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A Lady and her Wolf

As the lady walked into the room, she saw the sexy Wolf there, she smiled softly to him, walked over to where he sat, looking down into his hazel eyes, she softly traces his jaw line with the back of her hand. Bending down she continues to gaze into his eyes as she leans down further, her soft lips softly touching his, gently she parts his lips with her gentle tongue, she softly moans as she taste him, knowing what she has in store for this untamed wolf, knowing that the pleasures there are to more then she may be able to stand.

Pulling his shirt off his body as she continues to kiss him, she pulls his arms behind his back as she softly but passionately kisses him. In the quietness of the room the only sounds is the breathing of both, the soft moans then the clicking sound as the cuffs are slipped into place on his wrists. Gently breaking the kiss as she looks into his startled eyes, she smiles lovingly to him, her smile and her eyes reassuring him that he is safe and that she will show him pleasures that he will enjoy.

The lady reaches out to help him stand as she watches him and starts to unfasten his pants, sliding them down over his hips; she softly caresses him as she does. Looking up into his eyes, she taps the back of his right knee so that he raises his raises his foot, slipping his pants off his foot, then moves to the other foot, she waits for him to raise his other foot and slips them off him, tossing them aside.

Standing back up before him, she takes his arm, she walks to a door that is hidden behind a large tapestry, moving it aside, she reaches between her full firm breasts and pulls a brass key out on a gold chain, she uses the key to unlock the door and steps inside, taking him with her. She looks around the dark room, leaving him standing there with the chill of the room, caressing his sexy naked body; she walks further into the room. She picks up a match and begins to light the candles there before moving to the fireplace, she bends down and lights the fire, the heat and the light of the fire lighting the room, along with the candles.

The lady walks back over to the wolf, smiling lovingly up to him, she leads him into the room and before the fire, kissing him softly as she takes him down to his knees, then as she starts to lay him back onto a soft fur on the floor, she removes one of the cuffs and clicks it into a hidden metal loop in the floor, she adds a second cuff to his other wrist and places his hand above his head, fastening it into the other loop there. Backing up to look at his sexy naked body, she notices that he is still moving around to much, so she walks to the corner, opens the cabinet there and takes out ankle cuffs and moves back to him, securely fastening them to his ankles and to the loops in the floor at his feet.

Lady rises again and moves back to the cabinet, picking up a special velvet bag that is on the shelf that she has placed special items for use on him, to show him just how much he is cared for, wanted and needed. Walking back to him, she kneels beside him, opening the bag she peers inside, she reaches into the bag and pulls out a CBT harness, leaning down to him, she softly kisses his soft sweet lips, devouring him, the taste of him, she moans softly as she tastes the sweetness of his mouth. Moving her hand down, she slips the harness under his soft balls, separating them in the harness, before she moves the strap up and over his growing erection. Smiling wickedly she reaches back into the bag, pulling out a butterfly vibrator, attaching it to the strap of the CBT harness that separates his balls. She smiles as she turns it on low, as she continues to passionately kiss him. She gently breaks the kiss as she hears him gasp in surprise as the harness begins to vibrate.

Smiling softly the lady looks down into the wolfs eyes, softly whispering to him, “are you comfortable little one?” “Would you like more?”

Smiling softly as she hears his soft moans as he begs for more from her, she sees the growing passion in his eyes, the soft pleading of his words as he tells her that he is hers to use as she sees fit and is willing to please her as she wants.

Lady moves to the feet of her wolf, bending down, she softly kisses his toes, her tongue, gently flicking them, before she softly sucks one gently into her mouth, moving to suck the next one in teasing them softly and gently, first one foot then the other. Slowly she moves up the top of his foot, light butterfly kisses on his feet, her tongue softly teasing his hot flesh as she moves further up his foot, over his ankle, she softly licks his soft flesh, moving further up she softly and gently licks the two wolves on his leg, the tattoo that remind her of why he is her wolf. Slowly and seductively she moves up over his knee, softly and gently kissing him, her tongue slowly bathing him, she continues upward over his thigh, as she hears his soft moans of pleasure, she hears the gentle sounds in his moans of torture of the bliss he feels, as he begins to gently quiver.

