting busy.
He got into the tub and watched Rasa for a while.
Alessandro was enjoying every minute of it. Stefano was caressing his hard on.
He got down and sat behind Rasa. He poked his finger into her vagina. She moaned into Alessandro’s penis. Alessandro told Stefano not to stop.
Stefano continued to finger Rasa. She was getting wetter and hot. Stefano slides in nearer so that he could take her from behind.
He looked to Alessandro for approval, and Alessandro nodded his head. Without waiting much longer, Stefano drove his hard penis into her pussy. She moaned even louder.
She took her mouth out of Alessandro’s penis and reached over to kiss Alessandro. Alessandro lowered himself into the water and started kissing Rasa.
Stefano said to Alessandro, “I want Rasa to eat my penis, let’s change position.”
Alessandro and Stefano exchange position. Rasa tasted, licked, nibbled and sucked hard on Alessandro’s hard penis. Stefano was moaning so loud. Rasa too was moaning into Stefano’s penis as Alessandro tore into her vagina like a hungry animal.
Stefano got off the Jacuzzi as he didn’t want to cum into the water. Alessandro understood and followed him out of the tub. Rasa looked abandoned and asked, “Hey guys get back in here. I want more.”
Alessandro went over and helped her out. “Baby, you know how difficult it was to clean the Jacuzzi, we continue out here.”
She got out in seconds and joined the guys.
She lied on her back and Alessandro went up to her in missionary position. She motioned Stefano to come nearer so she could suck his hard penis.
Alessandro finally came inside her. Stefano spread his semen on her breasts. He massaged his semen into her skin. While she lie on her back and let him do it. Alessandro too joined Stefano to massage her. Once the semen was all spread over, the 2 guys collapsed next to her.
Alessandro peed into Rasa’s thighs while lying next to her. She took his hand nearer to her and placed them inside her clitoris, she peed in his hands. They looked at each other and smiled.
Rasa took each of the guys’ hands to cup her breasts. They fell asleep in the warm bathroom.
Chapter 15
About half an hour later, all three woke up and took their shower. After getting dressed they walked out to the stable. Rasa went into the kitchen and grabbed some water bottles from the refrigerator.
They ride out into the vineyard. Alessandro was explaining to Stefano about his vineyards. The sun has hot on their back. They rode around for another 15 minutes.
They reached the winery and got off the horses. Stefano helped Alessandro with the horses while Alessandro helped his wife down from the horse. Stefano and Alessandro tied the horses to the fence near the entrance of the winery.
The three went into the winery. It was so much cooler in the winery.
Alessandro walked to the table and chair and sat down. Rasa took the water bottles out from Alessandro’s coolant bag. They gulped down the water as it was really hot outside.
Alessandro led Stefano into the winery. Alessandro explained the process of the winery.
Rasa after resting for a while decided to join the guys. Just as she walked in the rained poured heavily.
Rasa walked up to Alessandro and held his hand. “Guys, looks like we might have to be here for a while as its pouring like cats and dogs outside.”
Alessandro took Rasa’s hands and kissed it. They continued with their tour of the winery.
Chapter 16
After the tour, they walked out to the reception area. The rained had stopped. Stefano went to the table where they had put the drinks. He grabbed the bottles and followed Alessandro and Rasa to the horses. Stefano put the drinks back into the bag.
Instead of mounting the horses, they walked alongside their horses. It was cool and getting dark. They continued talking and walked towards the house.
After 30 minutes of walking, they reached the house. Alessandro and Stefano went to the stable to keep the horses.
Rasa went to the kitchen to start up with dinner. She put the chicken in the oven just when the guys walked into the house.
The 3 of them walked into the master bedroom en suite and had a quick shower together.
Rasa put on her t-shirt over her head and pulled her panty up. Both guys just slipped into their boxers and pull a t-shirt over. There’s no need to get all dressed up as there’s no one in the house except the 3 of them.
They had dinner together and the guys helped Rasa with the dishes, while she prepares the tea.
The guys got out of the house to sit on the outer courtyard.
Rasa joined them with a pot of tea. They just sat and sipped tea.
The guys were seated on a long bench at the courtyard. Rasa sat between the guys and lied down between them.
