wife’s reluctant to Dress Slutty Pt 3

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As we headed for dinner in a cab, we looked the part of a tourist couple. Me in a dark suit, Cindy in a beautiful gown…we fit in with the many tourists, and the locals.
We were seated at the restaurant, and ordered wine. As we chatted about the afternoon’s head turning adventures, Cindy was eager to turn a few more heads, and decided to begin now.
As a server refilled our water glasses, Cindy asked him if he thought she had a nice body…wow what a bolder attitude than she had a couple of days before.
The server was not sure what to say, and stammered something like, yeah…you are very hot. He was obviously distracted, and overfilled a water glass while staring at Cindy’s hardened nipples. He apologized, and in the attempt to wipe up the spill, wound up spilling some water on Cindy’s gown.
She stood up quickly, drawing the attention of those around us. I noticed the material of her gown became transparent, and her boobs were very visible to all. She leaned forward as she hopped around wiping at her chest.
The couple at the table beside us had a great view, as did the wait staff that was trying to assist.
Cindy headed to the ladies room to freshen up, and came back with the whole front of her gown wet, and completely see through. She made quite a scene, as she proudly strutted around the whole dining room. Men stared, their dates got angry, the waiters and busboys stumbled and dropped things. Cindy had created havoc, and the night was just getting started.
When she got back to the table, Cindy told me she was so excited, she had to masturbate in the ladies room.
She asked me to taste her fingers, which I did and surely the scent and flavor were hers.
The rest of the meal was uneventful, but as we left the restaurant, I had the admiration of many, some even offered greetings as we passed.
Your wife is hot, wish I was you, man…things like that.
I was proud, and Cindy was charged up.
We jumped in a cab and headed for a dance club…but Cindy wanted to change 1st. She had put an outfit in her purse she said…more appropriate for a night club, she said.
I assumed she would change at the club, until she started taking off the gown. She was totally naked in the back of a NYC cab. Poor driver was so distracted, he almost crashed several times. Cindy’s new outfit was a tiny skirt and a top that was little more than a ribbon that tied behind her neck, and covered her nipples…sort of.
There was a long line, as people waited to get in the club. The door man saw Cindy, and ushered us right in…
even waving the cover charge.
We made our way in, and the vibe of the place was hot.
Many outfits were almost as hot as Cindy’s, and great looking people were all around.
Might be tough to get the attention, I thought.
Cindy saw a challenge and was up for it.
As we ordered drinks, Cindy made some adjustments to her outfit…the “barely there” top was now simply an accent and her boobs and nipples were on display. Her skirt which barely covered her ass, had a little slit at the side…she twisted it, and tore the slit, so that her pussy was also fully exposed. She was basically naked in a NYC night club
Let’s dance she said…and headed out to the crowded floor.
She danced in ways to attract attention, and soon all eyes were on Cindy. She was emboldened by the howls and stares, and decided she wanted to show them more…let me suck your cock right NOW she hissed.
In a matter of seconds, my hard on was out, and Cindy was on her knees giving me the best blow job ever.
She had me about to explode, when she stood up, and screamed FUCK ME.
I plunged my cock into her from behind, as she erupted into an orgasm for the ages, and yelled, I am CUUMMMING at the top of her lungs, just as a song ended. The whole place heard her, and applause rang out as she shuddered.
We ran for the door, and jumped in a cab.
Even though we had just come, we were still very excited and made out in the cab.
As we got to the hotel, I expected Cindy to adjust her outfit, but instead, we walked right in the lobby with her tits and pussy exposed, my come still dibbling down her legs…
In the room we fuck and sucked all night, and as we drifted off to sleep, Cindy began to talk about tomorrow…I hope I can make it even more exciting she said.
to be continued

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wife's reluctant to Dress Slutty Pt 3, 6.8 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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  1. nickyteen

    More More… Love the exhibitionist in Cindy

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  2. westsidestory

    Sounds like something we would do also, great story!

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