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Me and My Math Teacher?

It was the first day of my Freshman year in High School, and I was lost. I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing. I fortunately stumbled into Mr. Smith (let’s just call him that). He was about 6’1″ with long jet black hair and brown eyes. His hair was back in a pony tail and he was wearing a pair of khaki pants and a white button up shirt. I thought he was sexy from the very second that I laid eyes on him. Anyways, he straightened me out as to where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to be doing. I thanked him and went on my way.

Well, later that day, I was supposed to report to Math class. I found my classroom, and to my surprise, Mr. Smith was my teacher. Lucky me! He greeted me with a smile and showed me to my seat. Let’s keep in mind I have always been pretty good in Math, but I could tell that this year would be my best year ever. If I ever had any problems or questions about anything, I just asked him. He was always there when I needed him. Sometimes I would help out students in his other classes if they were having problems with the assignments. I was basically what you would call a teacher’s pet, but I didn’t care. Other girls were jealous of me because I got to spend so much time with Mr. Smith.

Well, the year passed by and I passed with flying colors of course. I saw Mr. Smith a couple of times over the summer. He would stop for groceries at the store that I worked at. We would chat a little and I would carry his groceries out for him. Well, eventually, school started back up and I prayed that I would get Mr. Smith as my Math teacher. Unfortunately, I was not that lucky. I got the lady that people called “The Bitch From Mount Calculus.” She hated Mr. Smith because he was actually nice to the students. Everybody liked him and hated her, including me. I suffered through a whole year of Calculus with her, but went to Mr. Smith if I had any questions or problems as usual. The end of my sophomore year came around and I was happy to report that I passed all of my classes with A’s and one B (in Calculus of course). I wanted to tell Mr. Smith because without him, I probably wouldn’t have even gotten that.

One day after school let out, I was cleaning out my locker because there was only a week of school left that year. I saw Mr. Smith down the hall. He turned and went into his classroom. I gathered my things and quickly ran to the bathroom to freshen up. I changed into my flare jeans that were tight in the thy area and my white tank top that had red lips on the front. I brushed my hair and let it hang down. He always loved it when I wore my hair down. I put on a tad bit of blush and some colored lip gloss. I sprayed a couple shots of Cool Water for Women on my body and took off for his classroom. I entered the classroom to find Mr. Smith sitting at his desk grading papers. He had no idea what was about to hit him. Just seeing his sexy body of Indian descent sitting in that chair was enough to make me cum all over myself, but I kept my cool.

I approached his desk and he looked up at me. He set his book down and stood up to give me a hug. I hugged him in a more incising “I want you” fashion than I ever had before. His eyes looked my body up and down not knowing what to think. I walked over to the classroom door and shut and locked it. By this time he was standing next to his desk. Without a word, I walked over to him. The fronts of our bodies touched and I leaned in towards him. “Are you ready?” I whispered in his ear. He was about to speak when I put my hand over his mouth, “Shhhhhhhh, It’s my turn to take charge for once.” I leaned up against his warm body. I gently pushed him back onto his desk. His back flat on the desk and his legs dangling off the side, I undid his belt, button and zipper. Pulling his pants down and off, I took note of the large bulge coming from beneath his boxers. I rubbed on the outside of his boxers with one hand as the other hand reached up under his shirt and rubbed on his hard chest and stomach muscles. He took his shirt off to reveal his masculine body.

I couldn’t control myself anymore. I had to go for it. I ripped off his boxers and hid giant cock stared me in the face just begging to get inside my mouth. I gave in to the temptation. I lowered my head to his dick and began licking the very tip just enough to tease him and get him going. Then I started sucking on it. First just the first few inches, then a couple more inches, then a couple more until his entire cock was being devoured by my lips and mouth. I was inhaling the entire thing. My lips rubbed against his shaft, getting faster and faster every second. Mr. Smith began to clench onto the sides of his desk. I still proceeded to get faster. Finally, I felt a hand on the back of my head. His hand followed my head with every motion until his hot load squirt into my mouth. I sucked it all down, and the few drops that I missed, I licked off of his still hard cock.

With a sigh of relief, Mr. Smith sat up. Now completely naked, he stood up and walked over to one of the student chairs. He sat down and I began to strip for my teacher. I kicked off my sandals and unbuttoned my pants. I danced slowly for him as I took them off and threw them to the ground. I then took off my tank top to reveal my D cup breasts. My nipples were very hard and that turned him on. I walked over to the desk he was in and placed his hands on my waist. I moved them down to my panty line. He grabbed a hold of my panties and gently pulled them down. He was surprised to see my pussy wet and shaven. I could tell he wanted it. I pushed his head down just close enough to get a good look, but not close enough to touch. I grabbed his hand and placed it on one of my breasts. He began making a trail from my breast down my body to my wet pussy. When he got down that far, he was hesitant and needed a little coaching. I guided his fingers into my wet pussy. He started with one, then two, then shoved three finger in and started fucking me hard with them. the harder it got the better it felt. He finger banged me until and came all over his fingers and he licked them one by one. He didn’t forget to lick up the rest off of my pussy and he gave my clit one last flick with his tongue.

He stood up and walked over to where his clothes were. I went up behind him and grabbed his cock from behind. He turned around and I met his lips with mine. We had a long passionate kiss and it lead over to the study table. This was the table that kids who were having sat at during class so they could get more guidance. I pushed him back on the table and climbed on top of him. I slowly eased his cock inside my wet pussy. Bouncing up and down on top of my teacher was the most exhilarating experience of my life. He reached up and grabbed my tits as they bounced up and down. He would also reach down and massage my clit between his middle finger and his thumb. After about 10 minutes of that position, we switched. This time I was laying on my back on the table and he was pumping his hard dick into me. I was about to climax so I reached for something to grab on to. The only thing in my reach was Mr. Smith him self. I grabbed at him as I started to moan. I grabbed his long pony tail and pulled his face towards mine. I kissed him and my pussy exploded with my sweet juices. Cum went dripping out of my pussy and onto the table. His cock still in me, he pumped me a few more times before he took it out. I bent down and licked it clean. He licked my pussy clean and dressed me. I left his class room and met him in the back of the school building 15 minutes later. He was going to give me a ride home, but it didn’t exactly work out that way.

Stay tuned for the 2nd half of this story in a couple days.

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