The Third Party

The Third Party

Romeo walked to the bottom of the staircase and called out to his new wife Rasa, “Baby, you ready to go?” She quickly grabbed her purse and walked out of the bedroom. She replied her husband sweetly, “yes darling, I’m coming.” Romeo looked up the stairs as he heard her light footstep coming down the staircase. He smiled up to her and his heart skipped a beat. He was so glad that she’d finally married him.

He stretched out his hands as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She took his strong hands and tiptoed to kiss his lips. He returned her kiss and hugged her closely. His perfume made her weak in the knees as it smells so inviting and sexy. He wanted to make love to her then, as she smelled so sensual and delicious. They both walked out of the house and he opened the car door for her to slipped in. Romeo walked over to the driver’s side and started the car. They drove quietly to town. They held hands and listened to the music.

After 10 minutes of driving, they reached the venue of the party that was located in town. They parked the car in the hotel’s basement car park (as that’s where the dinner party was being held). They got out of the car and walked to the elevator. He kissed her and then whispered, “Ti amo.” She replied, “I love you too.” They got into the elevator and head up to the second floor where the dinner party was held.

They registered themselves at the party reception, picked their main course from the menu and were ushered by the hotel staff to their table. Romeo introduced his wife to his friends sitting at the table. They were there with their wives as well. Everyone chatted happily while the live band was playing some songs to entertain the guests. Ten minutes later, appetisers and liquor were served. It was soon followed by the main dinner course pre-selected by guests earlier.

About half an hour later after main course was served, the Master of Ceremony invited everyone to the dance floor to dance. The band started playing some slow songs accompanied by a female singer. Romeo took Rasa’s hand and they danced to two slow songs.

Towards the end of the second song, he drew her closer to him and whispered in her ear, “Do you want to stay for dessert?” She looked at him and answered, “No darling let’s go back.” She winked and added, “I rather have you, my desserts.” Without hesitation, he took her hands and they walked to their table to bid the rest farewell. They then went to look for the host to thank him for his hospitality and said their goodbyes.

They went into the elevator and he turned to kiss her passionately. She could feel her knees getting weaker. She held onto to him dearly so she won’t slip from his grip. She was hoping that they were already at home in their own privacy to explore each other. She would like to have him there as much as he wants her too. Instead of walking to the car park he took her hands and lead her out of the hotel. She looked at him with a surprised looked. She tugged at his hands, “Darling we’re not going home?” “I need to talk to you about things that have been in my mind,” he told her of which she replied, “Ok we find a place to sit and talk.”

They started walking along the beach in front of the hotel looking for a bench to sit on. He saw a bench and they both walked over and sat down. He turned and looked at her, “Baby?” “Yes darling?” she sensed that something really was bothering her husband and it makes her unhappy too to see him feeling uneasy. So she asked him eagerly, “What’s wrong my love? You know I’m here for you. Tell me my love, what’s on your mind.”

“Baby,” he said, “I want to make love to you tonight but I want to do it in this hotel.” She smiled and understood what was in her husband’s mind then. She took his chin and looked at him, “Darling, we do it at home, ok? I prefer our house. We do it in the garden under the moonlight.” He kissed her and whispered, “But I want to make love to you with the help of an assistant lover. Would it be ok if this fantasy is fulfilled tonight? I want to see how it makes you feel when we do it with the help of another man, my love. I want the man and me to cum all over your body. Would you like to help me make this fantasy come true?” She looked at his eagerness and kissed him. He continued to talk, “He assists me to give you more pleasure. I promise I won’t let him penetrate you nor kiss you.” She turned to look at the horizon as cool breeze blew her hair. She made him wait for several minutes as she thought it over.
In fact, she had wanted to experience having sex with two men ever since her husband (boyfriend then) told her about it when they first courted. She knew he could not wait any longer for her answer as he was fidgeting next to her. He tried to enjoy the breeze as he too looked out at the horizon with his arms around her shoulder.

Finally after a moment of silence and an emotional torture for her husband, she turned to look at her husband. Her heart was filled with nothing but love and desire for him. She took his hands and told him, “Darling are you sure you want it tonight?” He smiled and nodded to her. She continued, “Ok only if you promise me he won’t penetrate and kiss me. You be clear to him, ok? No kissing and penetration on his part but he is allowed to do whatever he wants with me. You’ll be ok with that?” Romeo replied and held up his hand in a gesture of a scout’s honour, “Yes my love, he can do whatever he wants or as I instruct so long as no penetration and kissing.” He put down his hand and continued, “I cannot let anyone kiss nor take you.” “Ok let’s do it tonight” she said to him and added, “How long will it take to get him here?” Romeo smiled, “Only twenty minutes after calling him. We check into the hotel first and then call him to come straight into our room.” She replied, “Ok darling, let’s go.”

