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All Together Now

The three of us decided to go in the house after sun-bathing. Swimming
in the pool was reason for the swim-suits, and even wearing a one-piece
my wife’s ample bust was quite a display. My good friend, Dave, had come
over to visit us. Like he always had done in his previous visits, he had
made a few suggestive comments about her. Recognizing the innocent-play,
my wife always passed the comments off. This time was no different. I
had suggested watching a movie on the VCR to get us inside the house.

My wife and I plopped on our bed, and Dave sat on the floor, in front of
the VCR, to choose a tape. We could just see the back of his head and
neck, as the height of the mattress ended at his shoulders. He spent
several moments looking through the tapes, and then asked if we had any
X-rated tapes. He said it with a chuckle, as he wasn’t expecting any
follow up on the subject. WAS HE IN FOR A SURPRISE ! I had mentioned to
my wife, previously, about Dave’s probable-interest in her
physical-attributes. I had asked her if she was at all attracted to the
idea of bedding with him. She had always changed the subject, so I got
the impression that the answer was no. A few moments after Dave’s
comment, my wife grabbed my hand, and calmly lead me off the bed.
Heading out the door with me, she comments to Dave to close his eyes.
She saysthat she had just thought of something that would surely
interest him. Dave relaxed, closed his eyes, and waited. His head was
resting against the bed.

Outside of the room, my wife told me to strip, as she did the same. We
had no clothes on ! I was told to stay out of our bedroom until prompted
by my wife. I would recognize the prompt by her glance. I was to enter
her then. The door would be open, so that I could see and hear
everything. I looked my wife over — her huge breasts complemented b
her cherry-nipples; the enticing shaved-design of hair announcing her
point-of-interest ; the muscular-strength and shape of her calves; her
dainty feet — to reinforce the rise in my manhood that had already
started. She slowly walked back in the room. The carpeting prevented her
entrance from being heard by Dave. She pivoted in front of Dave, so that
her mound would be seen if he had opened his eyes. Dave’s eyes were
still closed. He looked relaxed. My wife slowly inched toward him,
asking him if he could smell anything. Her snatch was right at his nose.
Dave started to say something, but my wife’s action prevented me from
hearing him any further.

She had quickly pushed herself into his face. Dave immediately got the
message, and started licking. My wife later told me that his tongue was
long and wide, and that he was able to cover a lot of area around, and
including, her clit. She continued pushing into Dave’s face, as she
leaned onto the bed behind him. This position was held for several
minutes, with Dave’s head and neck being supported by the bed. During
this time, I could see Dave continuing with his tongue, his grabbing the
cheeks of my wife with his hands to pull her into his face even more,
and I could hear my wife’s slow moans. The moans were about at a
crescendo, when she turned her head to look at me. I took the cue, and
walked calmly toward her.

Yea, right — my prick is trobbing, my heart is pounding — and I’m
calmly walking toward the nude body of my dreams. And she’s wimpering
and moaning ‘cuz she’s already with another man. I had thought of a
threesome before, but this reality was blowing my mind !!
She had spread her legs earlier. All the better for Dave’s exploring

beautiful picture. The girl of my dreams. Her nude body being pleased.
She was going to feel the sensation of a major-climax while I was
pumping her. I was going to be pleased even more. I saw the moist-area
that I was to target. I lowered my cannon, and pushed. I entered her
envelope. I could feel the motion of Dave’s tongue hit my shaft, and I
could see the smile emerge on my wife’s turned head
It took just a few strokes — several, at least, but not many — to
get me to shoot my load. The visual-buildup had helped. After pausing,
to handle the climax, I continued pumping. My wife was still smiling,
but moaning. I could feel Dave still at work on the pussy.

She then cried out,Glorious !!!.

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