True Story of my wife and my boss

This is a true story of how my wife got me the promotion I deserved. My company’s annual conference was being held abroad in the South of France, and spouses were encouraged to attend. It was a beautiful resort, and my wife jumped at the chance to come.

On the flight over, I complained for the 50th time about the promotion I was promised but was still waiting for. “Be patient” they kept telling me. My wife is so good with people as she works for a charity, that she said she
thinks she could speak with my boss and encourage him to finally give me my promotion. I was happy with this and believed she could do it.

As soon as we arrived at the hotel, I headed off to my first meeting. My wife spent the day at the spa and explored the hotel. The first night was the welcome dinner, which everyone had to attend. I got back to my room
with about 20 minutes to get ready. My wife was ready to go. She looked stunning. She was eager to make a great first impression, so at the salon had her hair, make up and nails done. She wore a slinky black dress with a plunging neckline. She has amazing breasts and did enjoy wearing revealing tops. Her 34DD bosoms looked even larger with the aid of her push up bra.

Walking hand in hand with her I felt very proud. My work colleagues didn’t even notice me, just simply stared at my wife. Later, many of them commented how lucky I was; which I am.

M wife asked me who my boss was. I pointed him out, and she commented that he was a lot cuter than she was expecting. We walked over, and I introduced them. He was certainly taken by her, and also couldn’t take his eyes off her, or her ample bosom. He asked her to join him at the bar, and there they stood chatting and flirting. I didn’t mind, as I knew she was just doing what she needed to do. She would simply make him like her so much, that he would feel compelled to give me the promotion.

He bought the drinks, and my wife returned to me. She said it went well, and he said that he would like to buy her lunch tomorrow, as he was keen to learn more about her charity work. She would be at the pool, so he would
meet her there. This was a good sign I thought.

The next morning, as I was heading out the door, my wife was just leaving for the pool. She had a beautiful voluptuous body. In her red string bikini she looked amazing. The air conditioning in the room made her nipples hard and point through the bikini top. It was quite a small top, so it showed off her breasts nicely. But there was no time to stare as I had to leave for my meeting. I told her to enjoy her day and her lunch. She said she would chat with my boss and see what she could do.

At lunch time, my boss eagerly left the seminar and headed out to the pool. I decided to stay away, so I didn’t interrupt the important conversation. He looked around and spotted my wife sunning herself near the pool.

Greeting her, he couldn’t help but look her up and down. He didn’t care that he was being obvious about it either, which my wife thought was a good sign. She knew most men would do anything for a pretty lady.

They sat at the pool bar, and chatted. My wife did her bit, flirting and being her wonderful self. I was brought up in the conversation, and my wife mentioned the promotion I was waiting for. My boss said he couldn’t discuss
it, as it was confidential. So she got up and thanked him for lunch and walked back to her sun lounger.

Not to be beaten, as she walked away, she reached around and peeled off her bikini top. She walked the rest of the way topless, with my boss only being able to see her from behind. As she expected he quickly followed and called her name. She ignored him and lay face down on the lounger, making sure he didn’t get a look at her firm breasts.

He sat in the lounger next to her, and said that he would like to discuss my promotion chances further. “I thought you couldn’t” she said, but he’d do anything to spend more time with her now. He said that he wanted to talk to her face-to-face though and not to her back, and would she turn around. “But I’m topless, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable” she said. “I won’t be uncomfortable”, he said and “I only have 10 minutes, before I need to go to my next meeting so we need to be quick”.

With that, my wife turned over, revealing her large, firm beautiful breasts. He just stared, and said nothing for a long period of time. Breaking the silence, she said “What do you want to tell me”. For the next 10 minutes he
stared at her breasts, while trying to concentrate and talk about how he could push the promotion through. He would try later that night. My wife said she’d be so grateful if he did.

I headed out to the pool to grab a drink before lunch was over, and had caught the tail end of their lunchtime meeting. I couldn’t believe what I saw, with my wife topless and my boss staring at her. I wanted to run over and cover her up, but there was no way I could do that now. She had never been topless in public before (that I knew of). But she looked comfortable enough right now.

Later in the hotel room I confronted her, and asked what she was doing. She replied “what I have to, to get you the promotion. You asked for my help and it’s working. If I hadn’t got my boobs out he would have left”.

She joked that she thought my boss was a hunk, and she was actually enjoying flirting and teasing him. I hated the thought of what she was doing, but I needed that pay rise. Of all people to see my wife’s amazing breasts, I
didn’t want it to be him. Now he’d have that image in his head to use whenever he wanted.

