Wife has night out to show off

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My wife and I have been married for about 15 years. It was her birthday, so I wanted to take her out to a nice Italian place to eat. We had to travel about sixty miles to get there. Once there we had the time of our lives. The wine was great, the food, the atmosphere was all there. Now my wife is a shy little thing, and never exposes very much skin. I guess it was the wine, and the good time. On the way home she asked me, “Have you ever had a blow job while you were driving?” I thought it could have been one of those trick questions, so I was careful about my answer. Before I could respond, she grabbed my crotch and said “You are fixing to get your dick sucked like never before.” It didn’t take me long to pull my pants down while I was buzzing down the road at 75 mph. She then grabbed my dick and started licking the head, then she worked her way down the shaft until she was deep throating me, all the excitement did not take me long to fill her mouth with cum. She then licked me clean and leaned her seat all the way back, then pulled her pants and panties off, and started fingering herself, she said turn the dome light on, I want the truckers to see what they are missing, I did as I was told. She fingered her clean-shaven cunt for a little while then she pulled an eight inch vibrator out of her purse and said, “I thought I might need this tonight so I brought it alone.” She then started rubbing it up and down he cunt, then she started easing it into her cunt until she had it buried all the way in. While she was doing this, we were passing trucks and cars that could see right into our car, some of the truckers would honk their air horns, and try to keep up with us. She started fucking that vibrator like there was no tomorrow, until she started shivering and moaning, then with a big relief, she just laid back and went to sleep with the vibrator still in her cunt. Now I was hard again by now, and we were almost home. I pulled into the garage and helped her in the house and into our bedroom, where I laid her on her stomach, and with the vibrator still in her, and vibrating, I crawled up to her and started licking her cunt from her asshole down, I then started my focus on her asshole, she started moaning and shaking all over. She had never let me fuck her asshole, but she started screaming, “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass now you bastard.” So I did not want to make her mad so I crawled up on her back and started working my dick into her asshole trying to be easy and gentle, but she yelled at me again, “Fuck me hard in the ass” so I slammed all I had into her asshole, she started squirming, shaking and moaning. I could feel the vibrator still shaking her cunt, she started cumming and when she did I exploded again and filled her ass with my second round of joy juice. The next day she was mad because I had fucked in the ass while she was drunk, but she said she liked it, and wanted to that again, which is good with me.
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  1. shelly

    I gave some truckers a show once It sure was fun! I like the way your wife thinks drunk or not

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