Rebecca’s Night Out

My name is Rebecca, and for most of my life I’ve been a good girl. That is, until a couple of weeks ago, after I caught my husband cheating, but I’ll get to that in a moment. Let me tell you about myself. I’m 23, 5’9″, 130 lbs; I have shoulder length brown hair to match my big brown eyes, and a pair of C tits that get me exactly what I want when my eyes don’t. I’ve also been complemented on my curvy ass once and awhile, I guess the boys like to stare (and every once in a while the ladies too!).
Now back to my story. Like I said, I caught my man cheating on me with some cheap whore, so I left him. I stayed in a hotel for a night, and then for whatever reason, I decided I’d go to the bar and get wasted. I thought I just wanted to drink my pain away, but looking back now, I know what I really wanted. I wanted to get even with my cheating husband. I wanted to get fucked, and get fucked hard. And so that’s what I did, I went to the bar.
I put on a tight pair of jeans that hugged my ass and a low-cut black tank top over my sexiest black lace bra. I doused myself in some perfume, and even overdid my makeup. I headed to the bar and ordered a drink, and before long, a fellow came up and introduced himself. His name was Jack, and we talked for about an hour. In that hour, we must have had 4 drinks apiece, and I was getting pretty drunk. Every now and then I’d glance around the bar, and this one table of guys always caught my eye. There were four guys, each tall, tan, handsome, and even a little rugged. As the night went on, Jack noticed my wandering eyes, and to my surprise he knew the guys! They were his friends; he said he had been hanging with them when he saw me walk in the bar and he knew he just had to introduce himself to such a hot lady. Then Jack did what I really wanted him to do. He took my hand and looked me in the eyes and asked “Would you like to meet them?”. I heard the words, but looking into his eyes I knew what he was really asking. He was really saying “Would you like to fuck them?” and my answer was “Hell yes”. So we walked over to the table where his friends were and we talked for a while. There was Mark and Mike, they were brothers, and then there was Greg and Anthony. They were all construction workers who were in town for a job. It was getting late and the bar was closing down, so they invited me back to their hotel to talk some more. I agreed. I was so excited, I knew where this was going. We were going to go back to their hotel, and they were going to fuck me. I had never done anything like this. I had only ever had sex with two guys, my husband and before that with my first boyfriend back in highschool, but never with a group of guys. I had never even imagined being screwed by 5 guys in the same night, but I could tell it was going to happen, and it would be loads of fun!
It didn’t take long to get to the hotel, but in the short car ride over, I sat in the back and the guys got a little feely, but I didn’t mind. I was so turned on by the thought of strangers grabbing my boobs and running their hands down my body and around my ass. Having multiple guys touching me was making my pussy wet, and no one had even taken any clothes off yet.
By the time we got up to their room, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to have those cocks! We got into their room, and I immediately grabbed one man and started to kiss him, and then I whispered in his ear how badly I wanted it. He told me I was going to get it, and get it good. Just then one of the guys came up behind me and forced me down on my knees, and took a tight hold of my hair. Two others grabbed at my tank top and ripped if off, at the same time I felt fingers working at my bra and then that came loose. Suddenly my tits were fully exposed to this room of 5 guys, and I was so excited that my nipples were standing up and rock hard. Jack stood in front of me, with his hard cock now out of his pants. It must have been a good 7 inches, and it was wide too. He looked down at me and said “You want to fuck tonight you little slut? You’re going to be our whore, and you better do it right. Got it?” I was too shocked to say anything, but that was a mistake. Jack leaned down and smacked me across the face, and then asked “Did you hear me slut?” This time I knew what to do, so I nodded and then I reached up and grabbed his hard dick and started stroking it. Soon the other guys had pulled out their cocks too, and I was slowly stroke one guy and then the next, working around the circle they had formed around me. Then the guy behind me took ahold of my hair again and shoved my towards Jack’s cock, and told me to suck it like a real slut. I was so excited, I took that entire cock in my mouth in one quick bob of my head. Jack let out a moan to let everyone know how good it was, and with that I began to suck everyone’s dick. They were all about the same size and girth, except for Greg, who was black and had close to 9 inches of tall, hard black cock. When it was his turn, I was so excited! I tried to get it all in, but I just couldn’t handle all of it. Greg wasn’t too happy about that, so he grabbed my head and started to thrust that cock in and out of my mouth, each thrust went deeper and deeper. Pretty soon he was throatfucking me, and I couldn’t make him stop. He was grinding his teeth and telling me to take it like the slut I am, and then he shoved it deep down my throat and held it there. I was beginning to gag on it when I felt him tense up, and then his huge load started pouring down my throat. He was telling me to swallow every drop, but I was already choking and couldn’t get it all. His hot cum ran down the sides of my mouth, and then I couldn’t take anymore and I coughed, oozing cum all over down my chin and dripped onto my tits. I was slapped because I couldn’t take it all, and then I was met with another cock in my mouth. This man did the same thing, he just throatfucked me as hard as he could, and unloaded his cum into my slutty little mouth. This happened with every guy, and by the time they had all cum in me once, I was a complete mess. I had cum running down my face, and even some in my hair. My makeup was a complete mess, the mascara had run down my eyes from being choked by those monster cocks. I looked like a true slut like that, and I was happy about that.
I think the guys had too much to drink, because after only cumming once, they were too tired to fuck the rest of me. I was disappointed, because I had wanted them to completely use me. I wanted them to fuck all my holes, all my holes at once. But I figured that would have to happen the next time I saw the guys. As they passed out one by one, I decided to play with myself. Never had my pussy been so wet, and never had I wanted to be fucked so badly. I must have had 4 orgasms that night just playing with myself, and then I too passed out. I woke up around noon the next day, with a terribly sore throat and a hangover. The room was empty, but there was a note. It said to return to the bar in two nights, and we could party some more. I couldn’t wait!

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  1. bjg48723

    good but it was way to short

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