Chapter 17
The guys were chatting while Rasa was reading a magazine. Her head was on Alessandro’s lap. Alessandro was caressing her hair, while Stefano had his hands between her thighs.
Alessandro sensed that his wife was breathing deeply and he looked over to Stefano. Stefano was busy talking to him but he had his fingers in her pussy.
Alessandro didn’t want to be left out; he slipped his hands into his wife’s t-shirt, and caressing her breasts. She was trying hard to concentrate on the read but failed to do so. She was all flushed with anticipation as the guys were teasing her. She put down the magazine and looked up at the guys. They both smiled at her. She looked up at her husband and took his hand.
Rasa guided his hands to indicate to him to remove her t-shirt. Alessandro quickly yanked her t-shirt over her as she took Alessandro’s neck and lowered him to her mouth. They were both engrossed with kissing while Stefano continued to finger her hot and wet pussy.
Without waiting for an invitation, Stefano got up but kneeled in front of the bench. He buried his head between Rasa’s thighs removed her panty with his teeth. Rasa moaned as she felt Stefano’s teeth brushing hard on her clitoris.
Stefano tongued Rasa’s hot and wet pussy. He was licking her just when Alessandro was nibbling her hard nipples.
As the space was too tight, Alessandro indicated that they should go back into the house. Alessandro scooped Rasa into his arm and took her into the house. Stefano picked her t-shirt and panty and locked the doors behind them. He joined the couple in the room.
Rasa was spread on the poster bed. Alessandro was taking off his t-shirt just when Stefano walked in. Stefano too took off his t-shirt and jumped into bed with them.
Alessandro still had on his boxer. Stefano joined Alessandro who was sucking on her right breast. Stefano sank his teeth on her left breast. She was moaning and begging them to suck her hard nipples.
She grabbed their hair and pushed them deeper into her chest.
Both guys had the same thought; both were fingering her hot pussy. She spread her legs wider.
After several minutes of teasing, she told them to stop. They looked at her. Alessandro asked, “What’s wrong baby?”
Rasa was heaving and spoke breathlessly, “I want to eat you. Stefano can have me, let’s take turns, ok?”
Alessandro and Stefano agreed with her.
Chapter 18
Alessandro leaned on the bed’s head post as Rasa lowered her head onto Alessandro’s hard penis. Stefano got behind Rasa and penetrated her. Stefano could feel Rasa came.
She was dry again. Stefano moved down the bed and stood next to the bed. He guided the couples nearer to him. He bended over and started licking Rasa’s clitoris as she’s too dry. About 10 minutes of teasing her pussy with his tongue, Rasa was all wet and hot again.
Stefano and Alessandro exchanged places.
Alessandro was licking and sucking his wife’s sweet, hot and wet pussy. He stuck two fingers into her anus while still nibbling her pussy. She moaned and got more excited.
She was sucking so hard on Stefano’s penis, he had to stop her. She slowed down on his penis and was licking his hard and red penis.
Her tongue felt wonderful on his hard penis.
Alessandro slowly got back into Rasa and started to penetrate her from behind. Stefano just lied on his back and enjoyed Rasa’s hot tongue and warm throat.
Alessandro came inside Rasa. Alessandro was still inside Rasa and could sense that his wife still hasn’t come yet. He slowly massages her clitoris and soon she was moaning again.
Stefano turned Rasa over to her back as Alessandro exchange places with Stefano. Rasa was licking the last bit of Alessandro’s semen. She was sucking gently on her husband’s penis.
Stefano got on top of her and penetrated into her. He penetrated her while making her moaned.
Rasa has finished sucking Alessandro dry and Alessandro sat and watched Stefano finished inside his wife.
Alessandro and Rasa finally came together.
It was nearly 3 hours of passionate and hot love making session. Rasa fell asleep right away.
The guys fell right beside her.
They fell asleep immediately from all the exhaustion.
Chapter 19
It was about 6am when Rasa got up. She got off the bed slowly and went to the bathroom to take a shower.
After her bath, she looked at herself in the full length mirror. She had love bites all over her body. Her nipple was swollen from all that nibbling and sucking.
She was caressing her sore nipple and her thoughts went back to how Stefano had touched her. Alessandro was standing at the door and admiring his wife.
