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A Slaves Tes

> > > > It was a warm summers day in Southern California when Master Zeke told his slave RainbO that they were going for a drive. While in the house, RainbO was always nude as commanded by her master. Master Zeke went to the bedroom and took out the clothes that RainbO was to wear. She put on the outfit that he gave her. It consisted of red thong and bra, a pair of white knee high stockings, a white blouse, a short plad skirt, and a pair of 4″ black pumps. RainbO looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she looked like a Catholic school girl. As they headed for the door, Master Zeke handed RainbO a black purse and told her to follow him to the car. She walked smartly to the car and Master Zeke opened the door to the small red convertable to let her get in. He moved around to the other side and got in. Zeke instructed RainbO to pull her skirt up so that he could see her red thong as he drove. He started the car and they pulled out of the driveway. The day was beautiful and RainbO enjoyed the wind blowing on her face and her hair blowing behind her. They drove to a nearby Starbucks and Zeke parked the car then went around to open the door for RainbO. Master Zeke was treating RainbO like a genuine lady instead of the slave that she was. They sat outside and sipped coffee as Zeke read the paper. RainbO knew that she was not allowed to speak unless given permission, so she just enjoyed the cup of coffee and waited for Master Zeke to give her a command. After about a half hour, Zeke leaned over to RainbO and whispered “Slip your thong off and leave it on the pavement under the table, then follow me to the car”. RainbO looked around nervously and followed her masters orders. She walked to the car feeling the slight breeze blowing up under her skirt on her naked, shaved, pussy. They got in the car and Zeke began driving east toward the country. After about ten minutes, Master Zeke said,”Throw one shoe out of the car slave”. RainbO reached down, slipped a shoe off her foot and tossed it onto the side of the road. They drove for another few minutes and Zeke told her to throw out the other shoe. The radio was tuned to an “oldies” station and Zeke told RainbO, to throw out one piece of clothing at the end of each song. She removed first on stocking, then the other, followed by her blouse then her skirt. Now she was riding in the convertable wearing only her bra. She was aware of the leather seat under her naked ass and also aware of any vehicle that was higher than the little sports car. She knew they were getting quite a view, especially the truckers. As the next song ended, RainbO reached back and unfastened her bra and threw it out of the car. Now she was sitting absolutely naked driving down an interstate highway. Finally, Zeke took an exit and turned onto a two lane rural road. RainbO breathed a sigh of relief because now she would not have to worry about truckers and others looking down at her naked body in the car. Zeke told her to reach into the purse and put on the items that were inside. RainbO reached in and pulled out her leather slave collar, a pair of leather anklets and a pair of leather wrist cuffs. She put them on as Zeke drove down the road at about 15 miles below the speed limit. RainbO looked over her shoulder and saw the giant 4 wheeler riding their tail. The car honked and slowly passed. The passenger was hanging out the window, obviously enjoying what he saw. Also inside the purse was a leash and a set of nipple and clit clamps. Zeke told RainbO to attach the leash and to put the clamps on as tightly as she could bear. She did as instructed. As she tightened the clamps, she could feel a tinge of pain througout her body. RainbO was so painfully aware of the pain in her clit and nipples that she didn’t even notice the tour bus that was now creeping past the car to the left. Dozens of heads gazed out the windows in disbelief and RainbO was mortified at the thought of so many strangers seeing her in such a predicament. Zeke pulled off onto a gravel road and drove about a half a mile before stopping. He told RainbO to put her hands behind her back, the took a padlock out of the glove compartment and fastened her wrist cuffs together. Then he reached over and tightened the clamps a bit more. RainbO shuddered at the increased pain, but knew better than to cry out. She knew that Master Zeke was intolerent of such behavior and any such cry would just produce more pain. Zeke told RainbO to get out of the car. He fastened the leash to the rear view mirror on the passengers side and told RainbO to jog along side the car. Master Zeke began driving up the road slowly. It was an unpaved dusty road and RainbO ran as best she could with her hands tied behind her back and the dust kicking up around her. As they drove up the road RainbO looked ahead and saw several cars parked along side the road. Master Zeke pulled up behind the last one and parked. He came around and undid the leash from the mirror then told RainbO to follow him. Zeke walked up the road with RainbO in tow behind him for at least another quarter mile, then turned up a driveway that led up a hill to a large house. RainbO didn’t know what to think. Master had never done anything like this before. She only knew one thing, and that was that she loved her master and would do anything for him. She didn’t know what to expect this time however. As they walked up the drive they passed at least 50 cars. RainbO could now see the house up ahead and wondered what was going through her masters head. She dared not speak however, she just followed on the leash behind him. As they approached the front doors of the house a man and a woman, each wearing nothing but collars and cuffs just as RainbO were waiting. Master Zeke handed them the leash and without saying a word walked up the steps into the house leaving RainbO with these two strangers. Her heart was pounding in her head as they lead her around to a side door of the house. Stepping inside, RainbO could see that there was a flurry of activity. She was in the kitchen of the large house and there were dozens of other men and women attired just like her. She didn’t know if that made her more comfortable or not. At least she was not alone in this predicament. Her escorts removed her leash and unlocked the padlock on her wrists. Apparently, they had been given the key. They gave her specific instructions. They said “Your master has donated your services to the owner of this house for his party. You are to serve drinks etc to the guests. You must never look anyone in the eye when serving