They went into the hotel and got a room, Romeo asked the front desk, “please send up 2 bottles of champagne and some finger food. We are expecting a guest for a meeting discussion. Please send him up to our room when he arrives. He is Mr Massimilano Hugo. Oh! And also please make sure no one disturb our room.” The desk clerk nodded and wrote down Mr Massimilano’s name and Romeo’s room number. Romeo then left to go up to their room, holding Rasa’s hand. He called the love assistant and said, “Ciao Max! This is Romeo you can come to the hotel now. In case you are stopped by security as I told them not to disturb our room, just tell them your name and the room is 618. See you later. Ciao!”

While waiting for the assistant to come, Rasa went to the bathroom to turn on the tap to fill the long bathtub with hot water. About several minutes later, the room service came with the champagne and finger food. Romeo pushed the food trolley to the side so it is nearer to the corridor, to give them more space (in case a need arises). Romeo asked Rasa, “Baby, you think the space is enough for us three?” Rasa came out of the bathroom and looked around, “Yeah darling it’s good.” She added, “You told him the room number yet?” “Yeah baby, he knows. Should be here in a couple of minutes” Romeo informed Rasa.

A few minutes later the doorbell rung and Romeo went to answer the door. It was the assistant so Romeo let him in. Rasa came to the door to meet the assistant. Romeo introduced them, “Max this is my wife Rasa, Rasa meet Max.” They shook hands to acknowledge each other. The assistant, Massimilano (Max for short), excused himself to washed his hands and when he came out, he saw that Rasa and Romeo were already kissing each other at the foot of the bed.

Rasa finished unbuttoning Romeo’s shirt and is now removing his pants. Max came over as instructed by Romeo and started to unzip her dress. Rasa had just finished removing Romeo’s boxer. Romeo turned her around to face Max so she can unbutton Max’s shirt. Max slipped her dress off her shoulder and let the dress dropped to the floor. She was wearing nothing under her dress except a g-string.

Max admired and whistled, “Wow! I like that, nothing under. Nothing but g-string. Mmmmm you have such lovely breasts.” She blushed and started to unbuttoned Max’s shirt. Romeo was caressing his wife’s back and slowly easing his fingers towards her breasts and caressing them. She took off Max’s pants and removed Max’s boxer. She started touching his body and Romeo now was rolling her nipples between his fingers from behind.

Max took off her g-string and kneels down in front of her. Max started kissing her tummy and Romeo was nibbling her neck while standing behind her and continued playing with her now hard nipples. She moaned as the two men kissed her neck and tummy. Her knees felt like jelly as she was overtaken by all the attention. She stroked her husband’s head with her right hand and the other hand was stroking Max’s head.

Max used his fingers to touch her clitoris while he looked up to her face. Max could see that she was enjoying every touch and kiss. She had goose bumps all over her body where the two men had touched. She moaned loader as Max’s finger moving in and out of her slightly wet vagina.

Romeo then came to her side and gently pushed her on to the bed. Max still had his fingers in her wet vagina as he inched nearer to the bed with his fingers still moving in and out of her vagina. Romeo climbed on the bed next to her. Romeo told Max to get up on the bed as well. Romeo was now sucking her right nipple while massaging the left breast. Max began to push his fingers to spread her clitoris apart so he can nibble on her clitoris and stick his tongue inside her wet vagina.

Romeo moved up to kiss her and stuck his tongue into his wife’s throat making her moaned into his throat. Romeo’s hand was holding the back of her neck to pull her face closer to his. They were kissing passionately while Max was busy licking and sucking her wet vagina. Max then moved up to her breast to fondle it since it looks so succulent and needed a man’s touch. Romeo was too busy kissing his wife and was not fondling with her soft breast. Her left nipple harden again as Max sucked it slowly while he caressed and massaged her right breast.

