Lunch Date

I am 30 years old and have been married to the man of my dreams for 5 years now. My husband and I have a very good sex life and have sex on average about 3 times a week. I love to give my husband blow jobs and to be fucked regularly, but 3 times a week is not always enough for me. I have an insatiable appetite for sex and like it a little rough. I also have voyeuristic fantasies and love porn.

Around the middle of September, I just couldn’t get enough sex. I would wake up early just to blow my husband before work just to make sure he would fuck me properly that evening. I would watch porn on my cell phone and masturbate in my car on the ride home hoping someone would see me and maybe offer to help. I had been fantasizing about sex with strangers and group sex quite often. My husband isn’t really into swinging or orgies which has always been a fantasy of mine. So, I took matters into my own hands.

I started visiting sexual networking sites on the internet. I began talking to a few different men and sharing fantasy stories and so on. I would then go to my car during lunch and masturbate myself to orgasm a few times before returning to work. I would hope again that someone would see me and offer a hand, but no luck there! As I got more familiar with the networking site I would look around and the want ad section and got a great idea!

I posted an ad for a man to meet me in the garage where I parked my car which is about 2 blocks from my job.
“Straight female looking for a straight male to eat me for lunch, meet me in the Monument Parking Garage”
I got several responses and told all of them to meet me on the 5th level in section G which is on the very top level in a darker than normal corner where not many people walk during the day. I told them exactly where to park.

I was so excited and very anxious. Knowing that I wanted to get fucked today I put on something special. I was wearing a long red dress with a v neck and four buttons down the front that went down to the empire waist followed by a loose flowing skirt. The dress accentuated my curvy figure and 38DD tits perfectly. I wore my over the knee 3″ black boots that I like to call my come fuck me boots!

When it came time I went to the garage and positioned myself in my business van with the van door open so when my male callers drove up to park they would see me. I unbuttoned my dress to expose my ample tits and took off my bra. I then took off my panties and sat with one leg resting on the side of the van to expose my wanting and ready pussy. The cool air and anticipation got me excited and I couldn’t help but rub my luscious tits and tweak the nipples while I waited. That made my pussy throb, so I began to rub my fingers up and down my very visible slit. It felt so good and I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I plunged my fingers deep inside my sopping hole.
I didn’t hear any cars pull up and was surprised to hear…..”Well look what I found” coming from a blonde man with a deep booming voice. I barely opened my eyes when I felt his warm breath as he leaned in and put my rock hard nipple in his mouth and sucked hungrily. I continued finger fucking and let my head roll back again. He whispered “So you wanna get ate for lunch, Huh?” I looked him in his eyes and said “After you eat me, I want you to fuck me…. HARD”. His eyes got wide and he just nodded. He got down on his knees which brought my hot throbbing pussy to the perfect level to be ravaged. He licked the wetness from my clean shaven lips, spread them open then licked my pussy in a steady rhythm. He stopped at my engorged clit and sucked and nibbled my love button. I was pulling at my nipples now in ecstasy. He shoved his tongue as far into my cunt hole as he could like he was trying to lap up every drop of moisture I produced…which was a lot. I could feel my juices and his saliva slowly dripping down my ass crack.

In the distance I heard two car doors close and footsteps approach, but never looked up and to my surprise I suddenly felt a set of cold hands grab my tits roughly and kneed them like dough. I looked up instantly to find two black men, one with a mustache and the other bald, staring at me while my blonde friend never even looked up from working my clit with his tongue. The man with the mustache who was tugging at my nipples now smiled and said “looks like we are late for lunch”. I tried to find my voice and finally whispered, between jagged breaths, “you can have the second course, but I’m sure you can find something to do until then”. I glanced over at his bald friend who was stroking his manhood through his slacks. I could tell he was hung by the size of his bulge and smiled at the prospect of him entering me soon.

Very suddenly, I was lifted out of my van and placed on the trunk of the car beside it. Blondie must have been as surprised as me because he stood quickly and yelled “what the hell?” Mustache smiled naughtily and said, “Relax, man, no we can all have some room”. Blondie grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge of the trunk, lifted my legs so they were straight in the air then opened them wide. I could feel the head of his hard cock as he rubbed it up and down my wet slit. He began to message my clit with the fat head of his cock. It felt outstanding and my pussy continued to drip juices in appreciation. Mustache man stood on the opposite side of the car and stood over me head, which was slightly hanging over the edge. He continued fondling my tits. He squeezed my nipples between his index fingers and thumbs and pulled while shaking my whole breast roughly. It was right on the border of being painful and was driving my body insane. I started to unfasten his pants and exposed his 8″ fat black cock. I took the head into my mouth and sucked lightly just as Blondie rammed his whole dick into me without warning all the way to his balls. I gasped in pain and pleasure. Mustache saw that opportunity to push his fat cock far down my throat. At that moment I was filled and happy for the first time in months.

