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Me and My Teaher? Part 2

PART 2 of Me and My Teacher?

It was a pretty quiet ride home for the most part. I think Mr. Smith felt a little uncomfortable about the whole situation. He kept breathing deeply and tapping his hand on his door like he was nervous or something. At one point we were stopped at a red light and I noticed that he was looking at me. I turned my head towards him and his head shot straight forward like he didn’t want me to see him staring. I knew he must have been confused and uncomfortable, but I knew he still wanted me. We pulled up outside my house and I asked him to come in so we could talk. He was very hesitant, but with my persistence, he finally gave in. I think he knew deep down what I had in mind. We walked up to my house and I struggled a bit unlocking the door. Finally it opened, and we went inside. I had Mr. Smith take a seat on the couch and I hurried into my bedroom. I quickly stripped off all my clothes and put on my sexy pj’s. They were silky material and red, very red. The top was a slip on tank top that was form fitting. The bottoms were very short shorts and tight as well. I was sure not to wear any panties or bra. That was more to get in the way. I walked back out into the living room and Mr. Smith was sitting on the couch staring at me with his mouth open slightly. He sat up straight as I took a seat next to him. I began rubbing his back and shoulders and he closed his eyes in pleasure. Just as I thought we were getting somewhere, he jumped up and said “We need to talk about some things.” I asked him what he wanted to talk about. “I am your teacher. I am pretty sure that this is illegal in all 50 states.” He said. I replied, ” I won’t tell, if you won’t.” I grabbed a hold of his hand and he hesitantly sat back down on the couch. Before he had a chance to get back up, I quickly climbed on top of him. I had one leg on either side of his body and my hands were rubbing the back of his head and neck. I could feel his dick poking through his Khaki pants. It was rubbing against my pussy and it was all I could do to keep from going crazy. I looked in his eyes and asked him, “Do you want me?” He tried to look in another direction, but I held onto his face and made him look at me as I repeated the question. There was no response. I got tired of trying to get through to him so finally I got up and went into the bathroom to start running my bath. Not even two minutes went by before the bathroom door opened. I knew he was standing there staring at me, but I did not turn around. I felt his body approach me. I could smell his cologne and feel his body heat on mine. His hands rested on my waist. He leaned in towards me and leaned his head down. he whispered softly in my ear, “Yes. I want you with every fiber of my being.” I turned around and my lips were met by his in a passionate kiss. My body pressed against his. My nipples were hard as they poked through the silky material and rubbed on his body. His hands reached down and behind me grabbing my ass cheeks. He lifted my body up and I wrapped my legs around him. He kissed me several times along my neck and shoulders as he let me down. I turned off the bath water and took off my clothes. I climbed into the tub and Mr. Smith knelt down next to it. He poured water over my body and hair. He gently rubbed my back and gradually moved his hands down to my waist. He had me lay back and close my eyes. I felt his fingers probing around down by my pussy and I wanted them inside me. I wanted him inside me. He inserted two fingers deep into my pussy hole and began moving them around and in and out slowly at first. He began picking up pace until My head rolled back and my eyes rolled back into my head. I began moaning as the sensation got more intense. A little more and I was gonna cum, and Mr. Smith knew it. He pulled his fingers out and licked them one by one before reaching into the tub and grabbing a hold of my ass cheeks. He lifted my pussy to his face and dove in. I felt his tongue shoot up inside my hole and slither around in my pussy. He flickered it against my clit sending me into uncontrollable shaking. With one hand and a little help from me, he held my pussy up to his face as he sucked on my clit and slipped two fingers into my hole and began fucking my pussy with them. That had done it. I gripped onto the side of the tub as he sent my body into orgasm and my cum filled his mouth. He licked up my sweet juices as he finished me off. I removed his fingers from inside me and brought them up to my mouth. I licked off my juices and sucked on every one of his fingers until they were clean. He washed my body and for me and then carried me out of the bathroom. He laid my wet naked body on the couch/ I was unable to move due to the paralyzing orgasm I just had. We weren’t done yet though. Once I regained some mobility, I sat up. Mr. Smith was sitting in the recliner staring at me. I patted the spot on the couch next to me, suggesting that he come and sit there. He got up came over to the couch and sat down next to me. I climbed down onto the floor in front of him and took off his pants and boxers, then his shirt. His “little soldier” was standing at attention. I decided to give him some special attention. I began rubbing his shaft, going up and down while I sucked on the tip of his cock. Then I climbed on top of him and straddled his body with my legs. His arms wrapped around my body as I lowered myself onto him. His hard cock entered my pussy lips and plunged deep inside me. I gasped at the feeling of how deep inside me he was. He asked if I was ok and I nodded. I slowly began riding him. His dick slide in and out of my pussy. I tightened my pussy lips around him as we increased speed. The feeling of him inside me got so intense I arched my back and began to moan. He started sucking on my large erect nipples one by one switching back and forth. His hands caressed the curves of my body as his cock pounded into me. My large breasts bounced up and down harder and harder every time. My moans got louder and more frequent. He began moaning as well. My moans turned into screaming as he sent me into an orgasm of ecstasy. I came all over his cock that was still pumping inside me. It dripped down onto the couch as well. He tried to move me off of him so he could shoot his load, but I wanted it inside me. I remained on top of him with his cock inside me as he shot out his cum into me. He filled my pussy with his with creamy cum. We were both so beat, we couldn’t even move. I stayed on top of him and him inside me for a few more minutes while we each gathered some strength. Finally, after about 5 minutes, I was able to climb off of him. I slowly got up and walked into the bathroom to get my pj’s back on. I dressed and went back into the living room. Mr. Smith had already started to put his clothes back on as well. I stopped him and had him put on a t-shirt with his boxers. I wanted him to stay the night with me. He agreed to. We sat down on a blanket on the floor and cuddled together. Just as the movie that we were about to watch was starting, there was a knock on the door. I got up and looked outside. It was the police!!! Mr. Smith stood behind me as I opened the door. “Is there a problem officers?” I asked, knowing fully why they were at my house. “Some neighbors reported loud screams coming from this house. Is everything okay miss?” “Yes, everything is fine.” I said. “Would you mind if we took a look around then? Just to make sure.” I didn’t mind. I had nothing to loose. I let the officers into my house and they searched around trying to find any sign of a struggle or crime of some sort. When they finished their search, one of the officers asked me, “Can you tell me what it was that the neighbors heard coming from your home ma’am?” I replied, ” Well, officer, that was me that they heard. Me and my boyfriend Joe (motioning towards Mr. Smith) were…well, we were having sex and things got a little crazy and intense. I am sorry for any disturbance we may have caused.” “Are you sure that was all it was miss?” “Yes.” I replied. “Well, ok then. You two keep it down from now on, huh? ” ” Yes sir” I said as I lead them out of my h

ouse. They took off and me and Mr. Smith continued watching our movie. I still see Mr. Smith occasionally, and we still fuck. He is no longer Mr. Smith to me though, he is now Joe.

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