Romeo who was still kissing his wife moved his fingers to her wet clitoris. Max sucked her left nipple. Romeo stopped kissing her and moved to pay attention to her right breast. Romeo indicated to Max that he too would like to suck on her hard nipple. Her right nipple started to harden from her husband’s touch. He sucked her nipple softly and was still fingering her clitoris. Both men are now sucking her nipples. She was moaning and begging them to lick her hard nipples. They both did as she wishes. She took her husband’s fingers and guide him to pushed further in. He stuck his fingers deeply into her and she cried out in ecstasy. She was all wet again and ready for her husband to lick her vagina. He went down to lick her wet and hot vagina. He kissed his wife’s clitoris and stuck his tongue inside his wife’s vagina. “Oooooohhhh darling I want you. Take me Romeo! No more teasing pleeeeeeeassss, take me.”

Max moved both his hands to caressed her breast as he started to nibble her neck. Romeo was still licking and teasing her hot and wet vagina. She moaned and called his name, over and over again begging him to take her.

After several minutes of teasing, she climaxed with Romeo’s tongue still teasing her vagina. With her orgasm flow in his mouth he got up to kiss his wife so she too can taste herself. They were kissing each other passionately again, forgetting the world around them. They were kissing and caressing each other for several minutes and they forgot that Max was with them.

Max decided to thrust in and out of her vagina using only his tongue as her vagina is now dry after she had climaxed. Max was sucking, kissing and licking her vagina. Max teased her dry vagina and it’s now starting to get wet. Max was making her moaned into Romeo’s throat. After several more minutes she climaxed again.

The three decided to move into another position. Max was beneath her and Romeo went behind her and started to penetrate her in a doggy position. She was moaning into Max’s penis as she was sucking Max’s hard penis. He too was also moaning as he can feel her hot breath on his penis. She was also licking Max’s penis. Romeo was inside her with his hard penis, thrusting in and out. Romeo penetrates her with soft and hard thrusting. He could feel the whole depth of her vagina. Romeo was also moaning as her vagina track was tight and warm.

Romeo instructed Max to move into “69” position so Max can lick her clitoris since she’s still on all fours and she massaged Max’s hard penis. She sucked Romeo’s hard penis (who was kneeling in front of her then) as he ran his fingers through her hair. Max was busy sucking and licking her vagina and was enjoying her massage on his hard penis.

Both men changed position. Max stood by the side of the bed so that she can tilt her head down by the side of the bed to suck his penis. His hands was caressing and massaging her soft breast. Romeo mounted on top of his wife and slowly inserts his hard and thick penis into her hot and wet vagina. He paced his movements of fasts and slows when penetrating his wife. She was moaning loudly then in pleasure just as Max was moaning with pleasure. Romeo had a smile on his face to see that his wife was enjoying what he knew they both would enjoy.

Finally after a moment both guys spread their semen all over her breast and abdomen. She slowly rubbed it all over her breast with one hand while the other hand held Romeo’s penis. Romeo moved up to her face so that she could suck his penis and licked the semen. Romeo kissed his wife’s mouth, which had sucked all his semen to taste himself. Max helped to rub their semen and massage her breasts.

Once all the semen were well spread all over her body, Max got up to grab some tissue papers to help her wipe the semen off. He passed some to Romeo so that both men can help her to clean off the semen. They both moved the tissue softly over her breasts and abdomen. When both men had finish with the cleaning, she got up and took some tissue papers to help the men clean their penis.

The three of them then turned on their sides and cuddled each other. She was sandwiched in between the two men. Romeo was spooning her from her back with his chest against her bare back. Rasa tilted her head to meet Romeo’s lips. They kissed with Romeo’s penis nearer to her back so he could rub against her soft buttocks. Max was facing and hugging her. Max could feel her soft breast pulsing softly next to his chest as she breathes. The three of them were in that position as they snooze off for several minutes.

Rasa got up slowly as not to wake the men and went to the bathroom to clean her self. She poured the body shampoo on her palm and lathered it all over her body and was caressing her breast. She touched her nipples lightly between her fingers as they were so hard and sore from all the sucking the men gave her earlier. She closed her eyes and let her hands glided over the places where the guys had kissed, sucked, bit and licked.

