European Adventures Part II The Husband's POV

T’s version of the story: I admit that we got married much too young, but I had never intended to cheat on my wife (or her on me). Yes I did get sent out of country on temporary duty. And even while I was away I was tempted…

I was stationed at an American military base that was supporting bombing missions in the Balkans. It wasn’t uncommon to meet women on temporary duty but the men so out-numbered the women that the women had choice among the military guys and even the locals. Even so; one afternoon, half-way through my month-long tour, I got an invitation that I didn’t expect.

We lived in a mixed barracks while stationed here, that was more like a hotel than like the open baracks you see in the movies. Since there weren’t many women, they resided on the top floor of the five story building. The main day room was on the third floor and this is where we would watch movies, play cards and shoot pool. Sarah, a slender young Airman that I met on this tour was shooting a game of pool with me when I noticed that each time she shot, she exposed her small perky tits to me. She would lean over and allow the neck of her loose T-shirt to fall far enough that even her large, pointy nipples were shown. I found myself holding my breath each time that she took a shot. I would wait anxiously for the bright pink tip of her right breast to come into view as she gauged her shot. It was beatiful to see as I hadn’t seen real tits since I left my wife 3 weeks earlier. And they were so different than my wife’s boobs. My wife did have “boobs”. They were very large and natural with big brownish nipples that laid flat over each perfectly rounded mound. Sarah’s comparably small breasts were sun-dappled with freckles and her nipples had nearly no aerole and jutted out like eraser tips.

I was beginning to get an erection and I sat down in one of the low couches to conceal my excitement. That is when I noticed that this gave me an even better vantage point to her exposures. I could see nearly all of her two breasts each time she leaned over to play. I know that she caught me looking once or twice, but instead of glaring at me she would look away as if to encourage my gaze. As I sat on the sofa, one of her shots brought her toward me but facing away. I took this opportunity to check out the rest of her. She wore gray sweatpants that hugged her ass cheeks when she bent over. I wondered if her penchant for not wearing underware extended to her panties too. And since I saw no hint of panty-lines, I assumed that there were none being worn. In fact, as soon as she was facing me again, I made out an undeniable “camel-toe”. Of course I thought of propositioning her, and I’m sure that she wanted me to, but the ring on my finger reminded me of my vows.

I’m sure that she was fucking some of the other guys (they told me so) but I was determined to stay faithful to my wife through these difficult times, and my resolve proved true. I was faithful, but I was also horny as hell and couldn’t wait to get home to my wife and her beautiful pussy.

I was supposed to come back to my regular duty station on a pre-arranged date, but since it was the holidays and there wasn’t much to do, they allowed me to go home two days early. But in typical military fasion, I was bumped from my (military) flight and would only arrive home one day early. I decided to not tell my wife as a surprise and to just come home.

On the evening that I arrived at the airport, I was driven by another Airman home. I arrived late and it was dark. He dropped me in the front of the row-house with my luggage but I immediately had a bad feeling when I noticed a strange car parked in front of our flat.

I waved my ride away and set around the back of the house. The typical windows in this area went from floor to ceiling and extended across the whole flat (like a bay window), and no-one would be expected from the back yard, so I went around to see what I could see.

I went to the back garden and snuck in through the high back fence. The curtains were still wide open, and as the lights were on, I could see straight into the living room without anyone seeing me in the dark outside. This is where I had the biggest shock of my life.

I stood nearly face against window as my beautiful Mexican wife stroked the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life. There were two guys but one stood away watching at first. The man she was stroking was obviously a local and had an immense uncut penis that impressed even me. He sat low on our couch with his legs spread. His pendulous sagging scrotum hung over the edge of our sofa and I watched as my young wife stroked his manhood and lowered her lips to his glans. I couldn’t believe what I was watching, but I couldn’t stop looking, even if that meant letting this action go on.

I thought about my wife. She used to “deep throat” my cock all the time (to the hilt) but this cock before her was way too big to stick in her mouth. And my thoughts proved true as she could only get about the first 4 inches down her wanton throat. She tried and tried but could only get a third of his giant member in her mouth. Soon she gave up sucking and moved up the man’s body, obviously preparing to impale herself on this gigantic cock.

I thought of Sarah flashing me her smallish titties and how I didn’t fuck her as I watched my wife’s sopping wet pussy yield to this guy’s ram. I couldn’t believe it. Cathy’s pussy split and allowed his dick in as I held my breath. She began to hump him and I was surprised at how much of his large cock that she could take. Before long what looked like 12 inches of meat was impaling my fragile wife. I was shocked, not only because my wife was cheating on me, but because I had no idea that she could handle all that penis that she was taking. At one point I could see a foot of cock pistoning in and out of my wife’s wet pussy. She would squeal each time his cock hit paydirt and I heard the familiar huffing that preceded her orgasms. I began to see the white cream that Cathy’s pussy always produced when she came, collect like foam around this stranger’s dick, and it began to coat his balls like milk as it ran down. He would tease her and bring his dick almost all the way out (as I could see the head) and then violently jam it all the way in as I saw his shaft completely disappear and his heavy balls defy gravity and jump up to smack her ass while covering her puckered sphincter. I was shattered by my wife’s betrayal but also completely turned on. I released my hardened cock and began to stroke as the second man moved behind my wife.

I couldn’t see too well now but I saw enough to know that the second man was forcing his (also much larger than mine) cock into my willing wife. I saw enough to realize that his large uncut cock was in my wife’s ass. His penis jammed in and out of her ass as the other man’s giant dick rested deep inside her wide cunt. My wife had rarely let me fuck her ass and now a complete stranger was thrusting his ample sausage in and out of her rarely used hole. I was extremely angry but more-so hurt and I felt impotent against the superiority of these men’s manhoods. I could go inside and beat them up or even kill them, but what would it prove if they could fuck my wife better than me? I gave up then and decided to go inside. I would not fight, or interfere, I would just let them finish, I was not good enough.

I walked in the door in time for my impaled wife to have the most intense orgasm that I have ever seen her have, erupt before my eyes. She screamed as she watched me ascend the stairs and I could soon hear her rush her lovers out.

She met me upstairs moments later. And without talking we fucked until I came in her already saturated pussy. I could feel the complete wetness of the sperm already in her and her cunt was much looser than I ever remember. I often wondered why I didn’t fuck Sarah after that.

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