Rasa was also thinking about Alessandro. She thought to herself, “Alessandro makes a better lover now. He knows how to please me and makes me feel so much like a woman.”
Alessandro noticed that his wife had on a sweet smile. He went to her and kissed her neck.
She turned and they started to kiss. They were in the big bathroom and naked.
Stefano was sound asleep.
Alessandro slowly lowered Rasa to the floor and started kissing and licking every inch of Rasa and paid more tender attention to her sore nipple. After several minutes, and Rasa whispered, “Make sweet love to me darling, please?”
He climbed into missionary position and slowly penetrates Rasa.
Rasa glided her hands over her husband’s chest and smile up to him. He was inside her rocking her slowly until they both came together.
He lied on top of her until he finishes inside her. He rolled off of her and she turned to her side and hugged him. He was twirling her hair as she was running her fingers tracing her husband’s nipples.
They lied in each other’s arms for several minutes.
They both got up and had a quick shower together.
She got dressed and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for all.
Alessandro followed her to the kitchen.
Rasa was making breakfast while Alessandro went into the courtyard to pick the tray of tea.
He smiled to himself thinking about last night.
Chapter 20
Stefano finally woke up. He turned and saw that Rasa and Alessandro were not around.
He got up and had a quick shower. Just when he got out of the bedroom he could smell freshly brewed coffee and fried bacons.
He joined them in the kitchen. “Good morning!”
Both Rasa and Alessandro looked up and greeted him back.
Rasa finished dishing out the bacon strips and got on with the eggs.
5 minutes later, they sat down and ate their breakfast.
After breakfast, Rasa cleared the kitchen while the 2 guys went to out to the garden.
Alessandro took Stefano to his vineyard just outside the gates.
The guys walked and talked.
Minutes later Rasa joined the guys. She brought along a mat. The three of them walked to a nearby stream.
The weather was perfect for a long walk. They finally reached the stream.
Rasa looked around and saw a small tree near the stream. She walked over and spread the mat on the ground. She took off her clothes, hung them on the branch of the tree and took off her shoes. She placed the mat as near the water as possible. She lied down and put her feet in the water.
The guys were watching her and they followed her.
They got their clothes off and lie next to her.
She fell asleep almost immediately.
Alessandro saw that his wife was already fast asleep. He sat up and looked over at Stefano. Stefano closed his eyes, sensed that Alessandro was looking at him. He opened his eyes and looked at Alessandro.
Just then Alessandro turned and looked at the running water. He walked into the water. The water was clean and clear. He stood and looked the opposite direction, taking in the view. Stefano joined him in the water.
Stefano felt like touching Alessandro but was afraid that he might cross the line.
Alessandro has also been thinking about what Stefano had said in his house 2 nights ago. He turned and saw Stefano walking towards him.
Chapter 21
Alessandro looked at Stefano and Stefano looked down on Alessandro’s penis.
Stefano thought to himself, “Alessandro’s got a good size, no wonder Rasa’s always doing it.”
As he walked near, he tried to reach over for Alessandro’s penis. He looked at Alessandro and looked down at Alessandro’s penis. Alessandro took Stefano’s hand and placed them on his semi hard penis.
Alessandro too reached over to Stefano’s penis. Stefano’s penis is slightly thicker than his but Stefano’s penis is longer by half an inch.
They were both feeling slightly awkward and yet the touch of each other’s penises felt warm and hot.
They looked into each others’ eyes. They leaned closer and let their hands roam over their body.
Alessandro reached over to Stefano’s nipples just as Stefano reached for Alessandro’s.
Stefano and Alessandro could feel their skin burned with sensation from the touch of the other person’s fingers.
Stefano walked behind Alessandro to feel Alessandro’s tight buttocks. He could sense the tension the moment he placed his hands on Alessandro’s buttocks.
Alessandro started walking to Stefano’s back to touch his buttocks. Stefano too tensed his buttocks.
Stefano swirled around to face Alessandro. Alessandro kneeled down into the running water. He faced Stefano’s hard penis and took it to his mouth. Stefano moaned softly. It felt good to have a guy sucking his penis.
Alessandro scooped some water and trickled it down on Stefano’s torso.