She was fondling her clitoris and moaned with pleasure. She did not realise that Max was watching her playing with herself. He was getting harder each time he hears her moaned. He decided to join her under the shower. He poured body shampoo on his body and lathered all her body and helped to caress her breast. She moaned as Max touched her nipples. He moved slowly behind her so he could fondle her breast from behind. She placed her hands over Max’s hand lightly and guided him to where she wanted him to touch. She slowly moved one of his hands down to her clitoris while the other hand remains on one of her breast. He moved in circles over her pubic as she moaned and licked her own lips. She had Max’s fingers in her clitoris as she caressed her own breast.
Just then Romeo woke up and noticed that his wife was not in bed neither was Max. He got up as he heard some noises coming from the bathroom direction. He approached the doorway to the bathroom and heard his Rasa moaning. He stood by the doorway and watched them caressing each other. He wanted to join them but decided not to. He preferred to watch them as he knew that they can only tease each other, which makes it more interesting to watch.

He tiptoed over to the toilet bowl and closed the lid. He sat on top on the toilet bowl and started to touch himself. He was watching Max inserting his fingers into her clitoris and she was moaning louder as she came close to orgasm.

Rasa turned to faced Max and she turned on the shower just to get Max slightly wet. She then uses her body to lather the body shampoo unto Max’s bare chest. Max had his arms around her back so he could caress her perk buttocks. She went down slowly on her knees so that Max’s penis would be sandwiched between her breasts. He asked her to help him masturbate. She slithered up and down Max with his penis carefully sandwiched between her breasts. The she took his penis and massaged it. Max’s penis grew harder with each of her touch. Max leaned against the wall and opened his legs wider. She looked up at him as she massages his testicles. He was moaning when she slowly massages his anal region. Finally she inserted her fingers into his anus. He yelped in ecstasy. She moved her fingers in a slow thrusting movement of ins and outs.

She told him to slide down so that he could lie on the floor of the cubicle shower (luckily the cubicle had enough of space to accommodate them if they wish to lie on the floor). She got on top of him and started to glide her slippery body on top of Max. Max had his arms around her and was stroking her slippery and wet back. She sat up and slowly moved down to press her clitoris on his tummy. She moved in circles, up and down as he moaned and played with her nipples. She glided further down to his pubic area and pressed her clitoris over his hard penis. She teased him by using her clitoris to glide over his penis. Max wanted to take her but he was forbid to do that.

She teased him for another few minutes. He stopped playing with her nipples when she stopped to turn into another position with her back facing Max’s face. She massaged his hard penis and he moaned. He caressed her buttocks and slowly pushed his fingers into her anus. She moaned with pleasure. She was massaging Max as he thrusts his fingers deeply into her anus. She climaxed just while Max was fingering her anus.

They got up to rinse under the shower. He helped her by running his palms over her body to rinse off left over soap and vice-versa.

Romeo seeing his wife having a great time with Max and he could not contain himself anymore; he got up and walked over to join them. He got under the shower with them and he noticed that Max’s penis was still as hard as his. Max turned off the tap as Romeo grabbed the bottle of body shampoo and poured some onto his palm and applied it over his wife’s breast. Romeo started kissing Rasa and was caressing her breasts.

Max was masturbating while watching the couple kissing and caressing each other. Max’s penis grew longer and harder. Romeo bent Rasa over and moved towards her back. He fingered her clitoris and thrusting his fingers in rhythmic motion of ins and outs, into her hot vagina. After several minutes of teasing her, he knew that she’s ready to receive him. Romeo turned on the shower so that the water could rinse off the soap on their bodies. Max and Romeo were stroking their hard penises under the shower as they looked at her rising herself. Once there were no more traces of soap on them, Romeo turned off the shower.

Rasa asked Max to lie down on his back so she could masturbate for him. He lay down in the opposite direction. She went down and took Max’s penis into her mouth. He gasped with ecstasy. Max reached over to massage her breasts.

Romeo knelt over Max’s head so that he could penetrate her. He thrust her hard and she moaned loudly. Max was fondling her right breast and helped to massage her pubic area. She was moaning even as she could feel the height of her orgasm erupting. Rasa orgasm and Romeo removed his still hard penis from her vagina. Rasa got up to turn to her husband’s hard penis. She stroked and sucked Romeo’s penis. Max sat up and went over to her back so that he could caressed her breasts from behind her. Max placed a hand over one of her breast and he stroked her clitoris with the other hand. She moaned with pleasure.

After several minutes of teasing, they stood up together. Romeo heaved her up to his hips and he pushed his hard penis into her vagina. She moaned louder as she felt the bulk of her husband’s manhood. He thrust her slowly and she was begging him to take her harder. Rasa kept pleading with her husband to take her. Max stood and stroked himself as he admired the couples’ passion.

