European Adventures Part I The Wife's POV

I married my high school sweetheart when I was only 18 years old. He was the same age as I, and joined the military right after we graduated. When he finished his military training he found out that he was to be stationed in Europe and we promptly married to avoid being so far from each other. It was the folly of youth to be so rash in making such a decision but we really did love each other.

When we got to Europe we settled right into a domestic routine. I was the stay at home wife that cooked dinner and cleaned the house during the day and my husband worked days and took care of the finances. In our free time we explored Europe and fucked each other like rabbits (we were young and horny you know).

A year into our deployment a temporary duty assignment came up for my husband and he had to be away for a month in another country. This would be the first time since we married that we would be apart. A month doesn’t seem that long at first but after a couple of weeks I was already missing him greatly and a lot of it was due to the fact that I was really horny.

I stayed in touch with friends and tried to keep busy but there is only so much that you can do when you are alone and don’t have a regular job. One of my best friends about this time was Christy. She, like me, was a military wife but was a few years older and had a couple of small children. She would tell me that she knew how I felt because her husband had been away a few times in the past and she too had been alone for weeks or months at a time, It’s just part of being a military wife, she would say.

It became almost a daily ritual; her coming to visit me at my lonely home, her children always in tow and her up-beat attitude on display. On one occasion she showed up unexpectedly and asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her in the Center. I answered, “of course”, but that I needed to take a quick shower because I slept late and hadn’t taken one yet. She said fine, and I rushed upstairs to jump into the shower. I was naked and barely wet when the bathroom door swung open. It surprised me when Christy walked in and said, “You don’t mind if we talk while you shower do you?” Well what was I going to say? So I just shrugged and continued with my shower as Christy began to make small talk. I had never thought of Christy (or any other woman) as someone I could be sexually attracted to, but her unexpected entrance had the wheels turning in my head. I watched her closely as I showered and it was pretty obvious that she was checking me out. Wow, I never thought that Christy might be into women but now I was sure that she was. I don’t know if I would have acted differently under more normal circumstances, but my husband’s absence had me so horny that I was suddenly considering having sex with this woman. “Is it cheating if it’s with another woman?”, I thought to myself.

I finished my shower and turned off the water, but I couldn’t reach the towel because Christy was in front of it, so I asked her to give it to me. Then what happened really surprised me. She grabbed the towel and instead of handing it to me, she began to dry me. She started with my shoulder but quickly moved to my breasts. She had a look of lust in her eyes but she said nothing. Then after what seemed like eternity she spoke, “You have beautiful tits, Cathy. They are so big!” Well I was kind of used to getting a lot of attention from men because of my 38DD’s but I had never had a woman praise them before. Christy looked into my eyes and sincerely addressed me. “I know you are horny with your husband gone (she used my own confession against me that I had previously told her) and I don’t know if you are into women but I can help you with that.”

So without another word we walked to the bedroom. Christy quickly undressed and revealed her small, slender body and perky small tits. She was completely shaven on her pubic region and her pussy lips were thick and pink. She nearly attacked my boobs and sucked and squeezed them as she pushed me onto the bed. I was enjoying every second of this, it seemed like years since I had had sex (it had been 3 weeks). Her fingers soon found my pussy and she began to rub my love button. I wanted to kiss or suck something but Christy was so excited to explore my body that I didn’t have much access to lips, nipples, fingers or toes. So I just gently caressed her body as she pleasured me. Finally, after a short while Christy mounted me in a 69. She was lapping my clit franticlly and bringing me close to an orgasm and I wanted to make sure that she got some pleasure too so I set to work on her dripping quim.

I was taking my first close look at another woman’s vagina and I examined it thoroughly. She had magnificently long thick lips that hung enticingly but what struck me the most was the size of her hole. It was very large (especially for such a small woman) and gaped open even without me holding it open. I wondered if it was so big because she had kids, or if her husband’s dick was so big that it stretched it that way. I began to lick and suck her clitoris and she bucked wildly. Her taste was new and pleasurable to me and at that moment I began to truly think of myself as a bisexual. Sucking her thick clitoris turned me on as much as I was ever turned on by sucking my husband’s cock. I was really enjoying this session, but I couldn’t figure out why Christy was so frantic. Then I remembered, her kids were still downstairs. I was soon coming and I reminded Christy that her kids were downstairs (I don’t think that she forgot about them, in fact I think that is why she was rushing) and we dressed quickly and headed out shopping.