Stefano was playing with Alessandro’s hair.
Both guys didn’t realise that Rasa had already woken up and was just lying there admiring her lovers.
Rasa could hear her heart pounding as she watched them exploding each other. By looking at both the guys, she could feel a very strong feeling inside her swelling up. She was flushed with passion.
She decided to watch the guys. They were both sexy and they made her wanted them even more.
She was fingering herself while watching the guys.
Stefano couldn’t take it anymore, he stopped Alessandro and he got down on his knees too. He lowered himself down on fours and took Alessandro’s penis into his mouth. Alessandro felt like bursting but he was enjoying every minute of it.
Alessandro thought to himself, “I never knew this could feel this good too. If only Rasa would see what we are doing. I can’t wait to come into my Rasa!”
Alessandro looked over to his sleeping wife and saw that his wife was already awake and was playing with herself.
Alessandro decided to take it up a notch since Stefano didn’t realise that Rasa was already up.
Alessandro took Stefano’s chin and lean down to kiss him on his mouth. Both guys were kissing passionately in the water.
Alessandro moved his lips down to Stefano’s nipples and sucked on them. Stefano pressed Alessandro’s head closer to his chest. He was caressing his own hard penis and enjoying Alessandro’s hot tongue on his nipples.
Alessandro stopped nibbling on Stefano’s nipple and turned on four with his buttocks in front of Stefano.
Stefano understood right away and penetrated Alessandro’s anus. Alessandro moaned loudly. Alessandro could feel all his blood rushed to his anus.
Stefano too was moaning as Alessandro’s tight anus gave him an indescribable sensation. Stefano moved in and out of Alessandro’s anus as if how he would penetrate and woman.
Alessandro loved every movement that Stefano was doing to his anus.
Stefano had to stop as he was getting dizzy with passion. Alessandro told Stefano to go down so that he could do the same too.
Stefano went down on all fours and Alessandro penetrates Stefano. Stefano’s anus was just as tight as his and both men were enjoying themselves.
Alessandro was busy penetrating Stefano, both men didn’t notice that Rasa was now sitting up and looking at them.
Rasa got up and walked into the water and joined the guys. She slipped into the water and lie on her back. The water was shallow enough to cover only her body. She slide under Stefano and took Stefano’s still hard penis into her wet vagina.
Stefano was moaning as his anus was being penetrating by Alessandro and he was penetrating Rasa.
Alessandro could feel every rocking movement made by Stefano into his wife’s pussy.
Several minutes later, Alessandro and Stefano exchanged places.
Alessandro penetrates Rasa and Stefano penetrates Alessandro’s anus again.
The three were moaning and begging for more. Stefano moved towards Rasa’s succulent breasts. He was sucking hard on her nipples. Rasa screamed with excitement.
Alessandro who has been inside Rasa removes himself from her and stood up. He took Rasa’s out stretched arms and carried her. Alessandro stopped sucking on Rasa’s nipples. Rasa strapped her legs around Alessandro managed to be aligned with her husband’s hard penis.
They got on the mat and without wasting time, all three continued where they left off in the water.
Alessandro was inside Rasa. Stefano faced him while he crossed his thighs over Rasa’s face. Stefano had his penis inside Rasa’s mouth. Alessandro and Stefano started kissing.
Alessandro was penetrating Rasa, Rasa was sucking hard on Stefano’s hard penis and the guys were kissing.
Several minutes later, they changed position.
Alessandro lied on his back; Rasa on top on Alessandro, Stefano had his penis sucked by Alessandro. Stefano was kissing Rasa. Alessandro was moaning into Stefano’s penis just as Stefano and Rasa was moaning into each other’s throat.
Rasa came and Alessandro could feel her came.
When Rasa was dry, she moved out from her position so the guys could continue without her.
Rasa watched the 2 guys making out. She started caressing herself.
Stefano got on four while Alessandro penetrates him.
Alessandro changed places with Stefano. Alessandro got on his hands and knees and Stefano penetrates him from behind. They were moaning and enjoying every minute of it.
Rasa walked into the water again and she splashes herself with the cool water. Her heart was pounding so hard and it was making her all hot again.
The guys decided to join her in the water.
They came to her and caressed her body with their wet body. She caressed both their hard penises.