With Romeo’s each thrust she moaned and begged Romeo, “Oooohhhh Darling take me, I want you. Pleasssssssse take me. Push harder! Harder my love, harder.” Max moved closer to her back and took his penis to glide and rubbed it against her wet body. Max’s other hand reached over and was fondling her nipples.

Several minutes later, Romeo gently let Rasa down and moved to lie on his back. He told Rasa to get on top of him. She went down and quickly took his penis into her vagina which was hot and wet. Romeo told Max to stand next to her so that she could suck on his penis. Romeo was thrusting her slowly and quickly. She licked and sucked Max’s penis. She took Max’s testicles and sucked slowly. Romeo was also fondling her nipples just as she grinded on top of Romeo with his penis deeply into her vagina. She moaned with each thrust by Romeo and Max could feel her moaning on his penis.

After several minutes Romeo could feel her climaxed. Romeo stopped thrusting and massaging her breasts. Max helped her to her feet when she finished sucking on his hard penis. Romeo got up and held his wife tightly against his chest.

Romeo told Max to adjourn to the long bath as they would like to continue from there. Romeo held Rasa’s hand and took her to the long bath. Max turned on the shower so they could rinsed themselves before going into the long bath. After rinsing, Max walked over to the long bath and poured some bath salt. He stirred the water to ensure that the salt was dissolved into the warm water.

The water was just perfect for them to soak in. Romeo and Rasa got into the tub. Max slides in as well as there where enough space for the three of them. Romeo sat at the end of the tub and he was stroking his penis with his legs wide apart. Rasa got on her knees and crawled towards Romeo and took Romeo’s hard penis into her mouth. Romeo moaned as he felt the sensual pleasure. Max got to his knees and fingered her vagina from the back. She moaned with pleasure.

Max was thrusting her vagina slowly and deeply with his fingers while she sucked and licked Romeo’s penis. She started nibbling Romeo’s testicles and Romeo moaned louder. She moved down towards the bottom of his rectum and started to tease the area between the rectum and the anus. She licked and nibbled Romeo lightly. Romeo was begging her to take him into her mouth. She teased him for several minutes and when Romeo was not aware, she took Romeo’s penis into her mouth, “Ooooooohhhhhh you are good baby.”

Romeo knew that if she continued to tease him, he will ejaculate into her mouth. Romeo leaned over and took her chin to divert her mouth away from his extremely hard penis. She got up and Max stopped to play with her vagina. Romeo slide into the water and massaged her breasts. He held her chin up to meet his face and they started to kiss. He was massaging her breast just as she was playing with his nipples. Max got out of the tub to exchanged place with Romeo.

Max sat at the end of the tub, watching them kissing and caressed his own penis. He started to masturbate and sat with his legs wide apart. Romeo got out of the tub to move behind her. Romeo got down on his knees to kiss Rasa’s neck and played with her nipples from behind her. Romeo guided her so she bends over and got on fours. Romeo slowly moved towards Rasa who crawled to Max. She tried to open her legs wider within the width of the tub.

She took Max’s penis into her mouth and blow into it. Max moaned. She sucked his penis harder and Max grew harder and thicker. Romeo was thrusting his fingers into her vagina and she moaned into Max’s penis. She was sucking hard on Max’s penis. Romeo could not contain any longer so he thrust into her vagina. She moaned and Max felt her throat. Romeo thrust into his wife and Rasa was teasing Max’s rectum and took his testicles into her mouth.

Finally Max told Romeo that he is about to climaxed. Romeo too was about to climaxed too. So all got up and Rasa took Max’s place and the both men ejaculated their semen all over her body. She spread the semen all over her breast.

Romeo and Max got out of the tub and walked to the shower to take a bath and rinsed themselves. Rasa cleaned herself in the water just as both men finished bathing and walked out to the bedroom. After cleaning herself, she walked over to the shower and took a bath herself. When she’s done with the washing, she grabbed a towel to dry her body and took the bathrobe which her husband had hung for her. She wrapped herself and joined them in the bedroom.

Romeo and Max had towels around their waist and were eating the finger food which Romeo ordered earlier. Rasa sat next to her husband and he took her hand. Romeo fed her some food and then uncorked the champagne and poured for all to drink.

