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aunt takes me to paradise

i am an engineering student. i had opted a university 250 kms away from my home. fortunately i had uncle in this town. so i started living with his family. he had a wife and daughter. he is a great businessman. it was three months now i was living at his uncle was on tour. i was sleeping next to aunts room. i got hungry in midnight and opted to go for food in kitchen. i found my aunt in kitchen.she asked what happened. i said i was hungry. she said she is hungry too as uncle is out of town for a week. i couldnt understand. i said lets have food. she came near me and hugged me and kissed me.i said it was wrong. but she was in real force. she removed my shirt. i couldnt resist. she than threw apart her gown. she was great. she was just in bra and panty. i started feeling her breasts. she took me to her bedroom.she started the music. we had immense sex at that night. i cummed five times. once she swallowed whole lot. well i hope it happens again.

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