My wife got ready for the work night out, and looked better than the first night. She had on an ultra revealing top and high heels. She told me that tonight was the night where the promotion would be won or lost. She asked
me if there were any restrictions on what she would be able to do, seeing I was upset about the lunchtime meeting.

I said to just be careful, as he could be an asshole. And she didn’t have to do anything; but she smiled as said that she wanted get it for me.

She got the usual stares as we walked around. Her now tanned breasts slowly bouncing as she moved. My boss made
his way over as soon as he saw her. He told us my promotion would be decided later that evening. He offered to buy us a drink and my wife joined him at the bar. After the usual flirting, she came back to me and said “your boss told me that he wants me to join him back at his room to discuss it in private, as it’s confidential and no one can hear us”. I knew he just wanted to get her alone. There were plenty of place they could have spoken privately.

My wife said, “if you really don’t want me to go, I won’t. We will only be talking, I’m sure”.

“So he’s not going to expect a repeat show of lunchtime” I asked? But I really needed that job, so I said she could go. I was starting to get nervous and jealous.

I watched as they headed off to his room. I followed behind without being seen. But I was shocked when all of a sudden she stopped walking, pulled him into a corner and started thrusting her tongue in his mouth. For 5 minutes I watched them enjoy each other. He had his hands planted firmly on her ass and squeezed and caressed her. She was loving every minute of it. What would be next I thought?

They then both walked into his room. The light went on, and luckily there was a slight crack in the curtain, so I could see inside. I didn’t want to look, but needed to know what was going on. Plus I didn’t want to jeopardize anything, and lose my job completely.

My wife sat on the edge of the bed looking incredible. Her breasts almost falling out of her dress. He walked over and she immediately unzipped his trousers and pulled out his rock hard penis. The asshole had a large one too – longer and thicker than mine.

She stroked it gently, smiling, and then inserted it into her mouth. She rarely gave me blow jobs, but she looked like a pro, just about taking the entire length into her mouth. After watching this for a few minutes thinking
things couldn’t get worse, she stood up and pulled her dress over her head. Standing there in her bra and panties she looked stunning.

She quickly pulled off all of his clothes and he was standing there fully erect. He approached her and removed her bra first, and then her panties. She was neatly shaved and clearly very wet. With a huge smile on her face, she lay on her back and opened her legs wide. He went slow, by kissing her, and rubbing his hands all over her breasts, wet hole and clit. He was inserting his fingers inside her, and she was clearly enjoying it as she was writhing with pleasure. Finally she grabbed his cock, and placed it at her opening. He didn’t waste time, and slid himself slowly deep into her, taking his time, so not to hurt her. As he inserted himself I could see that she was struggling with his size initially, but after a few thrusts, the smile was back on her face.

Watching my wife take another dick was a very strange experience. I was wondering why I was now getting hard. I found myself enjoying the scene and suddenly started willing my wife to cum.

After 10 minutes of watching my wife on her back and seeing his dick squeeze in and out of her, she stood up and leaned over the bed. He got up and moved in behind her and grabbed her hips and forced himself into her soaking wet hole. As he drove himself hard into her, her large breasts bounced up and down.

What an amazing sight this was. I still couldn’t believe I was enjoying this. After about 5 minutes of constant pounding, my wife finally climaxed. The look on her face was unmistakable, and I could tell it was a long and hard orgasm. My boss continued to pound her, and she came again. Finally I could see him start to climax, and knowing that his come was shooting inside my wife was amazing. They both lay on the bed, and I saw the cum start to ooze from her. She went to the bathroom to clean up, got dressed and left.

Back at the room, I was waiting for her. I asked what had happened, and she said “he was a perfect gentleman; we only talked and he said you would definitely get the promotion”. I wasn’t sure whether to let it lie, or to confront her.

Seeing as I was so aroused by what had happened I decided to be honest. I told her that I followed them, saw them making out, and then having sex. She looked shocked and embarrassed until I grabbed her hand and placed it on my erect cock. “So you enjoyed watching me with another man?” she asked with a smile on her face.

I said that I was very surprised, but I loved it. Even though it was my boss. I loved seeing another man’s cock filling her up, seeing her
cum, and then him cumming inside her.

I had sex with my wife right then. I had never cum so hard. This opened up a new chapter in our sex lives, with my wife being able to sleep around and me getting all of the stories of course.

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