Three Married Ladies

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“You are perfect, just perfect, the perfect size for me. Far from small, not to big, your penis is mine big man.” She said in a dominating position hovering over top of me, taking it in her long fingered hand then sliding it into her slit of wet hotness as she gave out an alto moan of delight. “Such a perfect penis,” she said with her head back as her strong slender runner’s legs hinged in rhythmic heat again and again in determination of her pleasure… When it rains it pours so they say and pretty true in the realms of Seattle at about forty inches annually. My reign of realm however was three young married women and how it started in less than a month, Eros was on the move in Shakespearean fashion. All so different except their age, their sexiness, their strong sex drive, all three married and then there is me, their “perfect” man, their “perfect” lover. I am 6’2″ and 212 pounds of 58″ shoulders, 48″ chest, 34″ waist and can still run two miles in 13 minutes on a good day, ah but, the ladies three and pour me. All three of them are chest girls, they love my chest and that “other” thing that makes their bells ring. Two Blondie’s and a brunette and how we met? One in a bicycle shop with her kids and husband. It was instant animal attraction, she knew it, I knew it, it just happens, no explaining it (Eros.) She found away to get next to me with family in tow and was able to say to her husband “after we get the kids bikes let’s go to our favorite coffeehouse at (such and such.) The rest is history i.e., three days later and two unusual? Serendipity encounters? at that coffeehouse, the third consecutive morning we went to my place. Her 5’11” slender body of long legs, narrow waist, no boobs, cygnet neck and lovely face was all over me and a true blonde she is, Nice full bush with the long angel hairs wet with loving care. 27 years of age with a business degree. She loves the doggy, her favorite position and with one or both of my thumbs up her tight ass.
We went at it for two weeks when, married girl number two came along. I had known her for sometime at “kids” basketball matches. I would often take my nephew to his games and her son was on the same team. I never thought much about it, I mean she is a very attractive woman of 5’3″ and 112 pounds of large breasts, narrow waist and for her height she has these long shapely muscular legs; just awesome legs and she wasn’t afraid to show them off. “Is that your son?” she asked “Oh no, my nephew, is that your son.” “Yes indeed.” And we small talked as the games went on. They were playing hard, well, as hard as a five year old can play with the parents filling the gym with yells and screams. “I’m Lisalegs” she said (none of the names are real… to protect the not so innocent) “Hi, I’m IQ” She stuck out her right hand to shake mine and I said “oh no, my dad said never to shake hands with a beautiful woman because that is where it will end.” She smiled pulled back her hand and said “so, you play ball as well.” And the look that she gave me said a thousand words of passion, sex, oral, my place, your place or on the beach in the back seat of my black Mercedes and “I can fuck your brains out.”. “Yes, I play ball but only with the right woman.” “Well uncle IQ, you will have to give me your cell number because mine is out of the question.” Three days later we didn’t make to my bedroom, but on my living room floor she was a wild woman, she loves the oral, more into giving than receiving and her favorite is to dominate on top, always on top, always in control, she is a take charge type person and controls “it” so it will last until she is ready to cum. She is a true blonde but a little darker than the other, tight harvest wheat bush full of sultry morning dew with deep tan lines on her young soft skin. When her time has come she just cums undone; with reckless abandon, she shimmies, she shakes and goosebumps covers her skin then she physically kind of spasms out as she hinges those legs like there is no tomorrow. She breaks a small sweat and says “yes… yes… yes, big man” and then just collapses in the said spasms. So, now I have two young married women to take care of, such responsibilities.
A week goes on and another young married woman steps into my life singing me a song of longings. She works at one of those “wholes sell” places that is nation wide. She always gave me a hard time when coming through the checkout line. “What? Nothing exciting this time, no wine, beer? No booze?” She is about 26 years of age, athletically built (tri-athlete shoulders with boobs, tennis butt and narrow waist.) A very strong woman at about 150 pounds of five feet nine inches tall with runner– mountain biker killer legs and all tanned. I looked at her and smiled “I don’t drink.” “Well, we all have our faults.” She said as she glanced up at me while checking my goods. “And, what is your faults?” She didn’t look up but kept checking my stuff and mumbled but I heard “to many to list in this crowded place.” I smiled “I love a girl that admits that she has faults. You got my name, it on my plastic card.” “Yes I do, your total is $69.69.” “Well, isn’t that just perfect, like it was meant to be.” Said I and she just smiled. “Thank you sir, and thank you for shopping at…… membership does have its privileges.” She had a rock on her marriage finger as if her husband were saying “this woman is mine, take notice!!!” A week and a half goes by and I am busy taking care of my two married girls during the week… sporadic sex at its best. Lisalegs could only get free for three mornings and the other blonde (Britanydoes) graced me with four afternoons. My schedule is such that I can make time as long as they give me a hour or two before our rendezvous. It was Thursday evening and I had just finished making my bed because the other blonde and I got a little wild that afternoon. It was dark and a knock at my front door and there in the subdued light was the tanned athletic brunette. I opened the door “hi….” before I could finish the word she was through the door and her tongue in my mouth. I could taste the tequila in her mouth and she said “I only have a few minutes but I miss you old man, how come in didn’t come in this week?” She kept kissing me as… for some reason I tried to explain myself to her, of course I didn’t tell her that I was busy with two other married women. “Whatever,” she said in my mouth, “you don’t need to explain yourself to me, you are not my husband”. “My husband is with some of his university friends and I was with some girlfriends “happy” hour you know, so I left early and you were are the way home so I thought I would stop and say hello.” Her hands were all over me in a slightly drunk fashion. “How long have you known where I live?” “About three months.” My first thoughts of course were of my two other married ladies but my house is situated such that it is almost perfect for covert affairs. While we were kissing and fondling she unfastened my belt and pants, I started to return the favor but “I told you, I haven’t much time sweet man, besides, my husband will want sex tonight and how would I explain a gooey mess if I haven’t time to shower?” She pushed my hands away and pulled down my pants and boxers and then took a deep knee bend. “My, my, you are a generous one, looks as though you have the perfect dick. Old man you are going to owe me after this.” Then the young married babe made love to it, I mean she made love to it. Foxmeg smacked her lips “you are perfect.” Strings of my creamy man stuff was all over her mouth as I came to my limit and she knew it. Fingernails to my thighs and deep throating finished me off, all two loads that she swallowed, that is all I had left from this afternoon and fortunately I took a shower after Britanydoes left. My knees buckled a little after she tongued the head of my penis and she laughed “yes, just perfect. Do you have a warm wash cloth?” I washed her face for her, she loved it. Then off she went to do her married duties. By the way, Foxmeg loves all of the positions. Friends and fans? This is just the start of “Three Married Ladies” and the complications encountered while having a covert relationship with three young married ladies and keeping them from ending up at my house at the same time. It is not as easy as it seems, timing is everything, one missed cue and the lover man can lose all of them i.e., from riches to rags, from feast to famine. So, I will try to do them justice. The situation is true, it really did happen but, I have changed a few thing to protect the not so innocent.

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