They got on the mat. Alessandro lied on his back, Rasa on top of him and Stefano inside Rasa’s anus. After a few minutes at this position they all came together.
Chapter 22
They lied on their back and let the sun basked them with its warm rays.
Minutes later the three of them got into the water to rinse off. They picked their clothes and rolled up the mat.
They walked naked back to the house.
When they reached the house, Rasa walked into the bedroom to take a shower.
The guys joined her in the Jacuzzi. The 3 of them just sat next to each other.
They were exhausted from the last sessions.
30 minutes later, they got up and got dressed.
By the time they came out of the bathroom, it was almost 2pm.
Alessandro said to Rasa, “Baby, let’s go out for lunch.”
Rasa and Stefano agreed.
They piled into the car and drove to Copenhagen for lunch.
Chapter 23
They got back from lunch around 4pm and Rasa still exhausted decided to crawl into bed to take a nap.
Alessandro and Stefano was discussing about the next rendezvous.
Around 5.30pm Rasa got up and went out to look for the guys.
She came out and saw that the guys had slept on the couch.
She went into the kitchen to take out the fish and vegetables to prepare for dinner.
Tonight would be their last night on the vineyards and she wants to make it a memorable one.
Suddenly she had a cheeky idea. She’s going to make the food and put them on her naked body. Then she’s going to call out the guys to meet her on the courtyard.
She went into the courtyard and cleared the table. She placed a table cloth on the table and grabbed some cushions for her head.
Around 6.30pm, the guys were still sleeping. She sneaked the food to the courtyard. She quickly got undress in the room.
She left a note on the fridge to ask the guys to come to dinner at the courtyard.
“Dear lovers, meet me for dinner at the courtyard! I’ll be back as I need to get some things from the market. See you in a bit! Love, Rasa”
She got on the table, picked the food from the plate and arranged them on her body. She waited for the guys.
Minutes later, she heard the door open to the courtyard.
The guys were chatting and didn’t see her yet.
Alessandro suddenly stopped in midsentence as he saw his wife lying naked on the table.
Alessandro ran to her and kissed her passionately. “I love you so much darling! Are you alright here? I hope you weren’t here too long waiting for us?”
Rasa giggled, “I was here all ready about 5 minutes ago. Let’s eat! Feed me will you please darling?”
Alessandro and Stefano quickly got undress and started feeding Rasa and themselves.
When they were done, both guys licked Rasa’s body. Making sure there’s not a single trace of food on her.
Chapter 24
After dinner, the three of them went into the house for a shower as there were traces of food and oil on Rasa’s body.
They had a quick shower together. Rasa told the guys that she’s tired and she’s going off to bed soon. Alessandro tucked her into bed and walk out.
Stefano followed Alessandro into the kitchen. The guys cleaned the kitchen and locked up the doors.
Alessandro sat in the couch and turned on the TV and DVD. Stefano sat next to him.
The guys were watching porno which Alessandro had brought along from his house.
Stefano suddenly announced that he’s going to break off with his Russian-Armenian wife. Alessandro asked him about it. Stefano told Alessandro that after this weekend, he could never have empty sex with her ever again.
Stefano also informed Alessandro that he has to find a place quick as the house he rented would soon be taken back by the new owner as it was sold off 2 months ago.
Alessandro suddenly had an idea, “why don’t you come and stay with us? Our house is quite near your office and there’s plenty of room for you to stay in.”
Stefano replied, “Are you sure? What about Rasa? I don’t want to be in your way. It’s good to have you both as my lover but to live with you guys? I just don’t want to disturb your life as a couple.” Alessandro said, “Don’t be silly!”
Stefano answered, “Ok, how about I pay you rent?”
Alessandro said, “No, stay as long as you like.”
Stefano replied sternly, “No! I insist, I want to pay you some rent.”
Alessandro decided then that a minimal rent would be good to. “Alright then, we’ll discuss this later.”
They continued watching the porno together. They were discussing how they could get into that position.
One thing led to another, the guys ended up trying out the position.
Alessandro didn’t want to disturbed his wife; they went to the guess room.
Alessandro helped Stefano out of his robe and Stefano helped Alessandro out of his robe.