As I was getting my pussy violated roughly from a blonde with a 7″ cock, and my face fucked by a fat 8″ dick I reached out for Baldy. After groping around for a second, I finally got a hold of his unleashed monster. This cock had to be 9-10″ long and I could barely close my hand around it. I began to jerk him off and the thought of him fucking me with that sent me over the edge. My body tensed and I could feel my cunt muscles tightening around Blondie’s cock. He worked me even harder as I practically inhaled Mustache’s entire length. I could hear my cum hitting the cement floor of the garage with each thrust. This sent another wave of orgasm shooting through my body and I let out a moan that was stifled by Mustache’s cock in my mouth. My pulsing pussy was too much for Blondie. I felt his cock throb and he quickly pulled his dick out and shot three pulses of cum. The first went far and landed on my chin and oozed down my neck, the second and third landed on my tits and I used my free hand to massage the warm loads over my heaving chest while still jerking Baldy’s huge rod. I felt Blondie ease out of my hot box and the cool breeze felt amazing as it hit the wetness in and around it.

Blondie pulled up his pants, tapped my leg and said “thanks for lunch” and walked away. I was now left with the two black guys and their enormous cocks. Mustache backed away from me and I almost fell off the car trying to put his dick back in my mouth. Both men eased me off the trunk of the car and I stood up wobbly on my 3 inch heals with my legs still unsteady from the orgasm. Mustache pulled my dress over my head which left me completely naked except for the sexy black boots that went slightly over my knee caps. Pussy juices flowed down my thighs and cum dripped down my neck. I took a deep breath and looked around. I could see a few eager eyes watching from their cars in the distance. I smiled big and looked at Mustache and Baldy who where both now leaning against the back of the car staring at me. I rubbed my tits and danced my 5’3″ curvy frame around for their benefit. I asked them in a sultry voice “what now fellas, are we all done?” “Hell no, we haven’t cum yet!” spat Baldy. “Nah, bitch, I have to fuck you now. You want this cock, bitch?” Mustache said smoothly with a wicked smile on his face as he stroked his lovely chocolate cock. I looked at both cocks being stroked by their owners and knew we were definitely not done. I took two steps towards the men and leaned over close and said, “I want your dick in my mouth and yours in my pussy” looking at Baldy and Mustache respectively. Baldy pulled himself so he was seated on the trunk of the car and I lowered my mouth onto his manhood. My lips stretched to get around his massive phallus and I knew it would be hard to suck on his whole cock, but I like a challenge. I positioned my legs so they were separated and my ass was in the air, a perfect position for penetration. Mustache moved behind me and wasted no time in putting his organ deep in my hole in one thrust. I whimpered a little at the sudden jolt of pain but it quickly turned to a pleasurable moan with each pump of his long hard rod. I was bringing my head down in long fast thrusts as I tried to deep throat Baldy’s King Kong shlong. I was keeping rhythm with Mustache as he pumped my pussy with fast deep thrusts. I picked my head up for air and couldn’t stop from crying out…”Oh yeah! Fuck me! Oh yeah you know you like that pussy!”

That must have excited them both because without any notice, Mustache reached around and grabbed my tits hard and held on to them like handles, he straightened my back so I was in a more upright position and he began pounding my pussy with all his strength. I tried to scream again, but before I could Baldy grabbed me by the back of my head and slammed my open mouth down on his dick so hard I gagged. He held me tight by my hair and viciously rammed his cock in and out of my mouth. “You like to be fucked, huh, slut? Well, I’m going to fuck your mouth, bitch!” His cock was so far down my throat I couldn’t breathe until he pulled out the huge dick only to ram it even deeper with the next pump. Tears were pouring down my cheeks, but the pain felt so good. Just when I thought I was about to fall over the ledge into orgasm, Baldy pulled his dick out. In between the deep thrusts to my mouth I let out a disappointing moan. I wanted to be fucked… I wanted to be treated like a whore, I wanted to cum! Mustache spread my ass cheeks and told me what a pretty cunt I had; he fingered my clit and rammed his three fingers in my hole. I heard him spit and felt his fingers caress my ass hole. I could feel him line his dick head up to my ass hole and with one deep thrust, he was all the way in. I moaned a deep loud moan of pain and pleasure. As soon as Mustache felt my tight ass around his cock he started to fuck my ass with total ferocity. His pace picked up quickly and I knew I was going to come soon. I reached down and rubbed my clit and two minutes later I felt my pussy muscles contract. My ass tightened around Mustache’s cock and I squirted so much cum from my pussy onto the concrete. Both men continued to pump there dicks in and out of my holes as my body tightened and wave after wave of orgasm tore through my body. I was limp now and still being used as fuck holes to these two well endowed men when Baldy let out a low deep “fuck yeah, here I cum”. He slammed my head down even harder and faster on his pulsing cock and shot a huge load of cum right down my throat. He pulled my face up and I caught the second load all over my face and I tried to aim so I could catch the third in my mouth. The third load was the biggest and it went into my mouth and some of it oozed out and down my cheek and landed on my rock hard nipples. I put his huge cock back in my mouth and tried to suck every last drop of sperm from his dick. Just then, a moan erupted behind me and Mustache buried his cock so deep in my ass that I nearly fell forward. This caused another round of orgasm to tear through my body and again I squirted pussy juices all over my boots and the cement ground. I felt his cock swell in my ass and before he blew his load, he grabbed me by my hair and swung my around so I faced him and he unloaded his balls all over my face and tits. I sucked what he had left out of his cock and rubbed his sperm onto my tits and rubbed my soaking wet cunt. Exhausted, I fell back onto the ground in a puddle of my own juices mixed with splatters of semen. I looked up at the remaining men as they were zipping their pants. I was naked and covered in cum. Baldy looked at me and said “Thanks for the lunch, you dirty cunt”, and both men walked away leaving my on the ground.

That was the best experience of my life!

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