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Summer of cougars 4

It had been a couple of days since I saw Judy. I did bang the hell out of Camilla a couple of times yesterday. But had not heard from Judy who was away at a conference until tomorrow. I was laying on my bed freshly showered after a long hot day out working when I got a text from a number I did not recognize.
“my name is Mimi, I am Judy’s friend. She thinks we should fuck each others brains out”
I replied.
“hi Mimi are you in the club?”
Her reply.
“Yes. recently divorced, finally settled into my new place. Need cock.
I smiled as I stroked my dick. Then wrote.
“would love to give you some. Where and when?” I took a photo of my dick and sent it.
The reply was fast and to the point.
“right fucking now. 1120 North Street, apartment 1309. Buzz code 1930. come make me cum”
Then before I could respond.
“getting into the shower now, be here in 20 minutes. Will let you come on my face if you want”
I texted her I would be there but got no response. So I got in my car and drove to her place. I knew nothing about this woman. Usually Judy tells me something, but all she said was a really cute, petit, forty-six year old waited for me. Also, I would not be disappointed.
So I went. It took me closer to half an hour to get there and when I buzzed there was no talking the door just buzzed open. I took the elevator to her floor and walked to the very end of the hall where her apartment was.
I knocked gently and within seconds the door opened slowly and I walked through. I heard her voice welcome me in but did not see her at first. Until I looked down to see a very cute, half naked little person looking up at me.
“Judy didn’t tell me you I was a little person did she?” Mimi said sadly.
“No she did not” I said in a friendly voice. “would not have mattered anyway. I like petite women” I said with a wink. Mimi seemed relieved. As we went right into the bedroom where she dropped the sexy red robe she was wearing exposing her naked body. She was about four foot six, shorter darker hair, a cute oblong face with icy green eyes and thin pink lips. She had firm round b cups and tiny dark flesh coloured nipples and a really really cute smile that said “lets fuck”. Her pussy was shaved bare. Not what I am used to but I wan’t going to let that stop me.
She got up on the bed and sat against a large solid wood head board.
“Take your clothes off now” she ordered. She began masturbating as I took off my shirt.
“Your really divorced right? No husband will come in?” I took off my shoes.
“god no, my husband threw me out when he caught me fucking his best friend.” She smiled proudly. “Its amazing how many guys want to fuck a midget” she sighed. “But I am only one woman and can’t fuck all of them. Now neither my husband or his friend will take my calls.
I was going to pay for sex until Judy mentioned you’d do me for free”
“Your pleasure is my utmost priority” I took off my jeans. I was now totally naked as I had stopped wearing underwear. She started rubbing herself and inserting a couple of fingers.
“Wow. Your hung” she said excitedly. “no wonder Judy is so fuckin’ happy lately. It is so nice of her to share her boy toy with her friends.”
I stood there hands at my side letting my dick swell on its own. “glad ya like what you see here. what is your desire this evening?”
She stopped rubbing herself and sat forward cross legged. “ever fuck standing up?”
“good” she licked her lips as she stared at my dick. “ I want to ride you while your standing up. I want to be groped as you do it and after I get off, I want you to throw me on the bed and fuck me like a dog.” She crawled to the end of the bed and began jerking me off. “Then if you have anything left. You can do what you want to me”
I ran a hand through her hair. She looked so sexy, her little hand looking smaller around my dick. “which way do you want to face while I stand fuck you?”
“forward” she stood up and turned around. “My husband never did this for me, I wanted him to but he wouldn’t. Your more than man enough though aren’t you.” She smiled and turned around and bent over. “and no fucking condom. Fuck me like a whore and you can come inside me if you like. But no rubber. Got it!”
“oh fuck yeah. Condoms are out. But I am going in.”
I grabbed her round little ass and pulled her back. I pushed that juicy booty down a little and brought it level with my dick. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and she wiggled into the right spot as I slid right into her hot wet pussy. I gave her a couple of seconds to enjoy the feel then reached around and grabbed her firm round tits and pulled her back against me. She quickly slid her feet back and locked them behind my legs. I stood up to full height, only my hands and dick holding her in place. She was a little heavier than I expected, but nothing I could not handle. I made slow deep thrusts and she reached her hands behind me an gripped my hips to help steady herself as I kissed then bit her neck.
“how’s that you little whore? You like that? You getting what you want?” I licked her ear.
“Harder you big bastard. I am not fine china, you won’t break me. Give me a nice rough ride.”
So I squeezed her tits even harder and began to roll my hips faster. She began to bounce a lot and bob her head as we got really good thrust going. She used her legs to raise herself up almost off my dick then I would thrust and she’d sink balls deep back onto me.
“your ex was a fucking asshole. This is amazing. You are lucky to be rid of him”
“he was a bit of a prude actually” she growled. “stop talking your going to ruin this for me” She began bucking even harder. “why are the hung ones so chatty?”
So I decided to make it interesting. I let go of her tits and pushed her forward grabbing her wrists and she locked her ankles behind my lower back. She was now straight out in front of me as I thrust hard and fast. I felt her tighten her grip on my wrists as she felt my dick fill her tiny bare pussy.
