hubby out of town part 1

it was a saturday morning in sunny california and i was just waking up
in my apartment alone because my husband will was out of town for a
few days at a racing event. i had to work that previous friday so i
was not able to go along. it was a bright and sunny day out and it
looked like a great day for the pool. i was laying there daydreaming
and missing him and thinking of how i would like to have sex with him
when he gets home. i was wearing a hot pink thong and a black tank
top. i slowly reached down and felt how wet my pussy was getting. the
touch of my hand was feeling so good at that point so i just kept
going. with every touch of my small warm hands my pussy was getting
wetter and wetter. i played and massaged my pussy and clit until it
felt so good all the while thinking and lusting for you will. i played
with my pussy so good that it was so wet that my small hands started
to slide off. well, i was so turned on by the sexy thoughts of your
huge black dick inside my wet pussy that i came in a matter of
moments. i came to thoughts of your slamming my pussy from the front
and the back. i was cumming so hard and so strong that my legs
literally locked up and i just lay there thinking of your hot body and
big black cock. my hot pink thongs were soaked with cum at that point.
i slowly got up and took my pink thong and black skimpy tank top off
and moved to the bathroom where i got in the shower.

moments later the phone rang and it was chris. he said “hi melissa”! i
said “hi chris”! he asked if will was home because he was in the
neighborhood and just wanted to come by and see the progress he was
making on the car. i explained to him that he was out of town at a
racing event. he said that’s cool. i told him that i was heading to
the pool if he would like to join me. he said sure and that he would
be over in a few minutes. i got in the shower and then i heard “the
knock” at the door. i yelled out to “come on in”. it was chris and i
yelled to him that i was “in here” meaning for him to come in the
bathroom. he stepped into the doorway and he saw my pink thongs soaked
with cum laying on the tile floor. he didn’t murmur a word. i said so
“what’s up”? he said he hadn’t been up to much. as i was in the shower
i discovered that i had forgotten to get a fresh bar of soap.

i asked chris to please reach in the cabinet and get me a fresh bar of soap so
that i could wash my body and big tits. as he pulled the
shower curtain back to hand me the soap, he just stared at me with the
water running down my curved ass and mountainous tits flowing with
water. i grabbed his hand as he gave me the soap and just kind of held
him there. he had this deer in the headlights look on his face. i said
“it is alright chris” you can look and even touch this hot body if you
so feel obliged. will is away and even so that it really didn’t
matter. i am the bitch of this house and i always get what i want and
who i want. he hesitated for a moment but then he took his hands and
started to slowly grab both of my wet tits with my nipples so hard. he
said that my tits were the best and biggest he had ever seen. i said
“i know”, you ought to suck my nipples and see what will gets to taste
when we have amazing sex. he gladly started sucking my big tits. after
that, he took his shirt off and stepped in the shower with me. he got
under the shower and got his body all wet and as he stood behind me,
he gently grabbed my ass and was massaging it. i asked him if he could
“help” me wash my body. he had a huge smile on his face at that point.
he started to lather me up and run his hands down my body starting
from my neck down my back and then all over my ass and then down each
leg slowly. as he was gliding his hands across my body, i backed up
into him and acted like i slipped and as i fell into him i felt that
his dick was rock hard. that really turned me on to feel his dick
touching my ass…

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