Romeo was asking Max, “What do you do?” Max replied, “I am a café owner. I run a small café business in this commercial district”. “That’s interesting” Romeo replied and then added, “So what do you serve in your café?” Max explained, “I served fast, simple and healthy food, such as salads, sandwiches, tea and coffee. Since my café is located in a commercial district, I know my customers prefer this type of convenient food as they are always chasing for time.” Rasa added, “Do you do only eat-ins and take-away or with deliveries too? Max turned to face Rasa and told her, “I do deliveries too but within a radius of 1km”. Rasa surprised with that reply and asked further, “That’s a very small area you cover then?” “I would not say it’s small as I am located in a highly dense commercial district,” Max explained.

Both men talked about sports while Rasa was just listening to the guys discussing about last night’s football match. They were chatting animatedly for half an hour about match. Rasa was feeling drowsy from the champagne so she tried to get up and walked towards the bed but some champagne spilt on her semi covered chest. She used her finger to wipe it off and then licked her fingers without realising that both men were watching her.

Romeo had an idea so he got up and knelt in front of her. She looked at him dreamily and Romeo undid her bathrobe. He placed his palm behind her waist and poured some champagne on her body. He pulled her closer to him so that he could lick her body. Max got the message and walked over to the bed, holding the left over champagne. Romeo heaved Rasa up and took her to the bed. He dropped her on the bed and both men removed their towels.

Rasa was looking at both men and smiled. She figured what they were up to. Each man got to either side of her. Max poured some champagne on her breast and abdomen. Romeo licked the champagne off her nipples while Max licked her abdomen. She giggled with pleasure. Once they had finished licking the spilt champagne, they poured more on to her breast and abdomen and continued for a while.

Romeo thrust his fingers into her vagina, while the other hand was caressing her tummy. Max was licking her breasts and playing with her hard nipples. Max took a sip of the champagne and quickly covered her nipple. The bubbly effect drove her wild.

Rasa got up and was on fours. Max dipped her hung nipples into the champagne and Romeo bend lower so that he could lick her champagne filled nipples. Max moved the glass to the other breast so he too can taste the champagne off her other nipple.

Rasa got up and instructed both men to lie on their back next to each other. She took the champagne filled glass from Max and he lay on his back. She then took a gulp and sucked her husband’s penis. Romeo gasped as the bubble tickled him. Max was waiting for his turn. She took another gulp and suck on Max’s penis he too gasped. She finished the last two gulps from the champagne and climbed over Max’s body to set the glass down next to the side table.

Rasa started sucking on Max’s nipples. Romeo got up and moved behind his wife. He thrust deeply into her vagina. She moaned with each thrust. She cannot move as Romeo was inside her, Max moved slowly up so that she could nibble and finally reached his hard penis.

Romeo was thrusting her from behind and Rasa was sucking hard on Max’s penis. They were in this position until both men were about to ejaculate. She turned on her back and both men ejaculated their hot semen all over her breast.

Rasa spread their semen all over her breast. Romeo leaned down to sucked on her hot vagina. Max helped Rasa to massage the semen on her breasts. About 2 minutes later Max got up to go to the bathroom and Romeo took Rasa’s hand and they joined Max in the shower.

Max poured the body shampoo onto his palm and lathered it on her breast and slowly moved towards her clitoris. Romeo lathered it on her back and he too moved slowly down. Romeo stuck his fingers into her anus while Max stuck his finger into her vagina. She was sandwiched between both men and was crying out in ecstasy, she was too drowsy to do much to any of them. After teasing her for a while, both men felt her climaxed. They remained their fingers inside her for another couple of minutes and then removed it. As they removed their fingers, she signed with pleasure.

Both men helped her to rinse off the remaining soap on her body. When they were done, Romeo slowly wipes her dry and carried her to the bed. Max bathed and was towelling himself dry when Romeo came into the shower to bath. Romeo quickly wipes himself and joined Max in the bedroom. Max wore his clothes and told Romeo, “I had a fantastic time. Please do call me again if you guys needed such sessions.” Romeo told Max, “We had a fantastic time too. We will definitely call you again. Who knows maybe we can do this on a more regular basis. Would you like that?”

Max smiled and replied, “Good, looking forward to more of it.” Max looked over to Romeo’s shoulder to see Rasa, “She’s zonked out. But I admired her stamina and guts. Please tell your wife thank you for the pleasure. Dropped by to my café some time ok? Ciao Romeo!” “We will come by your café sometime. Ciao Max!”

Romeo closed and locked the door when Max walked to the elevator. Romeo climbed on the bed and lay next to his wife. He covered her with the quilt and snuggled next to her. She was already fast asleep.

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