them. Each one of the guests should be considered your master and you must do anything that any of them request. They will be allowed to touch you anywhere and do whatever they will with you. You may not object or you will be subjected to severe punishment, not to mention the embarrassment of your master. If you disobey any order, your master may be banished from the party. I am sure this would anger him, because this is a very elite organization. There is a huge fee to become a member and it takes many months and a long period of scrutiny to be admitted. You are not allowed to speak to anyone unless they speak to you. Do you understand?” RainbO nodded. “Very well, here is a tray of drinks. Do not spill a drop! When you enter the main room, you will notice a pedastal in the middle of the room with a slave tied up for all to use. That slave spilled a drink. That was his only violation of the rules. Take notice and remember what you have been told”. At that, RainbO was told to be on her way. As she pushed through the kitchen doors, her eyes were immediately drawn to the pedastal. There was a woman bent over a sort of gymnastics horse. She was tied to it and there was a woman whipping her ass with a cat o’ nine tails while a man was plunging his dick down her throat. The womans ass and legs were striped all up and down and there was another man standing in line to pump his seed down her throat when the other was finished. RainbO looked around trying to catch sight
of Master Zeke
, but could see him nowhere. She felt as if there were a thousand eyes upon her as she walked around the room with the drinks, however, as people took the drinks off the tray, it seemed that they hardly even noticed her. At first that’s how it seemed, but soon one man walked up to her and pulled on the chain connecting her nipple and clit clamps. She let out a small shreik and dropped her tray. The room suddenly grew silent. RainbO began shivering with apprehension and knew that all eyes were on her. She tried to drop down and pick up the tray, but the man pulled harder on her chain forcing her to stand up. He reached over and tightened the clamps one more turn and RainbO felt her body reel with the sensation. Almost immediately, two slaves came and took each of RainbO’s arms and led her to the dreaded pedastal. RainbO looked around fearfully looking for Master Zeke, but he was nowhere to be found. The other woman was released and the horse was moved out of the way. Above where the horse stood, there was a huge wooden arch with large metal rings at the base and up near the top. The slaves made RainbO spread her legs as wide as she could and her ankles were secured to the rings at the base of the arch. Her wrists were spread equally as far and secured to the top of the arch. A ball gag was put in her mouth and secured so that any screams would just be muffled moans. RainbO was now totally spread out for all to see. She was mortified. Her master had never subjected her to this sort of situation, but she knew that she had to show her love and devotion to him and if this was > what he wanted, she would gladly endure it for him. She again looked around quickly hoping to catch a glimpse of his loving eyes then she was blindfolded. Now she was in total darkness and in the most vulnerable position she had ever been in. She had no idea what to expect. She only knew that she must accept it for Master Zeke. As RainbO stood there, stretched out for all to see, she tried to picture what might be going on around her. It wasn’t long before she knew. She felt the sting of the riding crop on her bare ass. Her body jolted out partly from the surprise of the blow and partly from the pain. A pain like none she had ever felt. It pulsed throughout her body. With each stroke,she was more aware of every inch of her naked flesh and her nipples and clit throbbed from the stimulation she was receiving from the whipping. It wasn’t long before she felt the sting of the cat o nine tails across the front of her body. She jerked back only to jerk forward again from the assault on her backside. The pain seemed excruciating at first. With each blow, RainbO reminded herself that this was for her Master Zeke. She wondered where her was and if he was watching this. She began to feel proud that she was doing this for her master. The pain began to feel almost pleasurable and she felt a tingling in her pussy that indicated a coming orgasm. Could it be possible? Could she have an orgasm from being whipped? She felt it building with each blow. Her entire body from her ankles to her neck was burning and she was aware of every inch. She began to shudder and then tensed up as she exploded in a violent orgasm. An orgasm like she has never felt before. A feeling of exquisite pleasure from a painful experience. The muscle spasms went on and on as she came several times in succession. It felt so good, she almost didn’t want the whipping to stop. As she collapsed from the intense orgasm, she was released for a moment, but just long enough to bring the horse back to the pedestal. Soon RainbO was secured to the horse and was fucked from behind in both orifices and face fucked repeatedly. She swallowed load after load of cum and could feel the cum running down her legs at man after man blew his wad into her. She had no idea how many dicks she had sucked or how many cocks had been shoved up her ass. She wondered if any of theme belonged to her Master Zeke, but she could not be sure. She was so used to the taste of his penis and cum that she was sure she would know , but there were so many, she could not tell. Finally RainbO felt a soft familiar kiss on her lips and heard Master Zeke say “You have been a good slave RainbO. Thank you”. Then she was released as the crowd roared their approval and applauded. Master Zeke removed the blinfold as RainbO stood up tired, but proud. Proud that she had pleased her master so greatly. Zeke attached her leash to her collar and locked her hands behind her back again and led her outside to their waiting car. The sun was rising in the East and RainbO realized that she had spent the whole night as an object of desire and punishment. Zeke removed her clamps and she shook with the pain from the release of the pressure. Zeke placed a hooded cape over RainbO to keep her warm and began the drive home. They did not speak a word on the long drive, but RainbO could see Master Zeke smiling and she smiled too, knowing that she had given herself totally to her loving master. > > > > > > > > > The Beginning > > > > > > > __________________________________________________

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