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Anne Celebrates Her Annulment

Anne came to her apartment after work. She got her mail. She went to the kitchen and opened her mail. The papers from the court regarding her annulment had arrived. The court had approved the paper work and the annulment is now official and on file. Anne is officially free.

To celebrate her freedom and the right to do with her body as she pleases, she will have her tubal ligation. Rita wants hers too. The 1970’s are an era that women wanted their freedom of choice.

Anne called Rita and told her officially she is free. She said the annulment is in the courthouse records. Rita said to Anne to come to her apartment. Dress for dinner. She will treat Anne to the best Italian meal she has ever had. The restaurant is nearby her apartment. Rita said for Anne to bring a set of clothes for work tomorrow and stay with her the night after dinner. Anne said yes. She thanked Rita.

Anne drives her car to Rita’s apartment and the girls go to the mom and pop Italian restaurant. The girls have a great dinner, lots of wine, and a good time.

Anne parked in the visitors parking at Rita’s apartment building.

The girls change their clothes and put their short white terry cloth robes on. They put the TV on. Rita pours two large glasses of wine. The girls clink their glasses together and kiss. The girls relax together on the couch. After awhile the girls kiss, French kiss and hand fuck each other. The girls lay on Rita’s bed in a 69 position. Both girls grunt and moan as they make love. They lick, suck and finger fuck each others pussy. They use their hand to stimulate each other’s pussy and clit. They both have multiple orgasms.

The girls rest. They lay next to each other touching and lightly massage each other. They touch and rub each other’s cheek. They kiss and fall to sleep. They didn’t say I love you. It’s understood.

The alarm clock buzzes in the morning. The girls get up out of bed. They shower together. They bathe each other. They kiss and bathe each other stimulating each other’s pussy. After orgasming they rinse and towel dry each other. They dress for work.

The girls have coffee and split an English muffin with strawberry jelly.

Anne drives them to work. They both were smiling when they came to the office.

On Saturday and Sunday Rita attended the Queen of Spades Degree program to serve BBC Masters.(Black Bull Cock Masters). The BBC in a separate class attend the school to learn how to breed women as their enslaved forefathers did in the 1800’s. The Queens are trained to respect and give their bodies to be used by their masters. Anne already has her Queen of Spades since she was in college. A black friend and study partner Maurice paid for it. Anne graduated top student in becoming Queen of Spades. She served her Master and Teacher as an excellent student. She graduated with honors.

Sunday is graduation day for Rita. Anne takes her picture as she graduates with honors and receives her Diploma. Anne and everyone applaud Rita. The girls hug and kiss.

Anne takes Rita to a popular family restaurant to celebrate her freedom to choose to have fun. To be a woman who makes her own choices.

Anne aske Rita if she wants to call Jorge? She said he paid for her degree. She said yes. Rita called from a phone booth.(1970’s) Jorge answered. Rita told him she passed the degree program with honors. He said he wanted to be with her. She said Anne is with her. They are going to Sunday dinner. He said he wants to eat with them. He is on his way to the restaurant.

The girls wait inside the restaurant for Jorge. He arrives in 20 minutes. He hugs and kisses the girls. Rita shows Jorge her Diploma. He is proud of her. He loves the girls. He is sitting with 2 beautiful Queens of Spades.

The girls and Jorge had a great meal and a fun conversation. Rita and Anne said Marcus their teacher believes he is their master because he trained them. Jorge said the girls were trained to serve BBC Masters. Not one Master. He said if they don’t want to be with Marcus to stay away from him. Don’t talk on the phone to him. He will give up. There are plenty of women he can train.

Jorge said he is opening a Club just for BBC Masters. The Masters will wear BBC rings and the girls will have Queen of Spades tattoos on their body. They will have to show them to get into the Club. Rita said she will get a tattoo this week. Anne said she has one but wants a big one on her mound. She wants her masters to see her love for them. Jorge kissed her.

Jorge wanted the girls to be with him that night The girls said they can’t as they have to be to work early Monday. The girls said when they get their tattoos he will be the first to try them on his cock. Jorge laughed and said you’re on. The girls kissed Jorge and said goodnight.

Tuesday both Anne and Rita leave work at 2:30pm to get their tubes tied at outpatient surgery. The girls go to Rita’s house and rest afterwards. Aside from some discomfort the girls are okay. They had a vote as to what they would have for dinner. It was unaminous. Pizza is the winner with a salad of course. The girls went to Anthony’s Bar and Pizza Ristorante within a short walking distance. After their surgery they rewarded themselves with real Italian pizza.

Anne stays the night with Rita. They want to make sure everything is okay after their surgeries. The girls slept in Rita’s bed.

Anne would drive them to work in the morning.

Thursday after work the girls go to Rose’s Tattoo Shoppe. They both have an appointment.

Anne introduces Rita to the owner Rose. She has had the the shop for many years. Rose remembers Anne. Anne had her first Queen of Spades tattoo with Rose. Anne had her piercings done at the shop also.

Rose takes Rita to one of her tattoo artists. Her name is Franny. Franny is petite and is a walking canvas for her tattoo artistry. She is beautiful and so is her artwork. She will put the Quuen of Spades tattoo on Rita’s mound.

