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Risky Wager

I live in the dorms. Not much to it, but it’s free and it’s not too bad a place. I especially enjoy it because it’s quiet. People tend to keep to themselves and that’s usually how it stays. Another aspect that I enjoy is the pool table. We have a pool table in the basement that no one ever uses. I am pretty fond of the game, and it allows me plenty of time to concentrate and practice. I think that this gives me an edge over the other pool players in town. I also enjoy the challenge of a money game. There aren’t too many people around that will play for money around here, so it’s hard to find a good game. Well, there was this one night that changed all of that. I walked downstairs to play a little (mostly out of boredom) when I noticed this couple already playing. The guy seemed to be enjoying himself and he appeared to know what he was doing. The girl was sort of playing more to appease her boyfriend. She was early twenties, had shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and appeared to be pretty thin. She was wearing an alluring sweater that that showed her figure quite nicely and a pair of kahki’s to match. As I watched them play, we talked and I learned that he was new to the place, and she was just visiting him. As we talked, she kept mentioning how good he was at pool, and that it was all he did back home. He asked me if I would like to play and I said that I would. From what I could tell, he seems to know what he was doing, but he lacked in a few areas. We began to play a few games. I “played down” as they call it, not to show him anything, and to see how good he actually was. He won a few and I won a few, but I let him win more. He started to play more confident and I think that he was showing off in front of his girlfriend. She had confidence in him too; by the way she spoke. Then I guess he got overly confident because he asked me if I liked playing for money. This is what I had been waiting on, but I had more than playing for money in mind. I told him that I’ve played for money before and it sounded like fun. He offered $5 a game, and that sounded fine to me. After playing for a while, I kept it close not letting him get more than $20 ahead. I decided to up the stakes a bit and get it closer to even, but I had to make it look lucky so as not to scare him off. We played a few more and he ended up ahead by $5. I think that he was getting frustrated so he wanted to up the stakes to $20 a rack. I acted nervous about it and delayed a while for affect. It worked like I thought because he kept asking and seemed more desperate. I finally caved in and said ok. We played a few more games, but I tightened up on him and didn’t allow him to get more than $40 ahead. This went on for a little while and he must have gotten bored. So I thought that it was time to make my move. I told him that he was a great player to boost his ego, and I told him that I was feeling good and wanted to know if he wanted to up the stakes to $50 a rack. He said that he would love to, but he didn’t have that kind of money on him. I thought that this was perfect. I looked at his girlfriend then I looked back at him and that’s when I offered this idea. I told him if she didn’t mind he could put an article of her clothing up against my $50 a game. If he won he would get $50 and if I won, she would have to give me an article of her clothing. They both seemed to get distraught with this idea, but after talking about it privately for a moment they both agreed. I figured that I had about $200 on me so I could afford to play around a bit. But I told them that jewelry and shoes didn’t count. They agreed. The first game was close, but he took it. She sighed with relief and he smiled confidently. The second game I won but I made it look like an accident. He looked disappointed but he gave me the $50 back. She still looked confident. The next game went to me but he made a mistake and left me with a simple run out. She chose to lose her socks, which was what I thought she would do. The next game he must have gotten nervous because he scratched on the eight ball after a great run out. This disappointed both of them because she had to choose what to take off next. She chose her sweater. She looked so embarrassed too, but she looked great with her bra on. She sat there with her arms folded across her chest, and he was getting upset. The next game was a close one but I had to let him have it so I could keep him into it. She eagerly put her sweater back on and they both smiled with relief. I asked him if he wanted to go on and he replied, “Hell yes, I have some money to win.” So we went on. The next game she won her socks back and his confidence grew with every stroke of the cue. I figured that it was my turn now, but I let one more slip and he one. I handed him the $50 and I racked. That game went a little better and I one the $50 back. The next game I wanted to be a little bit closer. We each shot ball after ball until we were both on the eight ball. When it came down to it I just happened to be the one to sink. He told me that I did indeed get lucky, and I just nodded because that was exactly what I wanted him to think. The game after went to me again and she lost her socks. They both laughed when she said that her feet were going to get cold. I snickered because I knew it was going to get worse. I was right, because the next game went to me and she lost the sweater again. She was less embarrassed this time, but she still crossed her arms. I had to change my game plan this time in order to make things more believable. I looked as though I was really struggling and I kept leaving him really bad on shots. He started to get frustrated and this caused his confidence to drop. With the site of the eight ball falling her eyes dropped and so did his heart. I looked at her and she stood up. Her boyfriend told her that I got lucky and he was going to win the next one. With that she unbuttoned her pants. She pulled the khakis over her shapely hips and they fell to her ankles. She had nicely toned tanned legs. She was also wearing red thonged panties with the straps riding over her hips. She laid the pants over the arm of the chair next to her sweater and looked up in shame. This seemed to bring new energy to her boyfriend and he said, “let’s go again”. I nodded and away we went. This game played different than the others. He played very cautious and seemed to play allot slower than usual. We went back and forth, leaving each other more difficult with the next shot. He finally made a mistake and allowed me to make the last two shots easily. You could see the disgust on his face when the eight ball fell, and he looked at his girlfriend. She knew what she had to do, and she stood up with less shame and unsnapped her bra. Her breast were very nice. She didn’t have any tan lines, and they stood very firm. She could have easily had C cup breast. She threw the bra down next to her other cloths and sat back down. I couldn’t help admiring what I was looking at and this pissed her boyfriend off. He looked at me and said, “That’s it! You’re not winning another game.” I nodded and told him to rack ’em. That game he came out in frenzy. He ran down to the eight but missed it as it bounced out of the pocket. Both of their faces dropped. He walked over to her and put his arm around her as I started my run. Each shot I sank drew them farther apart. I finally got to the eight ball. Right before I shot it, I looked up to see what they were doing. She wasn’t looking, and he had a disgusted, almost shameful look on his face. With this, the eight ball dropped. She sat there stunned for a moment and he threw his cue stick across the room. She dropped her head and stood up. She then turned around with her back facing me, and grabbed thong straps. They slid over here hips and slowly descended. As they fell the fabric pulled out giving the first sight of her butt crack. Slowly, more fabric fell and more was exposed. It finally made it to mid thigh and she bent over to take the rest of it down. As she bent over, the slit of her vagina appeared. She kept herself very well groomed. The
anties hit the floor and she straightened back up and turned around. Her body was incredible! Her bush was well trimmed and there weren’t any signs of a tan line. She smiled sarcastically and asked me if I enjoyed my prize. I smiled because I was enjoying this quite a bit. Once the initial shock was gone and she sat down. I offered them another deal. They seemed skeptical but I told them that I would give her back her clothes, and spot him two balls of my choice, and $100 for against an hour alone with her. Then I said that I would give them a few minutes to think about it and offered them something to drink. I came back about 5 minutes later. I handed them both a drink and looked at her for a second or two. They told me that they thought it over and they had a few conditions. I listened as they told me that $100 wasn’t enough for that kind of risk, he wanted a run to five, and he also had to be in the next room if I won. I sat down and was silent for a minute or two and then I told them that $200 was as high as I could go and the rest sounded good to me. I gave her the clothes back and she quickly got dressed.

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