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Spanking a famous woman

as I sat at my home waiting for over three hours so we could meet and discuss living arrangements I had already decided to put her over my knee. All of a sudden she walks in wearing an all black suit as I hear her laughing about not meeting me, I say “I must give you an over the knee bare ass spanking so you will never upset me again, did we not agree to meet here so we could discuss living arrangements?” she said “So i forgot, Like its a big deal or something? thats not a big thing!” Before she could react I pulled her roughly over my knee as she screamed “Oh I hate you! How can you spank a woman?” I responded by pulling out a paddle and smacking her ass as she cursed and insulted me, “What did you say?” I demanded as she smiled and said “You think this hurts? Why cant you at least make it hurt?” I kept it up alot more and also alot harder as she screamed “I hate you for this! I am a woman! I have a concert to do tonight too!” I said “No concerts for you since I will give you these spankings for the rest of your life!” she tried escaping as I smacked her harder and harder Until she apologized and then tried escaping, I spanked her for many minutes and finally let her up Until the next time.

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