Wife and the Dressing Room

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I planned a special night out for my wife and I, the following is what I told her before we left the house.

To prepare for a night out on the town you will need to pick out a dress and put on a pair of your sexy red panties. Our first stop will be at **** restaurant for a romantic dinner together.

After we finished our romantic dinner I told her the following. Now that we have finished our dinner, it’s time to take a walk to the mall and browse the stores. We are going to look for some sexy clothing for you to try on, perhaps something made of silk or cashmere.

Once we found some sexy clothing to try on, I presented her with the following letter to be read in the dressing room.

I want you to model for me the clothing we picked out. But before you come out of the dressing room to show off your outfit, I would like you to do the following as you slowly read along. First, make sure the door is securely locked and be as quiet as possible.

Second, I want you to stand facing the mirror and slowly remove your clothing down to just your lacy red panties.

Now, while looking up and down your beautiful body, start fantasizing about all the naughty things I would do to you if I was also in that dressing room. Take a minute and gently explore your body while thinking of what you would like me to do.

Next, sit down to position yourself in front of the mirror if possible making yourself as comfortable as you can, use one of the outfits to sit on if you wish. As you continue reading, look at and touch your body as if I was doing it.

Imagine use both standing and facing the mirror with me behind you looking at your firm breast. Your hands are placed on top of mine while I gently massage and lightly pinch both nipples bringing them to erection. I slowly caress the side of your neck and earlobe with my wet tongue sending a tingling sensation down your entire body. While we both continue watching every move, I place your left hand high on the mirror as you continue playing with your right breast. You watch as I lightly run my fingers up and down your half naked body exploring every part as if it was my first time.

My right hand glides over your recently shaved skin and stops to feel the wetness through your red panties. I now take your other hand and place it high on the mirror. As I continue exploring your wetness you arch your back pushing yourself into me only to find out how excited I really am. My left hand grabs the side of your waist with firmness pulling you in closer. My lust for you intensifies as you remove one hand from the mirror and reach around to unbutton my pants.

My erection gently feels the smoothness of your body as you softly push against me with an up and down motion. You tell me that the possibility of strangers hearing us in the dressing room turns you on even more. As your moaning and groaning increased, filling the room, I’m forced to muffle your cries of pleasure so we wouldn’t get caught.

As I pull your panties to one side you slowly guide me into your pussy. Very slowly while holding on to your waist with both hands, I gently go deeper and deeper into your wetness. At this point I’m so hard and turned on its tough not to cum instantly. As I thrust in and out of you, I hear people just feet away not knowing what my naughty wife is doing in the dressing room next door to theirs. I start to tell you how good you feel and how the thought of a stranger seeing you grab the mirror as I take you from behind was driving me crazy.

After awhile of intense lovemaking I sit down with my back against the mirror. You position yourself on top of me face to face with both hands against the wall. You start moaning as I move from side to side sucking and biting your hard brown nipples while gently stroking your very swollen clit with my finger.

You reach downward and grab my very hard erection and slowly start rubbing it against your wet lips just prior to thrusting down on me. As your body moves up and down, you watch your firm breast slightly brush against my face with each dominant movement. As the dressing room air is now filled with sex, each powerful thrust brings us closer and closer to climax. Your head suddenly goes back as I grab your beautiful long hair sending us both into a violent orgasm. Your body quivers with excitement that nearly makes you scream but you control yourself to not alert the people on the other side of the door. You feel my warm cum exploding in you, filling every possible space as if it would never stop.

After calming down for awhile, I put my clothing back on and leave the dressing room to wait for you outside so you can show me that sexy dress you initially went in for.

Now after you cum, I want you to put on that dress for me without a bra and walkout of that dressing room to show me how aroused you have become. I want to watch your beautiful erect nipples being softly massaged by the dresses material with every step. I also want to feel how wet you made yourself in that dressing room without me.

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