They got into bed and started kissing each other. They were both hungry to try out different position they got on right away.
Alessandro was sucking on Stefano as he lie back and let Alessandro experiment on him. Every once in a while Stefano would moan as Alessandro hit the right spot. Stefano doesn’t have to tell Alessandro what to do as Alessandro knew how a man wants to be touched.
Alessandro kissed, licked, sucked and nibbled all over Stefano’s body until he finally reached Stefano’s hard penis. He continued to tease Stefano like how Rasa would tease him, during their love making.
Next it was told Stefano turn to repeat what Alessandro did to him. Alessandro was enjoying every minute of it.
Stefano turned to faced Alessandro’s penis and his penis dangled over Alessandro’s face. Without hesitation, Alessandro took Stefano’s hard penis into his mouth and started to suck it hard just as Stefano was sucking Alessandro’s hard penis.
Stefano and Alessandro moved to change position. Alessandro was on top of Stefano and was licking Stefano’s hot and red penis.
Both men were quite rough as they tried to dominate each other.
Stefano could feel that he’s about to come so he asked Alessandro to lie on his side and he could try to penetrate his from missionary. Alessandro was moaning as Stefano penetrates him.
After a few minutes in this position, Stefano came inside Alessandro. They were kissing each other when Stefano pulled out. It was Alessandro’s turn to penetrate Stefano.
Stefano too was moaning with pleasure. Alessandro finally came inside Stefano. Alessandro collapsed next to Stefano and drifted off to sleep soon after.
Chapter 25
The next morning, when Rasa woke up, she was all alone.
She got down from the bed and walked into the hall. The guys weren’t there and they weren’t in the kitchen either.
She walked into the guess room and saw them sleeping next to each other naked.
Suddenly she felt all hot. She took off her robe and got into bed. She climbed up to her husband and licked his ear. He smiled and looked up at her.
He kissed her and was placing her directly over his hard penis. She moved on top of him while he massaged her breasts. Stefano was woken up from the rocking. He turned and watched them.
Rasa was all glowing and she looked so sexy. He looked at Alessandro and caressed his own penis. Rasa told him to stand in front of her so that she could suck on his penis. Alessandro could see his wife sucking on Stefano.
For several minutes, they were at this position and then Alessandro asked Stefano to wait so that they could all move into different position.
Rasa lied on her back, Stefano moved into missionary position while Alessandro stood in front of Stefano. They licked, massaged, sucked and just when Stefano and Alessandro was about to come, Rasa came too. They spread their semen all over her body.
They gave her a massage with their semen.
The guys started kissing while Rasa watched. She was touching herself. They semen was still on her body so she couldn’t joined in their kissing.
When the semen dried off they got off from bed and picked their robes and went into the master bedroom’s en suite. They got into shower together.
Stefano was lathering soap on Alessandro and Alessandro was lathering soap on his wife and Rasa was lathering soap on Stefano. They switch places. Rasa turned on the shower to rinse off the soap off their body.
They started licking and sucking and in the end the trio ended up on the ground with Alessandro inside her and Stefano inside Alessandro. As the floor of the bathroom was rough, they towel each other dry and continued in the bed.
By the time they got out of the room it was almost noon.
Rasa went to the kitchen to make them some brunch and packed sandwiches for their journey back to their home.
After brunch they got into the car and drove back to their home. On the way home Alessandro told Rasa that Stefano will be moving in to stay with them.
It was a fantastic weekend that would be remembered by the trio always.
A week later when Stefano moved in with them, they made love every night after dinner and sometimes before dinner.
Stefano would sometimes come home early so that he could have Rasa to himself.
Alessandro knew that Stefano would sneak home early to take his wife. He liked the idea of sneaking up on them while they made love in Stefano’s room. Usually he would join them.
Their love making just gets better and better.
The trio usually end up in one bed. It could be in either Stefano’s or their bed.
Their weekends will be packed with long love making sessions, usually in other places.
Most of the times they will wake up late and go for a swim together or end up eating breakfast off someone else’s body.
Stefano and Alessandro would have sex when Rasa can’t have sex.
Stefano thought to himself, it was the best encounter of his life to walk back into Rasa’s life.
They often go up to the vineyards to have a fantastic rendezvous.

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