The whole time we were shopping Christy could not stop talking about what had happened. Now I liked it, but I wanted to spend more than a quickie because I was really horny. At that point Christy mentioned that maybe I should come spend an evening with her and her husband. Now Christy was my friend but I have to say that I was not attracted to her husband at all. He was not handsome and he was constantly chewing/spitting tobacco, he reminded me of a country hick. I politely refused and Christy persisted, “Come on he’s got an 8 inch dick, you’ll love it”, (so her pussy WAS large because her husband has a big dick). All this was coming too fast. I was horny but I wasn’t crazy. I was not attracted to Christy’s husband and although I had heard of military couples swapping and such I couldn’t believe that I was getting mixed up with this. And of course this would definitely be cheating on my husband.

I again politely refused and she looked disappointed, but told me the offer was open.

The next couple of weeks passed uneventfully. Christy hadn’t come over again and I think she was holding out on me so that I would give in to her offer. I was so horny by now and I thought about what had happened and the possibility of a threesome with Christy and her husband every day. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. That’s when I decided to take things into my own hands. Two nights before my husband was to return I poured myself into my sexiest dress and my “fuck me high heels.” I went out on the town alone.

Unlike normal I stayed away from the bars and clubs where all the Americans hang out and went to a club that I had never been to. Well I’m a Hispanic woman with a voluptuous figure (and a skinny waist) and I stood out in this European club. It wasn’t long before I had the attention of many men. Soon many were buying me drinks and asking me to dance. With all the free drinks it wasn’t long before I had a buzz and with all the attention that I was getting now I was so horny that my pantiless pussy was drooling down my leg.

This was it. I now knew that I was too horny and drunk not to have sex with someone tonight so I decided to pick someone and go fuck. That was easier said than done. I picked a handsome man about my age and asked him to go home with me. He said that he would love to but that his friend was staying with him and had no way to get into the flat without him. I looked at his friend, another cute guy maybe in his mid-twenties. I thought quickly and said, “He can come along.” Since I drove my car and didn’t want to be driving home later, I suggested that they come to my house. I figured a day was all I needed to clean up any evidence before my husband got home. Honza, the younger man drove me home in my car and Jan followed us in their car. The ride home was pretty eventful. I was so horny that I unzipped Honza’s fly and fished out his large cock. Now I wasn’t a virgin when I met my husband but I had only been with one other man and he had a small penis. My husband is pretty average, but I had never really had a large dick. Honza’s dick was, I guessed, about 8 inches long and pretty thick, oh and uncut which I had never seen before. I thought back to Christy and smiled thinking that I was about to get my own 8 inch dick.

As Honza drove I began to suck his dick and I felt like I had not done this in ages! I was so horny! I never thought that having such a different cock would turn me on so much, but here I was bobbing my head up and down with a lust that I could not previously remember feeling. I loved Honza’s cock and I played with it, licking down to his hairy balls as I stroked and squeezed his shaft with my hands. His foreskin was new to me and I enjoyed stroking it up until his head completely disappeared and then back down so that his pink glans were completely exposed. I then held his foreskin all the way up again and probed my tongue into the opening of his foreskin and licked his meaty head still hidden away inside. As I sucked this strange new cock, I could feel Honza’s fingers hike up my dress and begin to finger my pussy. I was so wet that two of his fingers slide right in. I savored the roughness of his fingers as he penetrated me, but because he was driving and the stick shift was in the way, he couldn’t reach me well and it was more of a turn on than actual pleasure. I couldn’t wait till we got home!

We soon arrived at my place and piled out of the cars and into the living room. Honza conferenced with Jan, as I poured drinks, about my willingness to get down with some casual sex. My dress was the first to come off and since I wore no bra or panties I was completely naked. As I expected they both attacked my large boobs and sucked each of my nipples. I looked down on the two heads sucking each teat and marveled at the sensations. The guys began to peel off there clothes all the while sucking my tits and exploring my body with their hands. I could feel fingers in my pussy and someone’s finger was probing my ass too. I groped to find my lovers’ cocks, and I found Honza’s now familiar penis first. I stroked it briskly and firmly as my other hand searched for Jan’s cock. When I found it I couldn’t believe what I had! Jan’s dick was 11 inches long and as thick as my wrist! His balls were huge too and hung heavy and low. I once again thought of Christy’s husband’s 8 inch dick and laughed to myself of my luck!

