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A Birthday for My Lady

Today is Friday and is my lady’s birthday. I have planned something very special for her tonight. But, somehow I need to get out of work and get home to get ready for the evening. I come up with a plan to get out of work but I have to sit quietly at my desk this to work. Every time someone comes to my desk, I put my head down and talk very softly. I tell them I’m not feeling well and that I should go home and get some rest. After about an hour or so my boss and co-workers agree that I should go home. I say my goodbye to the office and leave quickly. I did my best Hollywood act of being sick and played them like a fool.

On the way home I call you and only say, “I’ll see you at home tonight and you better not be late” then hang up the phone. You have to think about what I said all day. You don’t even know that I’m on the way home right now. For all you know, I’m still at work. I stop by the local sex store on the way home to pick up a few items.

It is now 5:00pm and it is time for you to come home. Your heart is pounding in your chest because you have not heard from me all day with the exception of my earlier message. You know I have something good planned for your birthday, but what? As you reach our house you see a note taped on the front door. On the outside of the note it says “OPEN AND READ BEFORE ENTERING”.

“Hi baby:

Come in and be quiet don’t say a word. I want you to step in, close the door, strip down to nothing and come upstairs. Do not turn on any lights.”

As you walk in the house you notice that it is completely dark and quiet. But you do as you were told. You slowly take off all your clothes trying to listen to hear were I am. Completely naked and excited you walk upstairs to our bedroom. Each step closer to the bedroom only makes you more excited. You have no idea as to what is to come but you trust and love me. You are always willing to give me your body to do as I wish with it. As you enter the bedroom you notice that the only lights are from some candles and the smell of scented oils burning. You see that on our king size bed are our black silk sheets. We only used these sheets when one of us has something special planned. You look around the room for me but the only thing you see is another note on the bed and a long red silk scarf. You pick up the note and read it.

“You are doing good so far baby. Now take the scarf and tie it around your eyes and lie down face up in the middle of the bed”.

Nervously you do as you are told and lie down. Your breathing is quicker and your pussy is already wet from the excitement. I very very quietly come out of my hiding place. I have taking a shower and put on your favorite cologne that I have. You look so sexy. You are lying down naked on the black silk sheets with a red silk scarf around your eyes. I almost forgot my plans for you because you are so beautiful. You don’t hear me come up but you feel my weight when I sit down on the bed next to you. Before you can reach up to touch me I take your hands and tie each of them to the head post with two red silk scarves. I lean down close to your lips. You can feel my breath next to your face but I pull away not allowing you to kiss me. This is now the beginning of your birthday present.

You can feel me rise up from the bed and you can hear me walk around the room. I put on some soft music and gather my items. I start of by given you a slow full body rub down with some scented oils that I pick up from the sex store. I firm but slowly rub in the oils all over your naked body. I pay close attention to your breast and pussy. I can see the wetness inside you when I touch you down around your pussy lips. Completely oiled and smelling good I move to the next part. From a glass by the bed I pull out an ice cube. I drip the cold melting water on you nipples. Your body jumps each time the cold water touches you. I then slowly slide the ice between your breast and down your tummy. I jump over your pussy with the ice and tease your legs and feet. Your body is so hot that the fist cube melts within minutes. Now its time to cool off that pussy of yours. I grab another cube and position myself between your legs. I place a pillow under your ass to raise your sexy hips higher. This way I can have better access to your pussy. You think that I’m going to give you my talented tongue on your pussy and clit, wrong. I put the ice cube in my mouth and I spread you open to expose the pinkness inside your pussy. As the ice melts in my mouth I allow each drop to land on your clit. You start to kick you legs to get me to move away but I’m stronger than you are and I pin you down with my arms and continue to tease your clit. Your inner pussy is also hot and it needs to be cooled off as well. I cover your pussy with my mouth and slide the cube inside you with my tongue. You squirm and wiggle trying to get free but I hold you down until the entire cube melts away. I then start to lick, nibble and suck on your pussy. I bring you to the point of having one huge orgasm then I stop. This is only the beginning of your birthday present and I’m not done.

I move around the bed and watch as your body begs for some attention. You feel a warm mouth on your one of your nipples and you let out a moan of pleasure. A hand touches your pussy and you open your legs to allow a finger to slide into you. Another firm hand grabs your other breast and pulls and twists on your nipple. A few seconds past and the hand get replaced by a warm mouth that covers your breast. As you open your mouth to moan a cock slides in mouth and you quickly begin sucking on it. You feel the finger in you pussy slide out only to be covered with another pair of lips. As the tongue licks the inside of your pussy and nibbles on your clit you start to think about all the lovely attention being given to you.