Looking up into his eyes, she softly smiles to him, as she moves back down to his other foot and at the ankle, she begins to softly kiss and lick her way up the inside of his calf and up his thigh as she lightly licks and kisses her way up, stopping just short of the butterfly vibrator and CBT harness. Slowly she licks her way around the harness, up over his hips, to his stomach, lightly licking and teasing him as she does, slowly she works her way up slowly reaming his belly button with her tongue as she continues to move up over his stomach to his muscular chest, softly she begins to flick his nipple, gently sucking it into her hot, hungry mouth, sucking harder, and more passionately, as she gently nibbles his nipple, before she moves over to his other nipple, sucking his nipple into her mouth, softly biting it so it stands up hard in her mouth.

Lady looks down and sees his cock as it grows into a hard erection, smiling as she sees it, she reaches down and softly strokes it, before she moves her hand down to massage his balls pressing the butterfly vibrator tighter to his balls, she hears his moans of torture and pleasure. Softly she kisses him again, lightly her lips touch his, nibbling his lips softly.

Leaning back she rocks up to her feet, slowly she removes her black silk blouse, sliding it slowly down off her shoulders, down off her hands, letting it drop to the floor. Reaching back behind her she slowly unbuttons her skirt, sliding the zipper down, she pushes her skirt down over her hips sliding it softly to the floor, she steps out of it. The lady stands before the wolf in her 3″ black pumps, lace stockings, black silk garter belt and bra. Softly she runs her hands up over her hips, over her sides to cup her full firm breasts as she slowly massages her hot wanton body. She moves up, gently placing her foot in the middle of his chest, as she smiles down to him, the tip of her shoe close to his lips.

“Kiss my shoe for me little one if you want more of this divine torture.” She smiles softly as she watches him lean forward to kiss the tip of her shoe. Slowly she moves her foot from his chest, as she moves to straddle his hips, slowly she gracefully slips to her knees, softly moving on his hard erection, she feels the hardness of his cock as she moves so that the hardness of him presses against her swollen sensitive clit, closing her eyes, she moans softly, reaching down, she opens the soft full shaven lips of her hot wet pussy, reaching further down, she softly unfolds the petals of her delicate flower, gently folding back the petals till her hard sensitive clit is totally exposed to his hard cock, she begins to slowly rotate her hips as she feels the sensations as she quivers uncontrollably. Gently she slides further forward, pushing up a bit, she feels his hard cock as it begins to penetrate her, she gasps softly at the pleasure she feels as she slowly takes him into her hot tight silken walls. She gently sits further down on his hard cock, feeling the gentle vibration of the butterfly as she slowly rides his hard cock, she feels him swelling more in the harness as she reaches up and slowly removes her lace bra, sliding it down, she tosses it aside, before she reaches up and begins to gently roll her nipples between her thumb and finger, she feels the hardness as she continues to move up and down his hard cock, moving slowly to excite him, but not allow him to cum, she rolls her head back as she continues to move her hips up and down his hard cock, as she rotates her hips, her body more on fire as she moves with him deep within her.

Lady feels her breathing becoming more rapid as she begins to move with wild abandon on his hard cock, she reaches down and begins to wildly stroke her hard sensitive clit, moaning louder as her body responds and she beings to buck uncontrollably, soft moans escaping her soft lips as she starts to cum on his hard cock. She feels the fire of her body as she feels the total release, she reaches back taking the butterfly vibrator, his balls into her hand, as she squeezes him hard, as she feels him cumming hard and deep within her. She begins to cum hard again with him.

Lady leans down, kissing him softly, before she rises up from him, she moves to his feet and unshackles his ankles, and then to his hands to uncuff his wrists. She smiles softly to him and moves into his arms, cuddling there with him.

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