Mary takes Anne to her other tattoo artist. Mary introduces Anne to Barbara. She is a beautiful young brown woman. Barbara has some beautiful Asian style art work in color on her body. Anne tells Barbara she wants a Queen of Spades on her mound. Barbara asked Anne if she understood what that symbol means? Anne said she has been BBC master trained. Barbara asked her who her teacher is? Anne replied Marcus. Barbara kissed Anne on the lips. Barbara said she is also trained by Marcus. Anne said there is a new club for BBC Masters and Queens. She said the girls have to have Q of S tattooed on their body. Barbara pulled her shorts down showing her a tattoo on her mound. Anne gave the club address to Barbara.

Anne got her tattoo with a touch of Asian art added.

Rita had the same body jewelry Anne has put on her body. She had her tongue pierced, nipple rings, belly button jewelry, a clitoris ring and pussy rings.
Last was the Queen of Spades tattoo on her mound. Rita is sending a message with her body art work. She is sexually free to make her choices. She can love who she wants to love.

Saturday Anne felt better after resting from having her Q of S tattoo put on her mound. The discomfort was gone. Anne called Barbara at the tattoo shop. Anne told Barbara she was going to the club tonight. She aske Barbara if she wants to go with her? Barbara said yes. Anne said she will pick her up at 7:30pm.

Anne decided to go to the club with somebody as Rita is still healing after getting her body art.

Barbara got into Anne’s car and put a tongue kiss in Anne’s mouth to thank Anne for thinking of her. Anne was surprised but understands Barbara’s love for others.

The girls went into the club. The girls are asked to show their Queen of Spades tattoo. They do and are allowed entrance.

Anne takes Barbara to Jorge and introduces her to him. He kisses both girls and welcomes them. He has the girls sit with him in his booth. Barbara sees friends she knows and went to high school with. Anne said for her to be with her friends. She thanked Anne and Jorge. Anne is happy to be with Jorge. He hugs and kisses her. Anne says she wants to dance. Jorge dances the hustle with Anne. They both are excellent dancers.

Anne wants to dance some more. Jorge is 45 years old and Anne is 23 years old. He has the guys that are close to him as friends dance with Anne. They are her age. She likes Hector. He is 5’9” muscular, sharp dresser and loves Anne. He is a gentleman. Jorge watches them having fun. He is happy that Anne is slowly becoming close to his guys. She will become their Queen. Hector is the leader of Jorge’s support team at the club. Privately Jorge told Hector Anne is his but he wants him and the guys to keep her sexually satisfied. One cock is not enough for her. He also said when Rita is with Anne they are a fucking tag team. He said the girls are what the club is all about.

Jorge closes the club at 1:30 in the morning. Anne follows Jorge to his apartment with Hector and the guys with her in the car.

Once in the apartment Jorge kisses Anne. Hector and the guys pour drinks and wine for Anne. The guys relax. Anne changes her clothes. She has her short white terry cloth robe. It doesn’t hide much.

The guys are watching TV. Jorge sits in his big easy chair. He tells Anne to take her robe off and straddle his hips. She asks him she may pull his cock out of his pants. He said yes. He told her to fuck his cock. She pushes his cock into her pussy. She rolls her hips having her pussy pull his cock. He kisses her, licks, sucks her breasts and nipples. Anne is grunting and moaning as she is being stimulated with Jorge’s cock and tongue.

Hector and the guys are horny watching Anne fucking Jorge. Jorge squirts Anne’s pussy causing her to orgasm. She squeals with delight as she orgasms. Jorge kisses Anne telling her Hector and the guys are also her masters. He tells her to get on her hands and knees facing him. She does.

Jorge tells Hector and the guys she is theirs for the night. Jorge says he wants to see Anne being fucked. He says he wants her to be happy and stimulated continuously. He loves her. He wants her mouth, pussy and ass fucked several times. He said make her beg for more. Jorge doesn’t know that the guys love her. They will love her and Anne will want them. Not Jorge.

The guys take Anne to a bedroom. She lays acrossed the bed with her head over the edge of the mattress. She opens her mouth to accommodate their cocks. One by one they deep fuck her mouth and throat. The 4 guys squirt her mouth. Anne swallows their sperm. The guys are already stimulating Anne’s pussy and clit after they had their blow job. The guys have her stimulate their cocks with her tongue to fuck her pussy.

Two guys double stuff Anne’s pussy with their cocks. Afterwards Hector fucks Anne’s ass while her pussy is fucked. Hector pulls Anne up off of her hands holding her breasts. His cock is still in her ass. Anne is still connected by cocks in her ass and pussy. Hector kissed her neck. Anne turned and put her head back and kissed Hector. He whispered he loves her. He said the guys love her too. He whispered to Anne if she would like to be theirs and get away from Jorge? Anne replied yes. Anne said Jorge doesn’t love her. She said you do. Anne said she will talk to Rita. Rita will join with you guys. Hector and the other guy finished fucking her and making her orgasm.

Anne told Hector she doesn’t want to stay the night at Jorge’s. He said he understands. Jorge was sleeping. The gang showered and left the apartment. Anne wanted to be with the guys. They all went to Hector’s apartment. Anne undressed and slept with the guys. She was exhausted.

Anne And Rita Are A Sexual Tag Team…cont’d

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