To Sexy AMISHI with Love

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The Text Message For This Day Went As Follows

When you get home today I am going to kiss you deeply and hold you. Then I will bathe you. I will lay Down. Then I will do all the things you like, things that make cum, things that make you quiver. I will do the things that make you orgasm before I explode on your hot, erotic, and sexy body. I will hold out as long as possible, but it will pour onto your body. I will take my finger and run it through my hot juice that is sticking to your hot, quivering body. I will take my finger that has my juice on it and dab it on your waiting moist wet lips, then wipe it on your tongue. Then with my seed rolling down your tongue, I will bend down and passionately kiss you. A deep and soft kiss pushing the white gel to your throat.Then I will gently turn you onto your front. Then I will take a soft, slightly transparent scarf or such and cover your eyes. I will take your hands together and put them above your head. I will straddle your hands to restrain you. My purple head will be close to your beautiful face. I will then begin to pour massage oil on you. You are blindfolded and I am sitting on your arms while my tight sack drags along your restrained limbs. I will start the oil massage with your arms and hands that I straddle. I will then oil your neck, shoulders, underarms, then working my way to the small of your back. After that is done well, I will then begin oiling your exposed, firm ass. Still on your arms holding you from touching me or yourself,(There is so much time for that, I will rub your pink, firm clit to your explosion). I am now to start oiling your perfect, tight rear. As I start to do this, my swollen, leaking, throbbing shaft drags along your face and through your hair, (It feels incredible!). I am now deep massaging your unbelievable ass. Rubbing that oil deep. I am careful not to oil your rear entry before I have leaned onto you, kneeling in front of you, and carefully, and with anticipation take my tongue lick the rim of your ass, after a few moments, I push very hard with my tongue to send you over the edge. It is fine to like this, it is pleasure. After I have made you coo and moan with pleasure, I will pour oil into that valley between the oiled cheeks that now shine and glide as flesh rubs against it.

I will use a large amount of oil and massage it into the cavity I just spent so much time pleasuring with my tongue. And as I do this, the whole time my cock rubs your blinded face, across your neck, on your back and shoulders. You make me so hot with your “Angelic” act while the head of my cock leaks white drops of pre-cum. It is due to all the teasing I am doing to myself by having you blindfolded. My penis is less than a quarter of an inch from those wet, open lips, gasping for a breathe from the fear of being restrained and bind folded. Not knowing exactly where I am or what is going to happen next. It does lift the element of intensity. As I lean harder in to your face, I reach for your small, smooth anal plug. I will lube it very well, I am sure it will slide in with a firm but slow push.

This whole time I must not let the oil seep into your very wet, swollen, steamy pussy. I am going to lick “Us” out of her. But first we must keep massaging . I rub firmly to her thighs, calves, feet and toes. I put heavy oil on your feet, but that is later. I cannot ignore my hard member any longer, I must give it a bit of relief. I will stroke and rub on your freshly oiled body. It is awesome. I will not let it cum. After that quick fix I will roll you on your back. Exposing those pretty titties.

It is now time that we honor these great tits with real detail. I will be tweaking your nipples, cupping these insane breasts. I am still straddling your arms above your head, my hard flesh against your covered eyes. As I rub oil on your stomach, I will put extra oil in your navel, I will finger fuck it. It is the fact that a member can disappear into a woman, and it is enjoyable. The pussy, the mouth, in some cases anal and finger fucking a belly button. I am now oiling just above your tight, sweet, wet pussy. I am rubbing that oil in just down to your pubic bone, as I still do not want the oil to seep into her small, pink, swollen, cum leaking lips. I skip over your head, to massage and just touch those incredibly sexy legs. I now slide to your side, then to your feet.

I firmly grab your ankles and spread open those great legs to expose the perfect vagina. I will now lean in and press my cock to the bottom of your oiled foot, I grind it against the slick skin. I lean further and part your lips with my tongue. I stop and hold as your breathing increases and little sighs escape your clamped mouth. I hold your legs to keep you from bucking. Hot breath will rush over Cindy. It is at that time I lick up the remains of cream I shot in you with a force that no one can describe. I take it in my mouth, and I move towards your waiting open mouth and let it drip onto your tongue. I then cover your mouth with mine. I will now return to that pink flesh that gives me indescribable pleasure. I will lick and suck on your hard bulging clit until I send waves of intense orgasms through your hot body.

I will then open your cum soaked mouth, place my hand under your head and lower my cock into your hot mouth. I will slowly let you get use to the feel before I softly push for your throat. We know I cannot keep my pre-cum from leaking out, it will give you a taste.

I will then put you on your knees, tits to the bed, put a pillow for you to bite as I prep you to take my shaft into your back door. It is so sacred to me, you only gave this to me. I will kneel beside your head and ask you to bite the condom wrapper open. I will beg you to lick or suck on my swollen balls while I roll the slick, latex down hard shaft. I will kiss you softly, rub your back, stimulate your slick wet pussy as I prepare you to take this. I will remove the plug I put in earlier, I will saturate you with lube. I will stimulate you with toys, my fingers, anything to make this pleasurable to you as well.

It is the pressure, the warming up, lube, the taboo of sticking my cock in my gorgeous wife’s ass and she somehow gets pleasure out of it. The ability to feel your lover’s life blood running through your cock that has invaded her. I feel her moans, breaths, blood flow, everything. It is an awesome experience.

I know the pleasure she gives me is going to cause her pain, the fact she is willing to do this for my pleasure is unbelievable. I will forever do anything she asks of me. When I have succumb to the intense pleasure and the power of this act and blown out of me and into her an incredible orgasm like no other. I will cuddle her, wash her back side, massage her hot, worn, abused hole, get my breath and make love to her slow and sweet and make her cum anyway she wants. You know I am with you forever.

DISCLAIMER: The story is a work of fiction. References made to names, characters, places and incidents are fictitious and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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