Wife Continues Relationship after Marriage

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My wife and I were friends of friends then close friends before we married. We shared all sorts of stories before we thought we would ever get together for life.

One thing I always knew about her is she had a fuck buddy on the west coast she visited often. Through all of her boyfriends and even one fiance, she continued the trips to get pounded, her words, by a married man.

She had met him years ago and gave her the best sex she has ever had in her life. She said he was your typical tall, dark and handsome man that could please her the entire night. They would not leave the bed for 48 hours. He was only in it for the sex though, because he did not want to lose his wife and kids.

This was good for her. she could have loving relationships on the east coast and when her itch had to be scratched, she would fly out west.

Well friends turned to lovers and we soon wed. Before we married, though, she asked if she could continue her trips out west. She said she would miss her buddy and that would make her long for him even more.

I loved the idea. She gave me unconditional love when she was home but she slipped away every so often to have her itch scratched. How could I deny her her routine now that we were together?

The 48 hours or so that she is gone is crazy. I can feel the heat in my face and blood rushing to my brain the entire time not to mention a permanent hard on.

When she returns, she usually heads to bed for some sleep, making me wait even longer to pound her. She is not teasing, she is just tired from the sex marathon. I just stare at her while she is sleeping. She literally looks fucked out.

When she wakes up she bangs me hard and always thanks me for understanding. She tells me nothing and we continue on like nothing has happened.


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