European Adventures Part III Further Adventures

I felt remorse after cheating on my husband, but I never forgot the offer from my friend Christy. I had decided that I was too young to exclude myself from new sexual situations because my experience with Hanza and Jan was so intense.

I didn’t want to cheat on my husband again, but I also couldn’t stop thinking of the possibilities.

Christy continued to flirt with me and reminded me of the opportunity to be with her and her husband. I always politely refused, but wondered what it would be like.

On one particular day when my husband was working an on-call shift on the weekend, I visited Christy at her home. Since T had the car Christy picked me up on the pretense that T would pick me up from their place later. Her husband, Chad, was out working on his hobby car at the auto garage that day and she just wanted me to keep her company. She knew that I avoided being alone with them, because of their “offer” and assured me that he wouldn’t be home until late.

After we were there for a while, Christy sent the kids up the loft and laid them down for their afternoon nap. As soon as she had them asleep she advanced on me. “Cathy, I really have been thinking of the morning that we spent together and I fantasize about it all the time.” “I really long to touch your breasts again and to taste your sex.” She caressed my hands and arms with her small hands all while her big blue eyes locked on mine. I had to admit I really like being with her too and I also fantasized about being with a woman again.

“I didn’t come here for that”, I said, meekly. Her eyes were melting me. “But didn’t you like it?”, she prodded. “Of course”, I replied. “But your kids are upstairs and your husband might come home”, I was making excuses, I wanted her too and she could tell. “Cathy, the kids will sleep for a couple hours and Chad won’t be home until this evening.” Her nimble hands moved from my tingling forearms to my shoulders. I didn’t say anything and she moved closer to me in a pseudo-embrace. She was a little shorter than me and she lightly closed her eyes and leaned up to kiss my quivering lips. I melted. My lips gently parted and her small tongue searched for mine. I gave into her and my building passion. I pulled her to me and returned her kiss.

We must have kissed for five minutes. Our hands began to wander over each others body in the mounting passion. It felt good to caress her small body, different but similar to mine. We undressed each other in a gentle but purposeful fashion and once we were both naked embraced so that our breast smashed against each other. I could feel her hard nipples poking into my mammary flesh. I blushed to myself, I was being swooned by a woman.

We laid on the couch together and traded kisses. My neck. Her Shoulder. My breast. Her belly. My sex.

She settled into a soft lapping rhythm on my labia and I closed my eyes and imagined bright, colorful explosions in my head.

I jumped when I heard the key hit the lock. Chad had come home early.

I started to get up but Christy held me in place and continued her expert repetitions.

I watched the door swing open and Chad walked in appearing only slightly surprised that his wife was licking her friend’s pussy. I knew that Christy had set me up. Chad strode over to us and looked down as Christy continued to eat me. “So this is what you guys do when I’m not around.”, Chad jested. Christy moaned “uh-huh” as she worked. Then Chad looked at me and said, “you don’t mind if we get our afternoon fuck in do you?”. “We usually have sex around this time because the kids are asleep.” I looked at him blankly, he didn’t wait for my answer and unbuttoned his trousers. His penis tumbled out like a loaf of French bread. Sure enough as Christy had told me before, Chad had an eight inch dick. But what impressed me more was the girth of the thing. It was much larger than even Jan’s or Hanza’s when it came to width.

Christy finally freed me and turned towards her husband. I watched lustfully as Christy’s lips stretched to accommodate Chad’s throbbing member. She worked his dick with both hands as her mouth slobbered all over the tip. She looked over at me, presenting his impressive manhood. “So have you ever had cock this big Cathy?”, she said. I silently nodded as I thought of Jan and Hanza. “Lucky girl, you will have to tell me about it sometime.”

Chad grabbed the back of Christy’s head and positioned her back at his dick. He pulled her in a deep rhythm back and forth making her gag every once and a while. I couldn’t believe that this was happening and I sat there entranced by the sexiness of my own private porno playing in front of me. Christy laid back on their couch next to me so her husband could work his impressive member into her shaven quim.

I watched as Chad deeply fucked his wife. She moaned and squealed as he thrust into her all the while his gaze was set on me. After a short while Christy reached out to me. I took her hand and she pulled me forward kissing me as I got to her face.

She then began to maneuver me around so that we were in a 69. I didn’t object as by now, in my lust, I didn’t care what happened to me. I could feel her wonderful tongue lap at my engorged clitoris and I in turn licked her drooling wet pussy as her husband’s large dick pistoned in and out right below my tongue. I felt Chad’s calloused, big hand cup my hanging breast and knead it roughly. He then began to pinch my nipple which was erect from my passion.

I found that I really liked watching sex up close. It was amazing to watch Chad’s heavily veined sausage plow into Christy’s bald pussy and then how when he pulled out, her pink labia clung to the girth like not wanting to let go. Then it happened. Chad removed his cock from Christy and positioned it in front of my face. I couldn’t help it. His prick was so handsome. I swallowed it.

Or at least as much as I could get in my mouth. I stretched my mouth wide and Chad eagerly forced his meat into my throat. I could taste his sweaty manliness mixed with the sweet taste of Christy’s pussy. I knew that I couldn’t stop anything now. I was theirs.

Things became a blur. I realized that I ended up on my back, in place of Christy, lying on the sofa. And Christy sucked my hard nipples as her husband worked the wetness of my pussy up and down with the helmet of his dick. My feet rested on his broad shoulders and I was completely exposed to him. I waited in eager anticipation for him to finally penetrate me. His cock stroked up and down my wet hole as he prepared to enter me. I thought of my husband for a moment and then forced him out of my mind. “This is about pleasure, I don’t need to think of anything else.”

Chad forced his meaty cock into my pussy. It was the largest diameter penis that I had had and I gasped loudly as I took his size. His cock stretched me like never before and his heavy balls slapped my ass. Again, and again, and again. I was in heaven.

Christy must have been getting bored because she then straddled me and began to kiss my mouth again. Chad took this opportunity to withdraw from me and drive his penis into his wife. I could feel her body push me from the force of his thrusts. And then in a moment he was in me again. He alternated fucking me and his wife. First my pussy and then hers. I thought about how lucky Chad was, to have a wife that allowed him to fuck other women. “I certainly didn’t want my husband to fuck other women”, I thought ironically.

Once more we changed positions and this time I was on top in a 69 with Christy while Chad entered me from behind. He could get much deeper from this position and since his already wide penis, was thickest at the base, he opened me up even more. The streching of my vagina really stimulated me and I could tell that I was going to come soon. He began to pump me more violently and his balls slapped up over my clit and pleasured me even more. As Chad continued to pound me Christy began to suck on my love button and it was like lightening hit me. I came. It was the biggest orgasm that I have ever had. Even bigger than with Jan and Honza. Less than a minute later Chad quickly pulled out and stepped towards my face. I didn’t know what was happening until a thick rope of come splashed across my face. “Open your mouth!”, Chad commanded. I, still in shock, just obeyed. Chad’s warm hard penis passed my lips and I felt it violently pulse as his scrotum emptied. I rarely let my husband come in my mouth, and I never swallowed, but I was so horny and eager to please my new lovers that I drank the hot, salty seamen down as it pumped into my mouth. Christy joined us and began to lick the sperm off my face. And then sucked his sagging balls into her mouth as I still suckled on the now softening tip. I change my mind about Chad and Christy that day, and I made sure after that to visit more often.

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