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dumbo was on his way home, his phone started to ring, it was suzanne, dumbo i,m going for a drink with steven, then we are coming back home to fuck is that ok wimpy shrimpy, if i fuck and suck a big hard cock, ha ha ha ha, well is it, yes suzanne dumbo said what time will you be back, you wimp don,t ask me questions just have our dinner ready , you pin dick freak, ha ha, dumbo got home and started making the dinner, his phone went again, this time it was madam anne, hey jugalugs suzanne is bringing steven back, yes madam anne, right dumbo i want you to ask steven nice to fuck your girlfriend, and clean all suzanne,s boots while he gives her his massive cock, ok, yes madam anne, anne laughed and put the phone down, then suzanne and steven came in, suzanne said why do you have cloths on little dick, strip now i want steven to see what a small dick you have, and why have you set 3 places, you are not eating with us dickless, dumbo stripped, steven said that not a dick suzanne, i know steven anne and carrol showed me the light, dumbo is just here to do what ever we say, then steven said he can suck my cock while we have dinner, suzanne said thats a great idear, can i take some photos, steven said yes, as they were eating dinner dumbo was under the table sucking stevens cock, suzanne took loads of photos, steven then said thats enough cock sucker its time i gave your girl friend so dick, suzanne pushed dumbo out the way and sat on stevens cock, watch this dumbo watch a real man, lol lol

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