Three Married Ladies, the tall blonde

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“What is it about you? All I want most of the time is you inside of me.” One of my three married ladies, the tall blonde… . “You do things to me that my husband would never do or could do.” Lisalegs, wet all the time Lisalegs, at least when she is around me. One time in “that special coffeehouse” she was there with kids and husband in tow and she order a venti size coffee beverage and sat at a table two tables away with her family but she faced me with “that” look. She was very sly as she stroked that venti cup with her long fingered hands and would put it to her mouth and lip the rim like it was the head of my cock. She gave me a hard-on in public places. She is a sun worshiper, loves to be out in the sun and heat which is difficult if you live in a city like Seattle in a state like Washington, in the Pacific Northwest it is said “We don’t tan, we rust.”. Like I said, we first me in a bicycle shop in late spring (read Three Married Ladies), That following summer we spent as many mornings as we could on my sun deck, nude and taking in the rays as we fucked, made love, had sex in as many positions as we could to make sure that our “tan” was even, my back yard sundeck is perfect for it. She just loves the doggie position and I love the sun on my back. She also love sitting on my face as my tongue worked her clit and when her time was about to cum she would move her clit to my chin and grind it until she would just tremble with climax after climax, “you are so awesome my weathered handsome lover.” One of the things I really liked about her is “you are one handsome man and a real hozzer” said as she laughed kissed me and held my hose in her hand. She said “my husband is like an android. Pump, pump, fluid shot, roll over and sleep. But it is okay because I think of you all the way, I have my sex poet, and masturbate for the love of your name and our game until I cum thinking of what you do with your tongue. My husband looks at sex as a necessary release.” She does loves him in her own way but she really loves his money and the security that goes with it. Me? I am her lascivious poet that makes it difficult for her to walk in a most lovely way after a morning of play.
About the girl I call Lisalegs; she is a kind woman, generous and loving, she loves her children but she also needs the love of a man that has a heart of flesh and hot blood. She has a beautiful face, Scandinavian highlights, progressive Scandinavian sexual appetite that I love i.e., she loves everything concerning our passions. She has this awesome cygnet neck that I could kiss as the night is long. Her shoulders are slight for her height (5′ 11″) with a golden tan and all freckled… sexy freckles, she dons a 33B bra. Her arms are long and strong and wicked, like the Door’s song, “her arms are wicked and her legs are long.” And the song should go on “she deep throats and my dick sings a song.” What she loves most of all is the way I make love to her. Made in such away that it is not mechanical but heart felt. When we are belly to belly and I am deep inside of her we stare into each others eyes, we kiss, I press my chest to her small breasts and rub against them until her nipples are hard and erect. And I am long enough that with one hand pressed to the small of her tanned back I press her belly even tighter to mine as I softly thrust and the friction of our bellies together and with my cock deep inside of her, well, it drives her crazy, she orgasms and starts to tremble, the funny thing is, the other two married women would do the same thing. Several times when I had all three of them in two or three consecutive days, keeping their name straight was sometimes a chore, sometimes I had to really concentrate not to call them by the wrong name, I mean, I had a good thing going and they were the type of young married girls that would not share a man and I did not want to mess it up. Kind of a double standard i.e., here they have their “loving” husbands and me, I mean, why shouldn’t I being single have more than one young wife? They should understand that, it is only fair. Yet here I am, greedy and working hard to keep my secret lovers from suspecting “others” in my bed, kitchen or sundeck. Believe me, it is a difficult job. Lisalegs also love to give me handjobs, especially she loved to stroke me off onto her small breasts “oh, it is so warm and yummy.” Anyway, this is awesome married girl number one of the “Three Married Ladies” trilogy… CIAO

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