hubby out of town part 2

i turned around and was facing him and i was waiting
for him to start lathering my big tits and soft pink juicy pussy. as
he was getting the soap ready, i reached for his dick and then he
dropped the soap and we started kissing ever so softly. the warm water
was pouring down our faces as we kissed. it felt so damn good. i knew
my husband wasnt home and would not be home but i kept looking and
listening for him to come in the bathroom and find us being very bad.
the thought of that made me very horny. i thought to myself, what
would will do if he saw us. i thought well i think he might join us
and would not be too mad because i was taking care of my needs as well
as his good friends needs. i mean, im the”bitch” of this house and
i will take it from whoever i want and i will fuck you whenever i want.
as we were kissing, he was feeling my soft body with his soaped hands. i pulled away from him and
i leaned down towards his hard dick. i grabbed his cock and started to
suck it slowly and firmly. you could tell that he was in heaven. he
just took my wet head of hair and moved it around as to how he wanted
his dick sucked. i deep throated his cock a few times and i thought he
was going to cum in my mouth. he kept moaning and moving his body as
to tell me he liked his dick in my mouth. after a few minutes of
sucking him off, i came back up and started to kiss him again. i
whispered in his ear that he needs to get down and eat my pretty pink
pussy. he took my body firmly and placed my leg on the side of the
shower and spread my pussy and started to lick me pussy from top to
bottom. as he was licking my pussy, he took his finger and stuck it
into my wet pussy hole and started moving it back and forth. i put my
head back and closed my eyes as he was licking me. i was clearly in
heaven and didn’t care what was going on or what my husband would think. i
mean, he was out of town and i had needs to fill. as he licked and
ate my pink wet pussy, the water was dripping down his head and
falling onto my legs. i could not resist his excellent pussy eating as
it was feeling so goddamn good. his tongue was going up and down and
side to side all over my clit and his finger was going in and out of
my pussy so well, it just felt so good. i was getting ready to cum and
then he started to really lick my pussy and he had the rhythm down so
good that i couldn’t hold it back any longer. i was getting closer and closer to
cumming. finally, he had a good rhythm going with his tongue on my clit and i closed my eyes i came so hard in his mouth. my legs locked
up for a few moments. i bent down and kissed him and told him how good that felt and
that that was my favorite thing to have done.

at that point his dick was so hard and i wanted to feel his dick in my pussy. i got out of
the shower and grabbed a towel as he followed. i dried myself off and
grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the bed. we rolled around and he
ran his fingers through my auburn red and brown hair that was silky
smooth. i sucked his dick a little more and then he got on top of me
and stuck his finger in my pussy to see how wet i was getting. i was
very wet at that point because he got me off so good and i wanted to
feel his dick. he slowly started to spread my legs apart and then he
was on top of me and fully hard and he put the tip of his dick in my
hole and just kind of held it there for a second. i pushed his dick
into my pussy and wrapped my legs around his wet body. i ran my hands
through his wet hair and his chest. he started to penetrate my pussy
with his dick harder and harder. i could tell he really liked having
his dick in my pussy. he looked into my
eyes again and told me that will was one lucky guy to have such a hot girl like me. i told him that he was, but to quit
talking and just start fucking me! he put one leg of mine up and was
stroking my pussy with his dick. i told him that i like to be fucked
doggy style so he turned me over and i put my big round ass in his
face. he grabbed my two ass cheeks and then he put his dick in me and
continued to penetrate my wet pussy. after a few strokes, i told him to stop for a minute.
i took his dick out and started to suck it and taste my pussy juice.
after i was done licking my own juice off, i told him to just fuck me!
he continued to slide his dick in and out of me. we fucked for a
little bit longer he said that my pussy felt so good that he wasn’t
going to be able to hold off from cumming much longer. he grabbed my
tits from underneath and started to play with them as he was fucking
me. i was playing with myself as he was fucking me. he said he was
about to cum and wanted to know where he should cum. i told him when
he came that i would get off and turn over and let him cum all over
those big tits of mine. i guess that got him more horny and before i
knew it, he penetrated me even harder and then he pulled out and then
roughly turned me over and shot his big hot load of cum all over my
big tits. he got a few drops of cum on my chin. i quickly lapped up
the cum off of my chin. we laid in the bed for a little bit and talked
about what had just happened. neither of us regretted it. i knew will
wouldn’t have a problem with it because i am his woman and he is his
friend. after we had awesome sex, we took another shower and got the
sex washed off of us and then we sat down and i made breakfast. we
hung out a little more and then he accompanied me to the pool for the
day. he rubbed my tanning lotion on my back and on my legs and tits
for me so that i didn’t have to get all greasy.

later that day, my cell phone rang and it was will. i sounded so happy
and he asked what i had been up to and i told him that chris had been
over and that we had been at the pool together. i told him that i had
something to tell him when he got home. he wanted to know so badly
but i wanted to tell him face to face.

chris and i went swimming in the pool
and we played around in the pool and fucked one more time in the
pool in front of some of the neighbors. we kissed and got out and then
after a few more hours of fun i told him that he had to go home. i had
things i had to do and my husband would be calling and would return home
tomorrow. i also told him that i enjoyed him eating my pussy..

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  1. MasterHank

    Good story, I wish I was Will’s friend or, even better, his boss. That way I could send him out of town whenever we wanted to get together unless he decided he wanted to play with us.

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