Wife Taken By A Stranger

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I’ve always fantasized about my wife being with another man. Here is my lustful desire spelled out with hopes that it will happen oneday.

I bring my wife to a local nightclub and we sit at a table near the dance floor. A yound stud approaches and asks if she would like to dance. I watch as they begin dancing and see him grouping her while they dance. They both come back to the table and she sits between us. He buys her a few stiff drinks and they obviously take effect as she only puts up token resistance as he starts to caress her leg and inch up her thigh peeling her skirt up exposing her panties (and giving me a clear view of what’s happening). I get aroused as his fingers slide into her panties and he strokes her pubic hair with one hand while feeling her tit with the other one. She grabs his hand and tries to push it away, but I feel her shudder as he slides a finger in between her legs and in her pussy and starts to finger her. While he is fingering her, he gives her panties a sharp tug with the other hand and I hear cloth ripping as he tears the crotch of the panties out. He spreads her thighs. She closes them, but he pulls them apart and she moans as his finger slides all the way up into her pussy. His finger fucking gets faster and I can tell she is soaking wet as I can her the rhythmic sloshing sound as his finger pumps her. I get an erection watching her exposed and spread in a public place with her panties torn and being finger fucked and groped while sitting right next to me. I get even more excited as he slides his hand inside her bra and massages her tit, then manipulates the blouse and bra off exposing her tit. Her nipples are hard and she groans as he is working her pussy and tit over. Then he whispers in her ear and grabs her by the waist. He peels her torn panties off and they drop to the floor.

He stands her up and leads her to a dimly lit back room. After a few minutes, I slowly open the door and observe that he has backed her up to a pool table and she is sitting on the edge of it. I watch as he slides her blouse top down past her boobs and pulls the bra the rest of the way off and tosses it leaving both of her tits fully exposed. Her tits are like putty in his hands as he slowly massages them. He reaches down with one hand and slides her skirt down her legs. He unbuckles his belt, unzips and lowers his pants. As he lowers his underpants, his rod springs out. He moves in between her thighs and grabs her hand and places it on his cock. She starts to kneed it and he fingers her some more. She starts to stroke him and his rod gets harder. She looks down and sees him straddling her spread thighs and realizes she is about to be fucked by another man for the first time. He guides his rod to her quivering pussy and slides it up and down her cunt lips. I watch closely as he lunges forward and his cock parts her cunt lips and is enveloped by her pussy. He gets it in about 3/4 of the way and she gasps. He obviously has gone as deep as I ever have and has encountered virgin territory. He backs out and starts pumping and with each pump, it goes in a little further. My wife is moaning and groaning as she is spread eageled and rammed hard. Her thighs quiver as his thighs pump her and her tits are bouncing up and down with each thrust. His cock has penetrated her and filled her pussy. She yells as her pussy takes a cock deeper then ever before, when his shaft comes out for another pump, I can see it’s coated white and that her pussy is wet. I see her tense up and become rigid and know she is about to cum. They both groan and he rams her harder and faster, then they both come. I hear a sloppy sound as he fills her and continues to pump. When he raises up for another penetration, I see her cunt hair is coated white as the cum is oozing out of her cunt. He finally collapses on top of her and she continues to groan and shiver. He pulls his dick out and its still dripping cum on her cunt. She puts a hand between her legs and feels her pussy and cunt hair full of hot cum. I ease out of the door and go back to our table. She comes out wobbling and dissheveled. On the ride home, she passes out and I reach over and reach into her panties with thecrotch torn out. Her pussy and cunt hair is still wet and coated with cum. I can smell that distinctive smell that women have when they are freshly fucked.

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