“oh fuck. oh fuck. oh jayziz fuck yes. fuck yes. Your cock is big thick and hitting the right spot. I love this.” She yelled. She begged me not to stop and I did not as she lost her grip on my arms and landed face first on the bed. She planted her hands and pushed up and back onto me as she came. I slapped my hands on her shoulders and held her in that position as I kept fucking her through her orgasm. I am guessing it made it last even longer.
My arms were beginning to give out. So I pushed her off me and she slid onto the bed on her stomach. I turned her onto her side and slid back into her as she laid on her right. I clasped my hands under her neck and got right back to intense penetration.
“morree. harder. Still. not. going to. break. me.” she gasped.
“oh wait” I said. “You wanted doggie style. How rude of me” I pulled her back to the edge of the bed and she got on all fours as I stood up and created the perfect height for us both as her bed was quite high. I pulled her back onto me an grabbed her hair to give her a little bend in her back.
“You know what Mimi?”
“what stud”
“you’re right.” I began fucking her really hard. “ talking is useless, when I can just do what I want to you”
“fuck yes”
“God I love your dirty filthy little mouth. I I can’t wait to fill it with cum.”
“you’re doing it again. Shhut the hell up”
I slapped her ass and pushed her face down into the bed. I figured if she dosen’t like talking than I will not ask anymore. I was loving every second of this. She was by far the most nasty of the ladies so far in how she invited me over, how she swore and took control. Not demure and refined or sensual and seductive. Just get over her, take your dick out and put it in me. So I figured she might be up for anything.
And I was right.
I slid my dick out of her and she looked at me like she was going to yell at me. I put my hand over her mouth and smiled.
“I did as you asked, now I take my fee.” I pushed her down onto the bed so she was completely on her stomach. I pushed her ass cheeks apart and licked her asshole before I slid my dick into her tight ass.
She screamed and gripped the sheets pulling them, bit not telling me to stop. So I pushed down on her shoulders pushing her farther into the bad as I began fucking her in the ass hard. Really hard.
She was right, she was tough. She took rough anal sex like a pro. The yelling stopped and she began pushing back against me until I let up on her shoulders and sat back against my heels pulling her back with me. I still had my hands where they created tension on her neck but I was pulling her back as I thrust.
“fuck you take cock in your ass so good”
“glad you like” She gasp as I grabbed her hips and started a fast shallow fuck. “pull my hair again” she demanded. I obliged and grabbed her hair with both hands as I kept pounding her in the ass.
“hope you have found this satisfactory” I told her as I pushed her forward and she rolled onto her back. I then knelt over her and put the tip of my cock at her open mouth. She tilted her head forward and gave it a nice little suck. Her face was covered in sweat and she was short of breath but stuck her tongue out as I came on her face and in her mouth. When I was done spurting. She sucked the tip again and swallowed what was in her mouth.
I stood up to stretch my legs and looked down at the hot naked dwarf on the bed. She asked me to get her a towel form the bathroom. I threw her a hand towel and she cleaned up her face.
She sat on the end of the bed and finished toweling off.
“thaat. was….. wow” she said.
“up to your high standards?” I asked.
“honestly I have never done anything like this before”
“I thought you had to have had younger lovers to be in the club.”
“oh yes. I have had many. Too many maybe. But I have never called someone I have never met before to come over for sex”
“wow really?”
“yeah. recently divorced remember. Always had to try and plan my affairs. Now I can do what I want.” She stood up and walked towards the bathroom. “I am not usually this aggressive either. Up to now I have been very proper and took what was offered. But I figured, new home, newly single. Time to take control.”
“well for what its worth this new you is very fucking sexy.”
“ never done anal on a first date before either” she winked at me. “You brought out the animal in me kid.”
I stood there looking out the window as I cooled off. Soon she returned from the bathroom and crawled into bed. “You can go now. I think I have taken enough of your time this evening.”
I turned and smiled at her. She was very cute and there is just something so sexy about a naked woman of any size.
I turned to show her that my dick was stiffening again.
“wow. again?”
“yes ma’am.” I got into bed with her and began kissing her neck.
“How long have you gone without sex?”
“a day” I said as I slid a finger into her pussy. “I am very sexual”
“uh no kidding.” She giggled as she began kissing my neck. “ahh right Judy is out of town”
“yes hun”
“ride me. slow and dirty”
She did not need more convincing. I laid back and threw the covers off as she straddled me and let me sink onto her. “you know I have a son your age”
“yes and I hope he satisfies his ladies like you do” She ran her hands over my chest and thumbed my nipples and I kept my hands on her sexy round ass. She moved slow and I felt how deep inside her I was. It was as if she was in slow motion but it was very intense. She came again and I pulled her down so I could kiss her neck. She did not want to kiss on the lips. Too intimate for her I guess but I did not care.
I pulled her tight to me when I came and held her there until we both caught our breath.
As I dressed she lay there naked watching me. She said she wanted us to get together again and when she felt in the mood she would text. I agreed to that but told her she should consider sleeping naked. It seemed like the best thing to do. New life, new freedom and all.
The next day she sent me a picture of herself laying naked in bed. She took my advice. I was glad because she was sending jerk off material.

A bisexual man who has no taboos. No hang ups and an open mind.

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