What the?? How can you be sucking one dick and have a mouth on each breast and another mouth on your pussy at the same time? Your brain is trying to figure out what is going on? But being blinded by lust, being extremely horny, and drunk with the pure raw feeling of pleasure, you give in. You know that at least one of these mouths or this dick in your mouth must be your me and you relax and allow us to do what we wish with you.

Minutes pass and the dick in you mouth gives you your first taste of cum of the night as the guy shoots his load down your throat. You hungrily swallow as much as it as possible trying not to spill one drop. As this cock starts to go limp in your mouth another hard cock quickly replaces it. This new cock is fatter and longer, but you don’t care you just open your mouth a little wider and continue sucking.

In one quick movement the guy eating your pussy raises your legs up, position his dick at the opening of your pussy and slowly slides into you. For the first time you hear a males voice as he let out a moan. Taking slow moments he slides his shaft all the way out and as far back in as possible. You move your hips trying to get him to move faster but he won’t (not yet anyway). He completely stops moving but leaves his dick deep inside you. Wanting more you start to move your hips up and down trying to fuck him back. He let this continue for minutes. We all watch, as your body is asking no begging for us to fuck you. You are in so much need of sex and a good fuck that we give in and decide to give you some good loving.

He grabs your hips and starts moving faster and faster. You’re moaning with a dick in your mouth as you feel your body start to tense up because your first cum is washing over you. The guy fucking you never slows down his moments in fact he speeds up. He is lifting both your legs up and back to get full excess to your pussy and he lets you have it. Working your pussy hard and fast. The bed is rocking back and forth and tapping the wall from the pounding you are getting. You are moaning, grunting and making all types of noises. Your second cum wastes over you and you whole body begins to shake again. This pushes the guy over the edge and now he has to cum. Quickly he pulls his dick out and re-position himself over your head. The guy you were sucking moves around to another part of your body. You hear a deep voice telling you to open your mouth. Cum starts to spray all over your face, lips and mouth. You look so sexy trying to lick up all the cum. He leans down to scoop cum that has missed your mouth with his dick and put it in your hungry mouth. You suck out the last drop of cum from his dick and smile.

With your hands tied to the bed, it is making it to hard for of us to move you around. So your hands are untied but you are told not to remove the scarf from your eyes. After your hands are untied you feel around to touch the men, but you can’t tell how many guys are on the bed or even in the room with you. You can’t tell who they are because no one is talking. You don’t even know where I am. Are these guys you know? Do they know you? Are these my friends or yours? These taught quickly passes as a cock is pushed deep into your pussy and one in your mouth as we continue to use your body as our fuck toy.

Time is forgotten as hours pass, the night has been one big blur of sex. Your mind could not keep up of what was going on. You don’t know how many times you have came. How many times had someone cum in your mouth, in your pussy or deep in your ass? At one point you do remember being stuffed by having one cock in your mouth, one in your pussy and a fat cock up your ass all at once.

As the night comes to an end everyone is exhausted. As a finale all the guys stand over you on the bed and bust their last nut on your chest, face and in your open mouth. You drink as much cum as possible. One at a time each guy gets off the bed, goes down stairs for a drink and their clothes before leaving. As the bedroom gets quiet you lie down exhausted and feeling totally used and loving all of it. You can feel the cum from the guys ooze out of your well used and stretched ass and pussy. You also have a belly full of mine and theirs cum and you love it.

I go down stairs to say goodnight the guys and get a drink for myself. As I re-enter the bedroom I notice that you are sleep with the scarf still tied around your eyes with large smile and cum still on your face. You are as sexy as the first day I meet you and I’m happy to have found a slut like you. I untie the scarf, clean your face with a wet cloth and allow you to sleep.

The next morning you wake up and look around the room. I’m not in bed but you notice our video camera next to the bed. YES I DID. I recorded the whole damn thing. I recorded every sucking and fucking moment from your birthday night. You get out of bed to check the camera and the tape is missing. On the camera you see another note.

“I have the tape hidden is a safe place. Don’t ask for it. Don’t look for it. If you are nice to me all weekend I’ll show it to you Sunday night.”

You say to yourself, “this is going to be one long weekend” as you jump in the shower.

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