Well I had waited a month now to have a dick inside me and I didn’t want to wait a second more! I grabbed Jan and sat him on the couch and worked some spit over his giant tool. Like Honza, he was uncut and I marveled at the pale shade of his penis that was so unlike my husband’s dark brown color. I wrapped my hands around his thickness and realized that I would need at least two more hands to completely cover his whole dick. Seeing my second uncircumsized penis of the night was a thrill for me. They were so different to what I was used to and in the better light of the living room I examined this one closely. I really liked the way that even though his cock head was completely covered that I could still see the rounded shape of it under the velvety skin. I sucked and attempted to get as much of him in my mouth as I could, which only turned out to be like one third of his cock. I figured that as wet as my pussy was I didn’t need to put too much saliva on his dick anyway, so I mounted him and fumbled to squeeze his over-sized cock into my moist vagina. I couldn’t help but moan as his tool stretched my lips apart and slid deeper and deeper into my hole. In a second he was way deeper than my husband had ever been and his dick seemed to hit bottom with a few inches still left out in the cold. But then as I began to hump him wildly I felt a somewhat painful “pop” and his giant member slipped all the way in! It scared me for a second, but then the pain dissipated and I began to hump him again. It didn’t take long before my pussy adapted to his length and I was humping him fully into my sex.

I had never felt so full before and now my pussy tingled with pleasure and my large breasts bounced wildly in Jan’s face, as he tried to suck my nipples. Seconds later my first orgasm erupted. I continued to hump him though, not yet wanting to stop. It was then that I felt Honza’s 8 inch erection probing my butt. I had done anal on a couple occasions with my husband but his dick was no where near this big, and I had certainly never been penetrated in both holes at the same time. My mind reeled as I thought about what was going on. Here I was, cheating on my husband with two men that owned the largest penises that I had ever seen, on our couch where I was sure that sex stains were being made on the unprotected upholstery. Now I was about to be double penetrated for the first time and could only lustfully anticipate Honza’s fat cock that poked at my puckered back hole. Luckily I was very wet and creaming everywhere and Honza used my cream to lube my ass. Then without much warning he forced his meaty cock past my tight anal ring and into my second hole. I thought that it would hurt but I was so numb from Jan’s thorough fucking that the pain was minimal. When Honza penetrated me I lost my ability to hump and I just settled down onto Jan’s chest, my tits smashed against him, his monster dick in my pussy and Honza’s large cock sawing in and out of me. I could feel Honza’s large balls slap against me and (they were so big) I’m sure that they were smacking Jan too. It really turned me on to think of Honza’s magnificent balls slapping over my cunny onto Jan’s genitals that were deeply embedded in me. The sensations were incredible.

I was in this position when I turned my gazed toward the hallway entrance. And my eyes met my husband’s.

He had returned one day early as a surprise and had walked in on me betraying him. There is no telling how long he had been standing there but there was no way that I was going to explain this. And then the next unimaginable thing happened. The intense feelings of my first dp caught up to me and the biggest, most intense orgasm of my life hit me like a hurricane and I screamed in pleasure as I looked into my husband’s eyes. After I came he walked up the stairs to our bedroom and was never even noticed by my two lovers.

Needless to say, I had them leave quickly and I tried to collect myself. Through all my pleasure I never noticed that both men had deposited large loads into me and I was leaking sperm from my pussy and my ass. But there was not much I could do about it until I took a shower and for that I had to go upstairs and face my husband.

I kind of lucked out that night because the same feelings that I had been suffering all along also plagued my husband and he was so horny after a month of no sex that as soon as I entered our bedroom he grabbed me and began to fuck me frantically. His dick sloshed around in Jan’s semen and my pussy made wet splashing noises as he fucked me.

Our marriage dissolved about a year later. I’m sure that it was because at the time he couldn’t handle what happened, but the story still ends happily because now we are both in our early 30’s, and he fucks me on a regular basis behind my new husband’s back. And I think that I made it up to him as I have joined him on a couple threesomes with some of his other girlfriends. I think maybe he thinks it was worth me cheating now, I know I think it was worth it!

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