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Repositioned in the family

Robert and Helen are my brother and sister in law. They have been trying for years to borrow money from me and my wife. We have a nice bank account and I know they would not pay us back. My wife Jane wants to lend them money but I always stop it. I could not have imagined where this would lead me.  I was running errands one day when a van pulled up and a woman asked me directions. Before I knew it two men pulled me into the van. They injected me with something and I was out. No one had seen this happen.  When I awoke I was tied to a bed in a room with no windows. Then in walked my sister in law Helen! She told me that I was taken out of the way of the money flow. She then told me that my wife had confided in her about my crossdressing. I was in shock. Helen said that was the perfect scenario for them to “reposition” me in the family.  She placed a chasity device on me and showed me a remote. With a press of a button an electrical shock pulsed through my penis. Helen laughed at my predicament and also at my tiny penis. I had not been given much as a male,about 3″. Helen had me write a note to my wife saying a sexless marriage had gotten the best of me and I was leaving her. I was leaving her with all our money and property. It did not take to many shocks to have me finish the note. Then my real world was taken. Helen had always had mental issues and had been treated several times. She began to make me take her medication. Injections in my ass everyday too. I was also completely body waxed and my hair colored blonde and curled. I was given noting but womens clothes to wear and was taught how to apply make up. If I failed at any task I recieved a shock. I was made to read womens magazines and watch chick flicks and soap operas. I was even tested about the shows to make sure I was watching. More shocks had me a soap opera expert. So this went on for months. I was becoming more and more feminine wether I liked it or not. The drugs were making me very submissive and I seemed to be losing perception and logic. I felt like a ditsy girl. Then very real changes. I was taken to a facility late one night and put under. When I woke I was back in my room but very sore. Helen came in and held a mirror in front of me. My adams apple had been shaved and I had nice plump lips. Not to big but Helen said guys would like them.  I had already caught a glimpse of my new breast and were told they were D cups. Then she showed me my crotch. I had been castrated. My balls were gone! Helen said the injections every morning were estrogen and with no balls my already little penis would about disappear.  She said it would resemble a clit and I would have to sit down to pee forever. It was very wierd as the more Helen worked on me I looked younger. Instead of a 58 yr old man I looked like a woman in her late 30’s.  After several more weeks Helen said I needed some company. Helen had a son named Cody. He lived in the city next to them and kept to himself. At first Cody would come and watch TV with me and just talk. Eventually  we were given task to complete by Helen in public. This was the first time I had been in public since my change. The drugs still had me ditsy and I looked very convincing as a young woman. This made me very dependent on Cody when we were out and I stayed very very close to him. Helen made us go grocery shopping, go to the movies, walk in the park. Once we were even made to drive to another city close by and stay overnight in a motel. We had twin beds but being with Cody overnight felt different. It did not take Helen long to make us a couple. I could not help having feelings for him and before long Cody was calling me his girlfriend to Helen’s delight. After almost 1 year from being taken from my wife I was now a 30ish yr old woman with a boyfriend. The boyfriend girlfriend relationship went on for about 3 months until one day. Helen had me dressing in all sorts of outfits playing around when she pulled a dress from a hanger. She said it was her wedding dress and I could probably fit in it. She said I needed to wear undergarments to give it the full effect. She put me in all the same lingerie she wore the day of her wedding to my brother in law Robert. Her shoes even fit me. Then she did my make up and pinned the veil on my head. Helen looked at me and told me what a lovely bride I made. She told me we had to show Robert and made me follow her to his den. I had not seen much of Robert during this whole change but his eyes lit up when he saw me. What a lovely woman you have become Sandy. Sandy? That was my first wifes name. Now I was told by Helen it was my name.  Robert talked to me for several minutes as Helen disappered. Finally Robert said he wanted to show me something and to follow him. We went from his den into the living room and I got the shock of my life. There were 10-15 people seated and Helen now dressed in a lovely gown handed me a bouque of flowers.  I saw Cody standing with 2 men at what looked like a alter. Helen went and stood opposite Cody and Robert took me by the arm as “Here comes the bride” music started. I was frozen in place and Robert looked at me and said “enjoy you new life asshole”. He began walking me toward the alter when what was left of my mind realized I was being forced to marry my brother in laws wifes son! I could not stop and before I knew it was repeating my womanly vows looking Cody in the eyes. Then the pastor looked at us and said “I know pronounce you man and wife”!  OMG I was a wife! All the paperwork had been manufactured and I was now Mrs. Cody Sanders. I was presented with a drivers license and a social security card bearing my new marital status. The pastor then signed our wedding certificate and said he would file it with the state.Our marriage was official. We cut the cake and then danced together as man and wife. Sex with Cody had been kissing and cuddling. Now that I was his wife he loved fucking my tight little ass as he called it. I got used to having him fill me with his 8″ cock and the pleasure of him pumping his seed deep inside me. He also liked to start each morning with his cock in my mouth. Helen was right about my lips, Cody loved coming in my mouth with those lips wrapped around his cock. So our marriage went great. I took my place as a houswife and Robert and Helen were now my Father and Mother in law. Helen would make me go shopping and do girly things with here like any good daughter in law would. After a couple months Cody mentioned we could use some more income. Helen and Cody had a very devious idea that they knew would humiliate me. I was forced to take a job as a cocktail waitress at the local nightclub. My uniform was so skimpy. A short black skirt, mid drift open blouse, pantyhose and high heeled sandals. It took me awhile to get used to all the men gawking at my legs and breast. I actually began to like it. Sometimes when I got home Cody would make me blow him while I was still in my little uniform! As for my now ex wife. She had been very angry with my leaving and the courts awarded her all our money. Robert and Helen informed me some of my transformation was paid for with my own money. My ex had no idea of my predicament or new life. By my drivers license I was now Sandy Sanders. A 38 yr old married woman employed as a cocktail waitress. And I would not have it any other way!

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